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Grading Code: FTGFOP1s = Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.  First flush.  This is top grade tea and this particular sample, from tleafT, is organic.  646 more words

Collage work testing

I have been researching different types of crystals which would match the seven colours for my chakra research.
I have researched all seven colours and I have placed them on photoshop so that I would be able to print them out and possibly place on an A3 paper.


Glikémiás Indexek Javítva

Stephen Hawking azt mondja, hogy a zseniknek még a tévedéseik is zseniálisak. Nos, ezek alapján tuti nem vagyok zseni, ugyanis az én tévedésem nem volt zseniális – egyszerű, ostoba hiba, mely figyelmetlenségből adódott. 409 more words


Colour Grading & Presentation

Due to my film being longer than any others I have made before, rather than colour grading each clip individually, I decided to create an adjustment layer and apply the colour to just that. 96 more words


SD 11706.26:0100 - The Permutations were Endless

I went in search of a great perhaps

I can sense the beginnings of an error surface plotting algorithm in my bones. Call it crazy. This is the key to MLP, the tough nut, and it could be cracked. 626 more words

Thoughts And Ideas

Sketch Book

In my proposal I stated that I planned to create a sketch book of all my ideas and research, although this seemed like a good way to quickly jot down my ideas (and it was at times) it mostly just created more work that I needed to do. 19 more words