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You can't always have what you want

This entertaining diagram that I saw on LinkedIn this morning touched a chord.

Like all good humour it makes a critical point, or perhaps even several points. 325 more words


YouTube helps advertisers jump on viral content

With YouTube’s Google Preferred program, advertisers can target the most popular channels and categories, so that kitchen brands don’t end up on, say, the Steiner Tractor Parts channel. 260 more words


Google Doodle : Tribute to Sigmund Freud's life and legacy

On his 160th Birthday Google pays tribute to Sigmund Freud

No, Freud was not a seafarer, as the doodle might suggest.

Neither does it have anything to do with the iconic couch where help-seekers would pour their heart out to Freud. 180 more words

Thriving in the Age of Moneyball Medicine

By Harry Glorikian, MBA and Malorye Allison Branca, MS

Why can’t healthcare be more like financial services? Or retail? Or the travel industry? Or… baseball? All of these fields use data and advanced analytics to help make better decisions. 1.215 more words

Können Facebook und Google Wahlen beeinflussen?

Die neuen Medien beeinflussen mittels Algorithmen unser Verhalten. Das hat auch Auswirkungen auf die Politik – auch wenn Monopolkonzerne dies nicht wollen.

Herbst 2016: Die Stimmberechtigten in den USA sind aufgefordert, einen neuen Präsidenten zu wählen. 1.055 more words