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What's it Like In Granada

I’ve been here (Granada, Nicaragua) since Tuesday afternoon and I’ve been busy since I got here. Granada has about 125,000 people living here, but it really doesn’t feel at all like a big city. 313 more words


Granada Pratik Bilgiler

Barcelona’ya giderek İspanyaya gittim diyenlerdenseniz Endülüs’ü görünce bir fırça darbesi görerek tüm resmi gördüğünüzü söylemekle eşdeğer olduğunu farkedeceksiniz söylediğinizin.
İspanyaya benzerliğimiz Akdeniz ülkelesi olmaktan çok belki de tek bir ülkede farklı kultürler hatta iklimler barındırıyor olmakdır ortak noktamız. 1.219 more words


Year Abroad Blog - #19 Loose in Andalusia: Part Tres

AFTER A TRAIN to Granada, the true notoriety of inland Spanish cities in summer became instantly apparent. Well, I say a train, it was a train until a train station in the middle of nowhere, rising like a modern plate glass phoenix from the sierra, where we were instructed to get off and finish the rest of the journey by coach. 2.922 more words


The 60s Spirit Lives: Bob Dylan 2015

I went to see Bob Dylan in Granada on July 8th. I took some notes that night, with the TV’s news blaring in the background, and I’ve finally got around to shoving them up here. 464 more words


Venta El Gallo - Granada, España

The oldest section of Granada is a Moorish settlement.  An Andalusian man plays his guitar and sings to the Alhambra before us.  Under a waxing gibbous moon, we walk over cobblestone streets and listen to Muslim prayers and chanting. 179 more words


Top five things to do in Spain

I work for Camden, one of the best companies to work for according to fortune magazine (Ranked #10!). One thing you will notice when you step into our office is our name tags don’t just have our names, it also includes our passion. 384 more words


Mi Amiga: Leon -> Granada, Nicaragua

“Esta es la línea para Granada?” I asked the bus driver.

“Si! Tu amiga.” He said pointing behind me,

My friend? What friend? I obviously walked up alone. 1.153 more words