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An Attempt at a Packing List

When preparing for my 10-months abroad, I learned that the word needed to best describe it is: sacrifice. What are you willing to leave behind? 595 more words



Zapraszamy do relacji z naszej pierwszej dalekodystansowej podróży z Adasiem. Cel naszej podróży to Panama, choć zawitaliśmy też na chwilę w Kanadzie i Kostaryce. Pełen wpis tutaj: link

Pictures from my first week

Below are some pictures I took from my first week on site! 116 more words

"Everything you do, do it with love"

“Everything you do, do it with love.” These were the genuine, sweet words from one my students I will be teaching this year. My first day of school was nothing short of amazing. 386 more words

Cooking in Cheongju

This week (along with the other two) have gone by in a crazy fast blur. Each summer Fulbright Korea hosts a program called FEP (Fulbright English Program) where a group of students (aka, campers) come to an English immersion program (aka, camp) which last two weeks. 1.191 more words


My Journey to my Final Destination

Well I’m finally in Balige, Northern Sumatra; my final destination, which will be home for the next ten months. I landed in Jakarta on Sunday, July 23rd and stayed until the 24th. 401 more words

Made It to Korea!

After 15 hours of flight time, 9 hours of layovers, and a 3 hour bus ride, I finally made it from Boise, ID to Goesan, South Korea ( 1.697 more words