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International Museum Week!

Book in now to visit the Freemasons Victoria Library & Museum during International Museum week!


Jaap Scholten talks about Comrade Baron

Dutch writer Jaap Scholten knows a good story when he hears one. In the early 1990s, when his Hungarian wife’s grandmother began telling him about life before communism, he was entranced. 166 more words

Between The Woods And The Water

Запись открытой лекции Андрея Асадова (февральский интенсив в МАРШ)

Публикую очередную запись лекции с февральского интенсива в МАРШ.

Программа нового летнего интенсива по Grasshopper тут .

Применение Grasshopper в проектах мастерской. Андрей Асадов


IDGTF 2016 Has Started - Week 1 From Wilde To Equal Marriage

Festival Week 1 :

From Wilde to Equal Marriage – Proudly Be Who You Want To Be

The festival Pop-up Shop is open for business at 9 Parliament Street from 11am – 6:30pm daily for tickets, t-shirts, information and more. 413 more words


VIP Tickets for the Arabian Bubble Celebration in Dubai

We are happy to be giving away 2 VIP tickets to one weekly winner to watch the Arabian Bubble Celebration. Beginning May 3 and every four days after, three question will be posted on our… 361 more words


Fleet Pond Wildlife Day 2016

Dear Members
The next event that the HDG information stand will be appearing at will be the Fleet Pond Wildlife Day 2016. If anyone would like to help on the stand talking to the general public about dormouse and our work, plus all the fun of making pompom dormouse your time would be greatly appreciated. 41 more words