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Fonts...Lots of 'em

I have become quite immersed as well as curious with the different varieties of fonts that we have access to so I have decided to share theses amazing fonts… I was originally going to just do 50 however there were just too many to choose from! 131 more words


Summitsoft 1500 Fonts Software w/Font Installer

Computers Department

Make your projects look sharp! This Summitsoft 1500 Fonts software features 1500 high quality TrueType fonts that are perfect for business cards, scrapbooks, newsletters, invitations, greeting cards, presentations and other creative projects. 35 more words

Affiliate Marketing

Font... font?

I’m enjoying reading ‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield which is all about different fonts which are used in printing. It’s only really since computers that the majority of people have realised there are different fonts which have a different meaning and impact. 217 more words

Bits And Pieces


$  man resume

> One method of sustaining ourselves requires communicating with other individuals and collaborating with them to fulfill their dreams in return for monetary value. 180 more words

Make your own handwritten fonts.

I’m getting ready to dust off my Wacom tablet and get back to drawing cartoons and comics. Where there’s cartoons and comics, there’s bound to be dialogue, and where there’s dialogue, there’s bound to be fonts. 171 more words