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The History of Dew: A Little Story

I’ve just posted the first little glimpse from The Elizabeths, a collection of little stories about and by historians of the elemental world who never existed but should have. 30 more words



Still smocking. Not sure why I’m drawn to it so much. I like the effect, I guess. It’s pretty much fancy pleating, and has limited uses, but I find myself starting new swatches and stitches lately, despite having plenty of other projects I should focus on. 64 more words


Moving Images 1: Fokus

I thought I’d set myself a challenge of writing every week from a public domain bit of film footage, to give my blog a ‘thing’ (yes, ‘a thing’)… 204 more words


The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate (Calpurnia Tate #2) by Jacqueline Kelly

Durante il primo romanzo, L’evoluzione di Calpurnia Tate, avevamo conosciuto la protagonista e visto nascere il suo amore per la scienza grazie al contributo del burbero ma sapiente nonno. 374 more words

& Young Adults

Sleep, The Quest For

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that many millions of people are exhausted; struggle to get to sleep, to stay asleep, to wake feeling refreshed, to have sufficient energy to live; yet their doctors are not (generally) working their butts off to help find a solution? 402 more words


Literary Food, Redux

Now that the temps are starting to level off (and decline), I’m strongly considering revisiting my notion of a week of vintage meals. 246 more words