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Metal Work - Hedgehog tests

Today I began by drawing out some key positions based on the skeleton of the hedgehog. I have never animated an animal that moves in this way before! 120 more words

What We Do All Day

Leaf to Belief - a Kerala Mural(i)

Yet another art experiment – combining two traditional art forms from Kerala. Thought Guruvayoor’s Krishna was a theme befitting this debut composition. A test of patience imo – from extracting the delicate Peepal leaf skeleton over 15 days of metamorphosis to painting on it without destroying the veins (or covering it up!).

Roma. Roma.

Oh yes, I did visit the most famous historical and architectural sites of Rome and I did enjoy embracing the idea that I am now closer to the human history as well as all those millions of tourists in Rome. 85 more words


Florence. Italy.

I even don’t know with what to start… everything in this Italian city is a treasure: architecture itself with all those details you don’t want to miss, street lights, museums, shops, restaurants, and people- Florentini and tourists. 30 more words


Post 003

This Is Post 003

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Hooplakidz lab: Science videos and easy experiments for kids.

I love these videos because you can easily reproduce most of them at home with your kids.

Thanks to hooplakidz LAB for making them.

These are the ones I liked more. 19 more words

Crazy Experiments

08: Mints!

Unlike most kids (even, adults) who hate their dental visits and end of neglecting their oral hygiene, my mom made it sure that dental visits are not scary. 190 more words