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Happy New Year!

Photo: My mom and I in Medellin!

So sorry I haven’t written in a while! Happy 2017 to all!

My fellow assistants and I  are supposed to begin tutorials again at the university this week, but we’re still waiting on our schedules. 1.116 more words


Editorial Board

ETA was launched in November 2015 to provide a space for the dissemination of research-based policy analysis and commentary by cultural economists. After a full year of activities, we are happy to have published 21 posts. 255 more words


Gucci; fashion or substance?

There’s a lot of mixed views surrounding Gucci watches. Is it just another fashion brand or are they substantial Swiss watches?

Gucci has been making watches since the 1970s. 362 more words


Dislexia y autismo: perfiles cognitivos en los extremos del mismo espectro

Como parte de mi investigación, he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con individuos que han sido diagnosticados con desordenes del neurodesarrollado. De esta manera he podido estudiar y reportar sus perfiles cognitivos, sus estudios de neuroimagen y los resultados de sus exámenes post mortem. 839 more words

Manuel Casanova

Just call me Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Airport terminals are super aptly named because being in one usually makes me feel like I could die at any moment. In related news, I pulled a JTT and am back home for the holidays! 681 more words

All the grammar, none of the glamour

I decided to actually publish this draft I wrote in Spring 2015, when I was abroad in Göttingen, because I found myself feeling very similar things during my first bit of time in Oldenburg/Wildeshausen. 673 more words

Review of my Zeppelin LZ-129

Do visit NUS Horology Club’s site here for excellent information on horology in general and also new watch releases.

I purchased this watch on Sunday, 10 May 2015. 1.085 more words