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23 Days

I leave for Spain in 23 days, and needless to say, I’m pretty damn nervous.

At this point, I’m only like 20% excited, 80% terrified. I’ve never been out of the country, never traveled alone, never even been on an airplane for more than a few hours. 145 more words

Mausoleo en Espana

A mausoleum is an external free-standing building (usually stone) with interment space above ground for the remains of many. It is an alternative to individual burial plots when land is premium. 224 more words


Like a bullitt in the Sierra Nevada

In the famous car chase scene of the 1968 classic movie Bullitt, Steve McQueen’s Mustang passes the same green VW Beetle at least four times while he chases the black Dodge. 605 more words

Walking the Streets and Cathedral of Granada, Nicaragua

Our tour’s first stop in Granada, Nicaragua, was for a stroll along the beautiful Calle la Calzada.  This pedestrian street is lined with colorful buildings, statuesque street lamps, and tree-shaded benches.  345 more words


My Granada Sketchbook: Alhambra Aniconism

Andalucia, perhaps the most iconic region of Spain – the land of flamenco and polka dots, sun-scarred landscapes and toreros – owes a huge bulk of its entire identity to the cultural and aesthetic character of the Nasrid dynasty of  384 more words


Churches of Granada

Iglesia Xalteva

Iglesia Xalteva

Granada Cathedral

dome of Granada Cathedral

La Merced

inside of La Merced

inside of La Merced

inside of La Merced

inside of La Merced… 9 more words


My Turn

We just came back from a 10-day vacation.

“My Turn!” It is a long story. I am trying to put it in a capsule……

Year 1998, I was promoted from a classroom teacher to a school district administrator. 127 more words