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Granada blew by in a whirl.

The second day there I spend my time walking around the city exploring the churches. I spent time in the market. 574 more words

Vía verde en Cadíz

It’s a six or seven year-long tradition at Lou’s school for a group of parents to organize an overnight trip to explore one of Spain’s  220 more words


N for Nicaragua: the country we have trouble to fall in love with... 

Yes, we had amazing days in Somoto, Las Peñitas, Little Corn Island and Matagalpa, yet, we are struggling to fall in love with Nicaragua. Our hearts are refusing to warm up to Nicaragua the way they did for El Salvador and Honduras. 615 more words


Tapas in Granada, Spain

Granada sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain. Visgoths, Romans, Moors and Christians have left their marks on the city that is now Granada. 1.218 more words


Conversos sufíes, los místicos del Islam

Via Islam Hoy

Órgiva es la pequeña Manhattan de Andalucía. Capital de la Alpujarra granadina, lugar de retiro del último rey nazarí Boabdil, tierra de moriscos y cuna de heterodoxos, prolonga en el presente una parte del esplendor multicultural del pasado, pues esta localidad de apenas 6.000 habitantes alberga en su callejero 68 nacionalidades distintas. 2.501 more words

Jungle experience // Treehouse Poste Rojo.

Nicaragua. Outside of Granada you can find a hidden treehouse in the jungle: Poste Rojo. And it’s amazing. 642 more words


2 Nights in Sevilla

Adriana and I just returned from a short stay in Sevilla (Seville in English). We thought the city was beautiful, although we are happy to be living in Granada for the majority of our stay. 179 more words