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Interview with Asier Altuna, director of ‘Amama'

Deep and strong like the roots of a beech, Amama is a beautiful journey from the heart of the baserri, the ancestral cradle of the Basque culture, where home and work share the same space linked to tradition. 1.042 more words

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Entrevista con Asier Altuna, director de ‘Amama’

Profunda y sólida como las raíces de una haya, Amama es un hermoso viaje que parte del corazón del baserri, cuna de la cultura ancestral vasca, en la que el hogar y el trabajo comparten un mismo espacio ligado a la tradición. 1.127 more words

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‘Amama’: elkarrizketa Asier Altuna zinemagile gipuzkoarrarekin

Sakona eta sendoa pago baten sustraien modura, Amama baserri bihotzetik ateratako bidai eder bat da, euskal kultura aintzinaren sehaska, etxea eta lanari lotutako tradizio gunea. 709 more words

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I was told by a few european friends that I am the only nationalist they like. Immediately I thought, is being a nationalist a bad thing? 191 more words


Basque Online Mural Archive

I’ve run out of mural photos now, so I’ll take a break with this blog for a while. You can see all the pictures featured this far in the  427 more words



Diarmuid Breatnach

On the platform at Mundaka there are only a few to catch the 9.18 a.m. train to Bilbao. Mundaka is a popular coastal resort town in Bizkaia province, southern Basque Country.   1.268 more words


Basque Country and Provence

This summer we decided to make another “on the road” holiday ….well much less challenging than Route 66 in 2014, nevertheless same excitement and fun: we visited the Basque Country both on the Spanish and the French side. 282 more words

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