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Location Recce 3

After the difficulty of my last commute to the location I wanted to find a new spot that had the same urban aesthetic but in a much more local location. 640 more words

The Dark Side of Slime

There is a phenomenon. A possessing of children in households everywhere. You may be tempted to give in. It seems harmless at first. It may even seem educational, a great science project or sensory experiment. 293 more words


Episode Zero - Introducing Helpful or Hokum

Welcome to our new podcast.

The concept is simple.

What small changes could you make to your daily life to offer a step change in health or happiness? 122 more words


Drone Shoot

After noticing that videos in the reflective style I want to create can easily become too busy looking, combining the idea that I want to show where I’m situated in the video, a drone shot above the Tamar Valley where I’m living at the moment seemed to marry together both ideas very well. 328 more words

Quick trick: How to get rid of Youtube Ads without paying any money?

Are you tired of those YouTube ads? They are killing us with their monetization for sure.. I in fact like online ads, but if there a ton of them on every video I watch (one every 5-8 minutes), then its too irritating, right? 910 more words


IAT for English/Spanish bilingual speakers (Test)

​If you speak English and Spanish, try this experiment. This is not an official experiment. I am just testing out whether I can get my experiments to work with WebDMDX on my blog. 72 more words


Reading Experiment (Test)

​I am just testing one of my latest experiments for whether WebDMDX will work on my blog. Clicking on the file will prompt you to download it and install it, but do not worry because it is deleted and not saved to your computer after finishing the experiment. 50 more words