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How To Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

It’s been awhile since I did a how-to post, so here we are.  I bought some vanilla beans on an impulse in an unfamiliar grocery store while out of town (like you do) awhile ago, and then promptly crammed them into my baking supplies and left them for months because I was stumped about what to do with them.   753 more words



These are some images I took while walking through Cardiff these have no narratives to them they are just images that I felt interested me and some images that surprised me and mad me laugh so just a little fun really… 6 more words


Digital Painting

I ordered a Wacom Intuous tablet to start learning digital art. I know a bit about Photoshop, GIMP, Corel etc. but drawing with a mouse is no bueno. 63 more words


The Street -Interchangeable Brooch Designs

I’ve made an off-kilter square frame using square silver wire Colin gave to the class (thank you!). After a couple of weeks of thinking about how to use this, and although Colin recommended we stick with circles for simplicity, I made up my mind and went with my gut. 279 more words


Responses to Workshops

On the page I will display the experiments that I have done is response to the workshops that we completed.

This piece was made in response to our first ‘Beyond Photography’ workshop. 1.042 more words

Life (and the Pursuit of Happiness)-- But for How Long?

Confronting our mortality is not an easy task for most people. However, there are many reasons people should consider just how long they might live. … 627 more words


Week 6 (10-24-16) Sensitivity to Touch

I tell ya. Sometimes the minutes just cruise.

Just this morning our fifteen minute break outside vaporized, as my son had chosen to transplant the wild mint from way over there into the red solo cup in his left hand. 841 more words

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