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Adrawingaday project twelve

Moleskine sketches, #adrawingaday

I focused on sharpening up perspective drawing skills. One and two point perspective sketching.

The experience so far has made my brain tingle, trying to interpret an image with my mind, then translate that image into lines that my hand builds up with a pencil, one by one. 48 more words


Simple Stereoscopy visuals in TouchDesigner

Today I’going to bring you through the basics of creating stereoscopic visuals. If you don’t have a set of anaglyphic 3D glass laying around you can make them fairly easily with plastic glasses frames from a movie theater and some red and blue… 519 more words


What happened when I woke up an hour earlier for two weeks.

A couple weeks ago I challenged myself to wake up an hour earlier than I usually do on weekdays. The idea is that having time in the day free from pressure and expectations would result in better focus and increased productivity. 527 more words



With experiments a-plenty and facts galore, Whizz Pop Bang science magazine has been a hit in our house.

We quickly determined that any future school science project could be happily based upon the wealth of information provided and the handy pre-sent experiment shopping list makes certain you are ready to science as soon as the magazine arrives. 62 more words


Trial and Error

I’ve always been interested in the idea of artistic ‘interruptions’ or disruptions but not really found the right framework to explore this within my own work. 119 more words


Melt and Pour Soap Quilling - inspired by Sena Runa

A few months ago I read an article about an artist who quit her day job to make paper quilling art, Sena Runa. I read the article and fell in love with her art work: 319 more words

Melt And Pour

Milk Paint

Can you paint with all the colours of the milk?

This activity is easy enough to do if you have some milk, food colouring, dish soap, a bowl, and a little stick. 123 more words