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5 Key Elements to Help Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be tough, but these days there are five key elements you should establish to ensure that the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly.  456 more words


14 Stylish Fonts That Are Free For Commercial Use

Are you looking for nice fonts that are not overused? Here are 14 pretty and whimsical typefaces that are free for commercial use. A lot of the lists of free fonts on Pinterest feature fonts that are not free, so make sure you check what you download and install! 65 more words



Feeling easy & breezy for spring? The Jewish Southern Belle is! To go along with our super-springtime moods, here are 10+ Fonts for Springtime!

Click the corresponding number to the font you would like to download — it will… 13 more words

The Jewish Southern Belle

Sample KDP Paperback

I used to have this comp sci professor that spoke of “preferences” and “alternatives” as the language of design. His philosophy was that these words stood in contrast to “requirements” which is often how software is designed. 2.934 more words


Flashcard Font

Confession: I’ve always loved Comic Sans (I know; sorry) but some of those letter formations make it difficult to teach handwriting to the little ones.  I need a “flip” on the end of the lowercase q, a top/bottom line on the capital I, a straight number 9 and 6, and a more standard-looking “a” and “e”; Solution: Create a set of fonts that have all those elements. 33 more words

K26 Fonts

How to Fix Pixelated Fonts on Chrome and Firefox

I thought it was the way it is for Chrome and Firefox to have ugly, pixelated fonts until I saw the fonts on my wife’s new laptop. 141 more words


Hand lettering alphabet techniques and tips

Over the summer, my friend and I took a beginner’s hand-lettering course on a whim—we signed up the same day of the class. Taught by Sarah from… 402 more words