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Managerial Heavyweights Mean the Champions are Marginalised

As a fan, how do you cope with the loss after one of the most thrilling and surprising Premier League seasons draws to a close? You get excited about the next one. 548 more words

Guardiola says farewell with the double

At the beginning of the Bundesliga season there was this slight hope that it would be a challenge for Bayern Munich to get that record breaking Bundesliga championship four times in a row. 336 more words


The hardship of being an English managers

The Premier League is labelled the best league in the world and while there are two school of thoughts on the same, by and large it is the accepted norm. 404 more words


Hãy bảo vệ những Jesus Navas! Họ sắp... tuyệt chủng!

Những tiền vệ cánh truyền thống như Jesus Navas, Antonio Valencia… đang trở thành một “giống loài” cần được bảo vệ đặc biệt trong thế giới bóng đá. 3.259 more words

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Will Pep Be Caught With His Guard Down At Manchester City

While one season draws to an incredible close, it’s typically the time of year to be talking about the last few cup finals and play off games yet to come; but how can you possibly skip the topic of the managerial conundrums that some of the biggest clubs in the world find themselves staring at right now? 1.566 more words


Bayern's method of domination is hurting the league

As far as stories go, this one is as good as it gets. A young boy who left the team that honed his craft since he was six in search of opportunities and success, makes it big and becomes one of the most highly rated players in his position and is now being brought back, to a hero’s welcome no less, to his childhood stomping ground. 605 more words