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[New Post] Strength, Privilege, and Conflicts When Traveling in a Machismo Culture

I can recall many times that I wandered Granada on my own – enjoying the city, running errands, and contemplating the same question: Could I really do this? 1.923 more words


Travel Tips From The Bearded Monkey


Met some cool Swiss folks (well, technically one is from Singapore but he’s living in Switzerland) in Managua and ended up heading to Granada with them. 297 more words


Fami Falafel

Many thanks to our friend Ken for this review, and for being our first guest contributor!
Kebab de la Fami
Calle Elvira

It has proven to be a challenge choosing between around 10 establishments serving falafel in calle Elvira, Granada, because they all offer pretty much the same snacks for the same prices (RMF’s note: No two falafels are the same! 381 more words


Travel to Explore the Alhambra in Granada

We depart Órgiva and La Alpujarra in the pouring rain, following another twisting mountain road toward Granada. We arrive to Granada’s Albayzín neighborhood, drive beneath a lovely arch, turn left and end up on a cobbled street that ends in stairs. 879 more words


How to climb better with your mountain bike

If you are gassing out too quickly when climbing, here there are some things you can do to help you climb better on your mountain bike: 641 more words

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