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Back and Forth

20th March 2017

I lead a hard life. Before flying back from Huelva, we had a wander around Seville and stopped for lunch in a once-genuinely, now tourist-pleasingly rustic restaurant. 302 more words


Easter and Hanging at the house

You guys… this face.

So with Juli’s help we managed to find eggs to hide in a place that does NOT do ‘Easter Bunny’. Here its all about walking religious statues through streets and covering the streets with candle wax (this is why the cars here during Semana Santa (easter week) make squealing noises as they drive by… too much wax on the roads). 154 more words

Granada 2017 1/2

Hi guys, Todays post is going to be about my recent trip to Granada with my university.

So first of all a few friends and I decided to go to Granada a couple of days before the trip started (which ended up being quite fun).   1.251 more words


No Bull.

San Sebastián turned out to be more than simply a gastronomic treat.  It’s a gorgeous harbour town with its own natural beauty that extends beyond food.  890 more words

Why I Chose Granada

Choosing where to spend my year abroad was a pretty easy decision. I had spent some time over the last year in Spain as an Au Pair and had visited Granada with two friends I had met in Palma Del Rio. 132 more words