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12 Amazingly Achievable Things To Do Today

“What can I start doing today to make my life happier and more rewarding?”

Happy Canada Day!

  1. Smile. – A smile is a choice, not a miracle. 
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Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Africa

Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Africa


Schistosomiasis is part of a group of diseases that generally afflict the poorer regions of the world. These diseases are collectively called neglected tropical diseases because historically, little funding has been put into researching cures or treating the afflicted population; instead, efforts have been focused on more fatal diseases, such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria (WHO, 2013).

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High-fat, high-sugar "western diet" can lead to cognitive function loss

A new research study showed that diets high in fat and sucrose may ultimately influence the brain and behavior. The diet in question during the study was designed to mimic what is commonly referred to as the “western diet” or aka “how we eat in America”. 228 more words


9 Techniques for Fighting Laziness at Work

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.
– Anne Frank

  1. Fully Understand the True Consequences of Being Lazy
    If you are habitually lazy on the job there’s a good chance that you’re not fulfilling all of your responsibilities. 
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Welcome to MedLitOnline!

The first blog post!  (Yay!)  :-)  We are working on making videos to help you learn medical terminology and to become medically literate.  Our mission is to teach you to the language of medicine and to get you interested in the medical field.  110 more words


Who Lied To You Today? Fracking

Who Lied To You Today? Fracking

Almost all of what we are taught–we think of it as news–by television and other media, by politicians and by religious leaders is either false, misleading, misstatement of facts or plain deception. 1.832 more words

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