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My first English camp!

So apparently I’m a celebrity here!! I’ve never had so many people ask to take selfies with me as I did at SMK Gombak Setia after 8 other ETAs and I led our very first English camp with the students there. 1.687 more words


Project Fi experiencing international service outage; Google aware of issue, but no ETA


One of the best parts of Google’s MVNO service is the flat fee for data anywhere around the world. This frequently advertised aspect is currently in the… 217 more words


Week 2

Selamat Pagi! So last night I threw up at the official residence of the U.S. Ambassador. No, this is not a joke. We had this big networking event with lots of important people and press where all the Fulbright ETA’s were supposed to meet said important people and talk to said press. 1.229 more words


How to get Indian e-Visa for Filipinos

If you are a Filipino wanting to visit India, then you came at the right place. 707 more words


Scavenger hunts and Baju Kurungs

Yesterday was a fully packed day. We had to complete a scavenger hunt that took us all over the city trying new foods, using public transportation, and taking pictures of our team in various embarrassing situations. 831 more words


My placement!

Hello world! Today I found out what state I’ll be living in aaaand its Sabah! I didn’t really have a preference about placement, which I think is good because some other people were really set on one state and they weren’t assigned to it and now they’re bummed. 648 more words


Ressalvas sobre η² e F

No post anterior eu reproduzi como faríamos para determinar o η², entretanto, aquilo praticamente só valia para o Anova One-Way. Quando o ANOVA tem múltiplos fatores, aqueles cálculos ficam mais complexos, e eu ainda não entendi bem a diferença. 114 more words