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Querer los cambios, pero no tantos

When you move to another country to experience a different way of life, you don’t get to choose how or when it will be different. 270 more words


A Carmen Garden in the Albaicin in Granada

Granada, in southern Spain,  is of course most famous for the Alhambra and Generalife gardens.  But throughout the old town of Granada are also many walled gardens known as “carmen” This particular one featured here is on the hill of the Albaicin, the Moorish quarter and oldest part of Granada. 36 more words


28 Days Later

I’ll start with the important stuff: I’ve undertaken the task of trying every doughnut in my favourite coffee shop. This week’s ‘Loop of the Week’ was cookies and cream. 280 more words




¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí.

What is life? Tis but a madness.

Segismundo, ‘La Vida es Sueño’, Pedro Calderón de la Barca- 1.270 more words

Trafalgar III

This one is an International Group.  They are from Australia, Canada and United States of America. They are very friendly and together we spend a good time.


Bye bye Nicaragua…

By Jenny

After almost four wonderful weeks at Casa Xalteva and with our host Thelma in Granada, it is time to say goodbye to this great city.The last two weeks were intense, especially for me, as I took private Spanish classes in the afternoon and therefore had time in the morning to help with the kids. 1.020 more words


O espetacular palácio de Alhambra em Granada

Saímos de Valência e  pé na estrada em direção ao sul da Espanha, rumo à bela Andaluzia

Viajar de carro pela Europa é uma sensação prazerosa indescritível…as estradas são excelentes, a paisagem é sempre atraente e os postos de parada são pequenos, acolhedores e com ótimos produtos. 513 more words