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Sunset Moonrise

I shot this on my old 30d the night before the 4th of July.


A Different Kind of Fireworks

Fourth of July Mice by Bethany Roberts

After enjoying the book, have some fun with fireworks in a glass. There are several versions of this activity online. 21 more words

General Science

Constrained Closet, Week 5

Sorry for the closet overload. I’ve been busy translating rather than coming up with new constraints. Any ideas? Send them my way.

I’ve somehow lost track of a day, as well as my favorite shirt. 76 more words


The Sunday

It is going to be almost a month since I wrote here. It is not because I don’t have anything to write or I can’t find words. 509 more words

Conservation and Recycling

I have been working on learning better uses for my stencils.  One of the most popular techniques right now is using dye-based sprays with them.  I haven’t done so well with this yet but I’m sure with a little practice I will finally get the right touch to get the look I am trying to achieve.   337 more words

Art Journaling

Savory Side Dish and/or Dip for Yogurt Lovers

I love yogurt — plain yogurt, that is. Here in the Land of Smiles, I buy either the thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt or the ‘lighter’ version named Yolida. 220 more words

Tasty Finds

1 Bowl, 1 Spoon, 1 Week

I’ve been doing something “gross” for several years. I’ve been eating GERMS!
Not enough to make me sick, but enough that I’m sure some helicopter-moms (and dads) would step back in shock if they knew! 633 more words