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Cyanotype 1

During Shoot 2 I also produced my first of three cyanotype’s for the project. Cyanotype 1 was made on the River Tavy, I had never made a cyanotype before this one so with a little bit of advice I just got to it. 219 more words

Photoshoot One; First Edit:

This is the set up I had used for the shoot. I had the blue gel directly under the camera as I wanted it to be the main colour seen, as the model already had the opposite colour hair, orange. 122 more words


Sweet treat: Mocha squares

One of my all-time favourite sweet baked goods is the Mocha Square. It has many names, and some people call it “Snoddas” (don’t ask me why), while some insist on calling it “Kärleksmums” (best translated as Love-yum, no idea why). 401 more words


More Experiments

Perhaps I will try my experiment over again, just with different items. I will make my own necromancy oil and powder. I do know my own recipes and I have access to some ingredients that are supposedly used in the recipe that is used for Luciferian Apotheca’s version of necromancy powder. 327 more words



Through all technological developments, many have been obsessed by this concept of liveness. They want their audiences to experience something the moment they immerse and engage themselves with the performance. 189 more words

One Interpretation of Time in Media

Time is tricky to define as it is a convention invented by humans, and it can be even trickier to implement in media as media does not usually follow a natural passage of aging. 745 more words