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Send Eye Bleach ... ASAP

Better yet, just give me a mini scoop.  You know, the kind that makes mini melon balls.

All I wanted was something like this!

But… 56 more words


Snapchat copies Instagram for once, adds gif stickers


Snapchat today announced it was bringing a few new features to its app, including gif stickers courtesy of GIPHY. Because social media is a tawdry pile of copied homework, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Snapchat is finally doing unto others what has been done unto it — Instagram just introduced… 238 more words


Tenor hits 12B GIF searches every month

David McIntosh’s startup Tenor builds a GIF keyboard — but he actually hopes you’ll spend as little time searching on it as possible.

Instead, Tenor’s aim has been to collapse the amount of time it takes you to find a GIF you like and send it to a friend. 718 more words


Snapchat update adds animated stickers with GIFs from GIPHY, new Stories and Discover tabs coming soon


Snapchat is launching a new library of animated stickers to place onto snaps, in partnership with GIPHY. To see all the animated stickers, open the Sticker Picker and tap into the search field. 340 more words


New York Times: 15 Minutes of Fame Is Too Much. Try 6 Seconds

New York Times: 15 Minutes of Fame Is Too Much. Try 6 Seconds. “Giphy Studios thinks it can help old-school companies like H &R Block break into private messaging with branded GIF campaigns. 28 more words

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Valentine's Day Told By Gifs

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and so is either dread or excitement, typically based on your current relationship state. Whether you are smiling, crying, or eating too many chocolate this Valentine’s Day, we won’t judge. 26 more words

Valetntine's Day