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Another way to cook rocks: in water!

Remember the blogpost where experiments were compared to cooking? Well, we can take that parallel even further and use more water to heat the rock with! 676 more words

Ocean Crust

Style and character design

I wanted to keep the character simple for paper drawn animation with human pixelation interactions. I am currently still doing experiments with the style.


i LAVA you <3

Well, I haven’t posted in a while! The last couple weeks, we have been busy with Valentine’s day and learning about VOLCANOES! SOOOOO much fun! We started the week off with a mentos and diet coke geyser! 427 more words


If I Saw Me

At the start of 2017, I pondered pretty intensely in order to settle on my word of the year. The word I chose was Value,  551 more words

Moving Forward

What's the best recipe for a Clover Club?

1934 — Just one heady year after Prohibition was repealed, Esquire Magazine, in a civic-minded attempt to reestablish the norms of a long dormant drinking culture, published a list of 10 Worst Drinks of the Previous Decade. 1.741 more words