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Valencia - a walk down the study abroad memory lane

*Sorry I didn’t get great photos from this year’s festival but all I had was my crappy iPhone 4 and a lot of rain and clouds. 2.087 more words

Incredible Fallas of Valencia

While Spain has some of the world most exciting festivals, Fallas of Valencia is probably one of the most impressive. The fire festival celebrates the feast day of Saint Joseph Patron Saint of the carpenters. 1.131 more words


The Falles of Valencia (Spain) 2016

¡Holaaa desde Madrid!

Spring has officially started, and I’m excited to share with you this wonderful celebration held in Valencia (Spain) the past weekend, known as  1.482 more words


Biggest Bonfire in the World

Last spring break, we ran away to Valencia and arrived coincidentally in time 768 more words

The Burning

The Falles ends in fireworks emerging from blazing flames. Heat devours hours of artisan work leaving traces of digital pictures, cherished moments and treasured stories. 27 more words


Chocolate and Buñuelos

POP! POP! Firecrackers fly from the hands of children reminding me of gunshots. The sounds crackle through Valencia as my teeth sink into greasy buñuelo goodness. 24 more words