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Noches Culturales Granadinas. Granada, Nicaragua

El Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo te invitan las Tradicionales Noches Culturales Granadinas. Con la participacion de ballet folkloricos, grupos musicales, grupos de danzas, animadores y artistas invitados. 28 more words


photo of the day 2.12.16

A view of Granada from the bell tower of La Merced. I arrived about 20 minutes too early for the sunset and was partially blind as a result. 8 more words


Bridge over the Rio Darro, Albaicin, Granada

Another of my small watercolours of Granada. Many narrow lanes lead down from the Albaicin to the cobbled street that runs alongside the Rio Darro below the Alhambra. 95 more words

Photo Essay: Andalucía

Andalucía is based at the very Southern tip of Spain.

It was under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th century, peppering the architecture of the region with a harmonious fusion of Catholic and Islamic influences. 19 more words

airbnb guest review | February 11 2016

I can’t believe it but I just lost a review I spent 20 minutes writing! Anyway that should be at least somewhat reflective of how highly we valued our stay at the little paradise and oasis of Casa Silas in Granada. 183 more words


photo of the day 2.11.16

On Thursdays, the volunteers of La Esperanza Granada have “family dinner”. Tonight, the potluck ended with several terribly performed songs.

It’s also my 22nd birthday. This one was different than any other I’ve had, but didn’t feel particularly special.