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Guardiola vs The Rooneys

When Pep Guardiola first arrived in England, the media reports made out like the sun shined from his arse. Rightfully hailed as one of the greatest, the build-up to his arrival was like no other manager’s in the English game. 1.624 more words


Guardiola și ciocnirea violentă cu Premier League

E foarte probabil ca atunci când a decis să accepte această provocare numită Premier League, Pep Guardiola să nu-și fi imaginat că după doar 21 de etape să aibă cifra 5 în dreptul înfrângerilor. 1.108 more words

Fotbalul Mare

The Problems with Manchester City

The Premier League has been very unpredictable this season and a lot of sides are showing their quality in occasional bursts. No team has represented this more than Manchester City. 574 more words


Guardiola Concedes Defeat In Title Race

Pep Guardiola says his first season in English football will not end with Manchester City winning the Premier League title following a shambolic 4-0 defeat at Everton. 561 more words


Defensive Midfielder

I’ve always harbored a dream of being a football coach. I think I read the game well and I would be a good coach. ;) 225 more words


Fresh meat. Conte, Pep and Jose.

Starting a new job is never easy. Meeting new people. Integrating into the office banter. Trying to figure out the microwave in the break-room. Now imagine that but with the expectation of thousands of football fans weighing down on you. 980 more words


Manchester City charged in relation to FA rules on anti-doping

Manchester City have been charged with breaking the Football Association’s anti-doping rules after allegedly failing to provide detailed “club whereabouts” information for their players on three separate occasions. 546 more words