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Calligraphy Practice

I think it is important in life to find things we love and work hard at them to turn them into skills so recently I have been teaching myself the art of calligraphy. 37 more words


Font Freebies / 11


I’ll cut right to the chase, friends: I miss blogging! I’ll be in and out here on Ciao Bella as I finish out the school year, but you can be sure that come summer vacation, I plan to blog and read the days away {not literally, of course, but one can dream!}. 139 more words


2350 Graphic Design Elements by by Julia Dreams for only $24

Buy 2350 Graphic Design Elements by by Julia Dreams for only $24 


In this bundle more than 2350+ different items watercolors, fonts, patterns and objects. 411 more words


Be At Rest

Rest isn’t something we hear of often, but it’s important. Christian life is all about balance, as is illustrated wonderfully in the story of sisters Martha and Mary… 567 more words


Blog Assignment 3: Adding Images

To generate my color palette, I played around with Photoshop’s web colors and chose some of my favorite ones. At first, I wanted to stick with a cool blue tone, however after visiting some catering sources and thinking of the colors of cuisine I settled for a more appetizing golden tone. 131 more words