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In Which I Get my Wake Up Call

Maybe it was my fault from the very beginning. Maybe I simply picked the wrong line to stand in, holding my Bugs Bunny carrots and overpriced, individually wrapped apples. 1.125 more words

The Weekend and Life Revelations :)

I guess I’ll try to keep this post brief! To be honest, I’ve been so busy and exhausted lately that I haven’t really had much of a desire to blog. 694 more words


School Selection - The Lowdown


On the second week of orientation, Fulbright treated the 10 Taichung ETAs to a 2-day twelve school bus tour.  At each school, we were given a quick introduction by admistrators or teachers, a chance to ask questions, and a brief tour.  545 more words


Arrival in Germany

This week has been a whirlwind of travel, meeting new people and colleagues, seeing old friends, exploring new places, settling into my new home, navigating the German bureaucratic system, and fighting against jet-lag. 257 more words


New, New, New!

This week, I welcomed three new beginnings:

1. New wheels (two 686mm diameter tires!)

2. New flat (apartment)

3. New workplace (my new school!)

》GIANT ESCAPE 2… 560 more words


The Drive

Greetings! My foray into blogging commences.

I will be in Indonesia for nine months as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) on a Fulbright grant. Last Saturday—a week ago—I arrived in Jakarta after a long flight from New Orleans. 894 more words


Canadian eTA Requirements

Canadian eTA Requirements

Earlier this week Moving2Canada‘s Alan Regan (2015) reported that the ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’ (eTA) will soon become mandatory.  A similar system is currently used in the USA, which has been mandatory for the last 6 years.   267 more words