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The third most popular website on the planet still can't make a profit

YouTube completely changed the way we consume media, and it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Google owned property was the third most visited website in all of 2014. 431 more words


Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21

Big changes to Google’s search algorithms are coming: beginning April 21, the company will increase the ranking of sites that are mobile-friendly and surface app results much higher. 135 more words


Google、クラウドに登録できる楽曲数をiTunes Matchの2倍に、しかも無料 [ #cbajp ]

米Googleが音楽サービス「Google Play Music」で、クラウドストレージに登録できる個人音楽コレクションを最大20,000曲から最大50,000曲(Google Playストアで購入した曲は制限の対象外)に引き上げた。Google Play Musicでは、PCに保存している個人の音楽ファイルをクラウドに登録し、クラウドをハブに携帯端末やPCでストリーミング再生したり、PCにダウンロードできる。


Echo of Silence

Echo of Silence

As the echo of silence

bounced throughout

my delusional mind,

more so what did i see?


Nothing but honey bee’s

and fat flowering tree’s… 49 more words

Here's our first big rumor about Google's next-gen Nexus phone

It’s way too early for next-gen Nexus smartphone rumors, but a wild report has already emerged out of China many months before Google’s expected launch date for a new Nexus phone. 229 more words