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The Architect's Garden

Long before the robber barons were building their summer cottages in Newport, another aristocracy had mastered the art of the palatial summer home. Back in the early 1300’s the Nasrid Emirs built themselves a little piece of paradise on a hill overlooking present-day Granada. 641 more words

The Gardens of the Generalife

Water is an ever present feature of the beautiful gardens of the Generalife, the summer palace of the Moorish sultans of Granada. Ponds and fountains are everywhere. 96 more words

Agradecemos que nos hayan dado una tal oportunidad

I think I speak for all three of us when I say we’re truly enjoying our life in Granada. Things have been going so well, in fact, that the niggling voice in my head says “ 470 more words


A special shop and an old tile

We’ve discovered a shop in Granada called Tauriq. It’s near the cathedral on Calle San Jerénimo and sells old stuff: tiles, ceramic bowls from cities such as Seville and Granada, marble slabs, clay vases which once stored olive oil or wine, clocks and more (a shop that has several clocks ticking simultaneously always has the effect of making one go instantly silent). 380 more words

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Poqueira's Valley

Walking around Poqueira’s Valley, last weekend… A marvel in the heart of the Alpujarra, near Lanjaron!


Barbara's Group

This is Barbara’s Group.  They are from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  My “guiris” of affectionate form. They are a group of friends who always travel together.


11 Tapas - 11 Days in Spain

Granada is the last city in Spain where almost every bar serves you a free tapa when you order a drink. Dozens of bars serve great tapas and its dirt cheap. 120 more words