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Google Map April's Fool Special

Miss retro games?! Google offers a very easy and retro version of Pac-Man in Google Map today just to humor us in the April’s Fool! 86 more words

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You don’t have to be a moron to enjoy April Fools

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With time running out on All Fool’s Eve, I think I’ll ruminate on what it’s like to be a fool and what fools think about before the biggest fool’s holiday of all—April Fool’s Day. 916 more words



From: Eileen A. McAllister @ Google+
March 31, 2015 at 10:13PM

Hmmm …

"Press here to buy" – Amazon reveals smart ordering buttons you can stick around your home (and they swear it's not an April Fool's joke) 6 more words

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Google lets people play Pac-Man in Google Maps | Google les deja jugar Pac-Man en Google Maps

[EN]: The recent trailer of the upcoming game-based film is not the only news that got people to talk about Pac-Man. Today, a Google Maps expert announced on a Google support page people can play Pac-man en Google Maps. 376 more words


The Future of Google Adsense

The Future of Google Adsense

There many principles emerging worrying just what AdSense will certainly look like in the future and also just how the system will certainly change rather than just what it is now. 28 more words

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Ants in space!

From: Eileen A. McAllister @ Google+
March 31, 2015 at 09:58PM

Ants in space! Astronauts watch as insects tumble and fall while trying to search an area in zero gravity

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