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Mind map

– First of all I need to find out who would want to model for my project, in which I have to contact others

– I need to experiment what sort of paper texture would look good in a photo and what sort of shape should the paper have and what pens should I use to draw the symbols… Or maybe should my ‘models’ draw their symbol themselves? 75 more words

Year 2

Week 13 Water Taste-Test Experiment

Today’s task? Discern which water tastes the best?

Surely the bottled. Or the purified. Or the filtered. Distilled maybe? Or Spring? Anything but the drinking fountain water, right?! 315 more words

Picture Post

Fantastic adventures in beautiful Basque Country, Spain

A wrap up of our time in Olabe

My partner and I have been staying at a farm in scenic and historic Basque Country. The farm is called… 326 more words


Product Development Day; Part Two

Though our series of experiments we found that;

  • Adding colourant effects the drying time, making it shorter than if left transparent.
  • Only a small amount of colour is needed to make a large change in appearance.
  • 241 more words

Minty My Little Pony Custom Jump Drive

This project was borne out of frustration at the selection of cute jump drives at Frye’s. They were having a sale on decorative flash drives, but the only types available were Wolverine, … 457 more words


Electric Charge Demonstration

Everything contains particles which have electrical charges, they can be positive, negative or neutral. Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything in the universe, and are made up of three components, electrons, protons and neutrons. 578 more words


Part 2 - Project 1 - Exercise 1 Detail and Tone

Project 1 was on the topic of detailed observations of natural objects.  I initially focused my attention on shells as I had some sitting in the garden that had some interesting weathering effects to them.   306 more words

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