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Deception Point

Deception point by Dan Brown is about a discovery made by NASA in the Artic Circle. Rachel sexton and Micheal Tolland are among the civilians brought in by the president to validate the NASA discovery, Rachel sexton works at the NRO and Micheal Tolland is a famous TV celebrity. 178 more words

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Copy of soda stream

We bought copy of soda stream which names ETA Frizanto, This machine knows the same and its half price and has better design.

You can choose from three different colors: red, green and white/black. 42 more words


Journey home

1142- Back in the UK and just had a pit stop. Look out for updated ETA when we are closer to home.
1405 – current ETA is 1615, depending on traffic. 12 more words


Have no Fear!

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” President Franklin J Roosevelt

In light of yet another heinous cowardly and evil act carried out on Western soil this week there are more and more people who are living in perpetual fear. 741 more words

Watch Repair Kendal Cumbria

I am pleased to now offer full watch repair and servicing, full details please follow the link below.

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How to save money on the Australia ETA

Here’s a major tip for those that need a Aussie Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). While most would go to their official website to apply for one (AUD$20), you can actually save a lot by applying through a third party. 136 more words


When is the Ata Aquarid meteor shower & can I see it on Merseyside

Another stunning meteor shower will be visible this month and here’s when you can spot it.

The Ata Aquarid meteor shower is caused from the dust from comet Halley collides with the earths atmosphere. 131 more words

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