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An afternoon with the Greeter

Living in Paris means that everyday you walk near historical monuments and wonderful buildings you get to ignore just because it’s the routine. A city has more to tell you than you expect, and that’s why I decided to visit Paris with a Greeter. 410 more words


A piece of ancient Greece in France, Villa Kerylos

There are many beautiful Villas around the French Riviera, some of them being real piece of art, worth paying a visit. For example, the stunning Villa Ephrussi we visited last year, … 172 more words


Day Fifty Five

Pyrenees, here we come! Despite my terror of the tiny, steep, winding (read death defying) roads, I absolutely love being in the mountains and can’t wait to be back. 761 more words


Hôtel de Crillon, el renacimiento de un icono

Originalmente construido en 1758, el Hôtel de Crillon goza de una inmejorable posición con vistas a la Place de la Concorde, de la siempre esplendorosa Ciudad de las Luces. 613 more words


Monet's Garden

Last spring, when the days started to become longer but the air was still fresh, Arthur and I attended a family wedding in Normandy. We really didn’t knew the spot where the wedding was taking place. 502 more words


Balenciaga, orquestando la alta costura

by S P O T T E D

“Un buen modisto debe ser arquitecto para el diseño, escultor para la forma, pintor para el color, músico para la armonía y filósofo para la medida.” Así describía… 251 more words