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While working (hard) on a new blog post , i thought i would share the result of my first tryout in making a travel video. 112 more words


Analysis - Serum 15041001

It is twelve hours since my last entry; 15 hours since the premature start of my latest Event. The attack is over. Serum 15041001 seems to provide a temporary mask, allowing me to hide myself mentally from The Third Person. 43 more words


Theory Of Machines Project

Hello Everyone!

Today, I will be writing about the mini project I made for the subject “Theory Of Machines”.

The Automatic Stamping Machine.

The basic purpose of the machine is to create a stamp on small objects such as small cartons and packages. 614 more words


the science of sound

My kids adore science.  I don’t think I ever had the love for it that they have, but perhaps it helped that their initial exposure to science was very hands-on–mixing colored water, making vinegar-and-baking-soda volcanoes, and the like.   808 more words

Around The House

10 Questions with Nutrinformed

As you’ve probably figured, this blog is all about experimenting. Partly because I’m a scientist, partly because I’m an amateur cook, and partly because… 870 more words