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Peque busca hogar

Este pequeño busca casa. Lo han encontrado en Granada abandonado y viene con la familia que lo ha rescatado a Tomares.
Es muy muy bueno y noble, merece una oportunidad. 6 more words



view over Granada

Church (?) in Granada

street in Granada

street in Granada

the Alcazar – Granada

Granada in the sunset

sunset over Granada

our little beauties… 85 more words

Books Hit The Mark, Maybe I Do As Well, Regarding Olympic Basketball

On another occasion, (guess this one), I will tell you how much I oppose the pro players being on the U.S. Olympic basketball team (I know other countries do so but when the U.S. 212 more words

Street Art #126

Another souvenir!  This one is from Granada, and was taken by Lola (go and visit her blog if you like food!).



Our second stop of the trip was in Granada for two nights from July 26 – 28. This is our first city in the region of Andalusia, which is the distinctly different southern part of Spain given the Muslim Moorish rule from the 8th – 15th centuries. 1.052 more words


You spin me right round – Discos Bora Bora, Granada

The great thing about not yet knowing a ‘new’ city is the stuff you stumble upon. So far we’ve chalked up a few smelly junk shops, the fabulous… 459 more words

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