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The making of my own Charcoal...

Things I need:

-metal tin – willow – knife – logs – fire place


-peel the willow and cut into needed size

-put into the tin and wire shut… 44 more words

Out of The Darkness


Background: I’ve rarely used black in my paintings, but I think black is about to make a major comeback!  I stay away from brown and balance all color with white so using black brings about a new kind of boldness.   140 more words

The Experiments

Unquote: Your Dreams

It’s a picture of the ocean and has the word ‘dreams’, so it still counts as inspirational, right?


A Light in the Darkness

A short review of my placement in Amsterdam.

As a general rule, the first year novices are sent on experiment (placement) somewhere in their home province. 1.138 more words


Water Adventure Lesson with parents (PL)

These days Polish group of Bees had a Water Adventure lesson, which was the last “Learning Community” day within our last eTwinning project “Bunch of eGrapes”. 454 more words


Outdoor mini exhibition in Bristol

I had spotted a few places where I wanted to display my work, and to see how the pieces looked together / in different environments. 62 more words


To reach this point, All I have done is import and arrange the footage I have shot into After Effects and exported the result. So far, there are two things in this draft that I know I want to keep the same: 291 more words