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Trying something new...

Happy Friday! I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at a blog for a while now. Traveling on the road is hard sometimes…being away from the comforts of home, a routine commute to work, and a kitchen to cook in! 231 more words


All the Feels

As I sit on a United Airlines flight to Tokyo, I can officially say that my journey has begun! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions (mostly good, although I did just have a serious cry while watching a rom-com on the plane), so it’s nice to finally have a chance to take a deep breath. 962 more words


Dual citizens given a break on new passport rules

Sensible response. But of course, some will still miss news about the extension, no matter how much communications:

In the wake of a public outcry, Ottawa has extended the grace period of its new travel requirement for Canadian dual citizens.

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CANADA – Leniency Period for Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) Extended Until 9 November 2016

The leniency period for Canada’s mandatory new pre-screening system for visa-exempt visitors has been further extended until 9 November 2016.

The Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) system was to become fully implemented for visitors to Canada from certain countries on 29 September 2016. 44 more words


Snippet: Fernando Aramburu's "Fatherland"

Fernando Aramburu, Patria , 2016

Publisher’s summary:

On the day that ETA anounces that it will abandon the armed struggle , Bittori visits the cementery to tell the grave of her husband, el Txato, assassinated by the terrorists, that she has decided to return to the house where they lived. 471 more words

Sunnar smoothies (frá 6 mðr.)

Tað ber væl til at gera lættan og skjótan mat at hava við sær á ferðini og samstundis vera vitandi um, hvat er í matinum. Her heima hava vit trupulleikar við grønmetismorli, tá ið tað er kalt, so tí havi eg gjørt blandaðar smoothies við grønmeti og frukt fyri at geva tí ein søtari smakk, sum fer lættari niður um. 149 more words


Week 1 Ramblings

The week before I left for Germany, I diagnosed myself with at least ten different maladies. I could have sworn I had five bouts of appendicitis, a spell of leg bone cancer, and a casual heart attack-and-a-half within that seven-day period. 751 more words