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Creating Sidebar Tabs Without Photoshop

I’ve created sidebar tabs for my blog without using Photoshop. I’ve shared with you before that I have a MacBook. I use Keynote and Pages to create most of my graphics. 535 more words


The 100 Best Free Fonts

A carefully selected font can add that missing touch to any design. I must say that I have had a long fascination with fonts and I am always looking for the newest fonts created by designers. 18 more words


We’re baaaack. It’s been over a month since the AWP (Associated Writers and Writing Programs) Conference was here in Minneapolis, so naturally we wanted to do a writers’ episode. 68 more words

What Did You Look Up On Wikipedia

The fonts of Iceland

There are some interesting pieces of architecture in Reykjavik, however there isn’t really the sense of the “oldness” conveyed by some European cities. Few homes are made of wood, largely because of the lack of lumber, and also because of volcanic ash, and now many houses are made of concrete or metal. 24 more words


Love Affair with Fonts

A few months ago, some friends of mine challenged me to a duel (but there were three of us, so…a trial?) of words. You can find  Whisper2Scream’s original post… 152 more words