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Bermeo to Burgoa to Alto de Sollube.

It was great to get back on the open road  and do some actual hiking, not city hiking! ¡Fue genial para volver a hacer senderismo en la naturaleza en lugar de plena ciudad! 657 more words


Stop torture in Euskal Herria!

Over the week, sadly, torture has been back in the headlines in the Basque Country. It all has evolved from a torture case from couple of years ago, when several political activists were detained and tortured. 284 more words

Human Rights

Claire's Collograph Workshop

Claire has extensive experience with presses and traditional printmaking processes, so she offered a Collograph workshop during our time in Tolosa. Collography is the low-tech cousin of etching, with cardboard or matte board plates, leaves, feathers, string, sand and other materials that create printable textures. 185 more words


A Sunlight Photostencil workshop

In addition to our exhibition at GKo Gallery, Claire and I offered to present two low-tech printmaking workshops while we were in Tolosa. Since I shoot almost all of my silkscreen photostencils in sunlight in Wells (sometimes overcast, often with snow around!) instead of using an expensive, electric-powered exposure unit, it made sense to share what I’ve learned about this process over the years. 420 more words


Gran Bilbao, the Set Meravelles.

One of my very first Set Meravelles entries was dedicated to the province of Vizcaya. Nearly two years later, I have discovered there are enough amazing things in the province to merit splitting Bilbao and the province of Vizcaya into two separate entries. 874 more words