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Google sued for age discrimination: A diversity policy implying shame by not naming older age?

Ars Technica, a website devoted to technology news for ‘alpha geeks’, reports here that Google is being sued in the US for age discrimation by a 64 year old engineer. 452 more words

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Helping Hand

To support the relief efforts in disaster hit Nepal, Telecom operators in India have slashed rates for all calls to Nepal. BSNL & MNTL will charge all calls at local rates to Nepal for the next three days while Airtel will allow free calls to Nepal. 52 more words


Designing for autonomy – what are the parameters for success in designing a self-driving car?

By Nick Reed, TRL

The technology to deliver automation of vehicles is developing rapidly. However, at present, most of the concepts we see for automated road vehicles follow broadly conventional vehicle design approaches. 621 more words

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What's ahead for Google Plus?

What was wrong?

This more pronounced stand by Google into social networking seemed like a natural move for the behemoth. Competing with Facebook and Incorporating different services into one, easily manageable profile. 724 more words


Heads Up as Google & Gazprom Get Served

After the world economy tanked in 2008, the international community saw giants of industry flounder.

Big banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, along with corporate giants like General Motors (GM) and AIG all took a hit while stock markets worldwide went into swan dives. 656 more words

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At a time when Nepal and parts of India have been convulsed by a devastating earthquake, modern web technology is turning out to be a boon as distressed family members are able to locate their loved ones.