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El passat divendres, l’alcalde de Valéncia, Joan Ribó, reivindicava que les falles eren plurals i, com estàvem en la festa de les Lletres Falleres premiant als llibrets participants, ho feu parlant de les aportacions llibreteres de Carles Salvador o Enric Soler i Godes, a banda de l’iniciador Bernat i Baldoví. 456 more words


Les Falles

From March 15 to 19 the streets of Valencia transform into a distorted Wonderland of massive dolls that stare down at you in satirical delight. These dolls, called  523 more words


Valencia Week One.

What a change from the quiet of Viking Sky – rather than the melodies of the Olga the pianist, or harmonies of the Virginia Gentlemen or even the crash of the waves on the bow of the ship, the first few days in Valencia were filled with firecrackers, explosions and fires. 1.099 more words

2150 / Falla Convento Jerusalem*watercolor / Valencia

Went this afternoon to #watercolor the Sketch I had done at #fallaconventojerusalen. First prize at #fallas2018.


2149 / Falla Convento Jerusalém - Matemático Marzal / Valencia

#fallaconventojerusalen. I drew before knowing it would have been awarded the first prize at #fallas2018. It will be burned in a couple of days! #fallas #valencia