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Day Seven - 9/23

Okay okay so today was good. I hung out, went shopping, went to tapas with friends, cool great awesome.

Now to the most stressful 30 minutes of my life (a little dramatic, but still): 598 more words


Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night

I’m heading out with the ladies I’ve met here in Granada.  They all speak English so we feel a bond to one another right now and need to let off some steam. 27 more words


Post-workout Brewski?

Great research was done at Granada University to prove a beer after working out is a good idea.

We put this to the test today.  Bueno! 7 more words


Working out...smoking hot

My husband and I found a great gym to join that has all the amenities we had back in LA plus a few others. The gimnasio has all the cardio machines we need and areas to stretch. 322 more words


San Bartolomé, Albaicin, Granada

After the Christian reconquest, many lovely churches were built in Granada. Some, like San Bartolomé in the upper part of the Albaicin, stand on the site of old mosques. 104 more words



If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ve seen this hashtag come up frequently. My amazing host mom “casa mamá”. She is the epitome of BAB (boss ass b*tch.) 374 more words


Day Six - 9/22

I’m so damn tired. I know I say that every blog, but oh my god. My head hurts so badly because I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping super well due to a lack of a fan and the fact that my bed is really hard, and then this morning we had a two hour meeting with API that I didn’t feel I needed to attend. 333 more words