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The Colors of Romanesque in Auvergne

I always loved the Romanesque architecture and that kind of austere simplicity that can communicate. Nevertheless, I realize how much my feelings are influenced by the prejudices of a man of this century towards an era of which we know so few. 471 more words


Moulin de l'Étang a Bourg-Lastic

Some weeks ago I had the chance to visit a really beautiful ancient Mill, located in the heart of France. One of the few evidence of a past which is not remembered for wars and destructions, but for work  and ingenius handicraft. 288 more words


Puy de la Vache

It gives unusual feelings to hike in the “Massif Central“, a different emotions from walking in the Alps, for example. I recently explored, thanks to the company of some friends, … 184 more words



El passat divendres dia 5 de juny vam anar a Olot a visitar el museu dels volcans. Aquest museu integra espais interiors d’exposició permanent i temporal, i espais exteriors, amb el jardí botànic de vegetació natural olotina i el jardí de plantes medicinals. 140 more words