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Conx2share- Truly Handheld !!!

Conx2share- Truly Handheld !!!

Around the time when Facebook was invented- mobiles were not so advanced. The Apps were what Steve Jobs said Baby Apps. There was no iTunes, no Play Store. 159 more words


Yet a resource on how to mount and others [linux]

Or … “How to get some 5 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 50 GB cloud space”

I am moving more and more of my data into the cloud.

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After sitting on the kitchen counter for a week (as most small home improvement projects do when I bring them home), I got the Nest thermostat plugged in this morning. 318 more words


Los smartphones que no serán compatibles con Android M

El rumor viene cortesía Android Police, uno de los sitios más confiables: los dispositivos aparentemente Nexus con Android M instalado van a ser garantizado para obtener las actualizaciones principales del sistema durante dos años y parches de seguridad para tres años. 186 more words



A wasp sting left me with a swollen hand, stinging pain and a brooding head. I was determined to learn more about this new adversary of mine and Wikipedia and Google came to my rescue. 47 more words

Early Morning PHP Building

I’ve already got up this morning and done a couple of tweaks to  I’ve added some analytics to the site and thanks to those of you who have looked at the site. 145 more words

Weekend Digital Warrior