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daily image 27.2.15

Today’s image is from a somewhat failed experiment using fake snow to fill an empty soft toy. 


After looking out the kitchen window at what some folks call a blizzard, I turned my attention to the results of my dedicated dish and glass washing and I found the south end of the cow milk dispenser and glasses with interesting facets and the result of looking through those facets.

Poetry Experiment: The "Overflowing" River

An assignment from class this week:

Write a short work, and then write its “overflowing,” providing a kind of poetics that circulates around, extends, and amplifies your text, while being part of it (a text that isn’t separate, without which the “central” text would function completely differently).

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Playing with Fire

If you haven’t played with the flame renderer in Adobe Photoshop​ it’s a funny tool that can get you some cool results quickly. Here’s about 10 minutes of playing around with the letters ASDFGH.


I Have No Control

Please Note: The following post was written on breaks at work and is now being typed into the computer by me. This is often the case with my posts, but I felt the need to specifically point it out because of my first sentence. 514 more words


Honey, I shrunk my diet

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts (like this, this and this), I’ve been on a sugar-free diet for the past 8 weeks. 1.092 more words

Menus & Venues

Cover Processes Step By Step

  • To start my music magazine cover, I first experimented a little more with the masthead. I knew which font I wanted and where to place it, but I couldn’t decide which colours looked most effective.
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