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Columbus Events Feb 10 - 17

Hello! Tonight I attended Columbus Underground’s Sweet Treats event, and I cannot emphasize enough how happy it makes me to eat a multitude of desserts from my the best bakeries and restaurants in Columbus.  3.510 more words


1st March of Life Conference

An encounter of Holocaust survivors and descendants of the perpetrators.  Key note speaker: Andrzej Gasiorowski 


Events Calendar for 2016

See The “Downloads” section for the 2016 Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club events calendar or just click on the image below.


Heroes. Dogs. Honor.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division Awards Banquet in Seaside, California. In attendance were half of the State’s Wardens, some of their family members and the Board of Directors for the California Wildlife Officers Foundation (CalWOF). 606 more words


Seymour Speakers Speech Competition

Save the date!

Thursday March 17, 2016 will be Seymour Speakers Annual Speech and Evaluation competition. The competition will take place at 7.30am in our usual location. 74 more words


LMAO OFF BROADWAY Improv Comedy Valentines Eve Show

LMAO OFF BROADWAY Improv Comedy Valentines Eve Show
SATURDAY 8pm February 13

The cast of LMAO delivers hilarious music and comedy based on your suggestions and participation. 5.065 more words


Moonshiners from Raven Creek

During the early 1900’s, as the legend may have it, there was an old man in Raven Creek who spent his nights working in an old shack. 210 more words