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So You Think You Can (A/B) Test?

Decision making under uncertainty is complicated. These days, many business rely on real-life experiments, or A/B tests, to reduce that uncertainty and improve their decision-making. For instance, here’s a presentation on  86 more words


Einstein's Light

This website gives definitions on some very important aspects of science, that surround electricity. For example, there are definitions on mechanics and relativity, as well as many others. 17 more words

General Science

Newton's Laws of Motion

This website gives student information about Newton’s Laws of Motion in a clear and concise explanation. The website also gives examples of experiments that students can do, as well as gives students the opportunity to take a quiz about the information.

General Science

Making Slime!

We will be making slime today!

Make this extra special and get a lab coat or apron for the children with goggles.

Gloves are also recommended for mixing the borax solution. 152 more words


Struggles with YouTube Branding

Over the last 4 years, I’ve struggled with personal branding.

Let’s get this clear from the start, I’m no designer.

Canva and PicMonkey have always been loyal tools in my arsenal of attempting to brand my projects and efforts, but they have only taken me so far. 618 more words


Christmas Cacti

I did these for a small pop-up art fair in my home town.

I got into the flow of it and PLAYED. Initially I had been drawing cool retro mugs (something else I like) but that just wasn’t going well. 173 more words

Creative Process