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Part 284 - How To Get Yourself On A Vampire's Bad Side

The pounding inside Ambrose’s head dulled down to a nagging headache as the daylight fell into darkness.

He opened his eyes and stared blankly at his snow covered muzzle. 643 more words

Science: Colored Snow

Sophia has been in love with science experiments lately; which is totally fine with me!

This was a very peculiar science experiemnt. It was a kit from Sick Science. 115 more words


Part 280 - Observations

The creature crouched beside him and said nothing. It fixed its smiling gaze on him.

Ambrose thrashed his head and pulled against the collar, until he was hopelessly winded. 281 more words

Is Color-Blindness Possible? Racial & Experiential Effects on the Neural Substrates for Motor Empathy (PSYC 555; Fall 2008)

I received some tragic news this morning. Bosco Tjan, one of my former USC Psychology Professors, was killed by a student in the Psychology building on campus yesterday afternoon. 106 more words

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The Spaghetti Squash Experiment

My first meal idea, spaghetti squash. For those that don’t know this is where you take a spaghetti squash and make pasta noodles from it. Seeing as I had to give up the good stuff, I figured I’d give this a shot so I could at least pretend I was eating delicious carb-filled, fat inducing, and robust gluten filled pasta. 487 more words


Commercial Air Flights on a Flat Earth Work Perfectly

Abu Dhabi to Fort Worth, Texas Flight Path

This graphic shows the path of a flight from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 540 more words

Flat Earth

Reflections on Project 2.

Project 2 was all about shapes and fundamental form.  In it I have practised drawing various 2D and 3D shapes, put groups of objects together to look at the shapes they make, the spaces between them and how they impact on each other with shadows, I have also experimented with tone and used various media to depict these tones and shadows. 430 more words

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