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A Wedding in Bilbao

Weddings are much anticipated, joyous occasions. These nuptials were that and much more. Propelled by love and political expediency, bride and groom hoped to bring peace to a troubled region. 1.646 more words


Ottawa’s new air-travel rule catches dual citizens by surprise

While I have some sympathy for those taken by surprise if this change was not adequately communicated in advance, I have little for the substantive nature of some of the complaints mentioned in the article. 840 more words


Their struggle

This graffiti in the Donostian suburb Añorga states zuen borroka gure eredu which means ‘your struggle, our role model’. It features a red star and the faces of Juan “Txiki” Paredes and Angel Otaegi, two ETA members who were among the last five to be executed by the Franco regime, 27 September 1975. 253 more words


Black Lives Matter Failed to Shutdown Graceland

MEMPHIS, TN.  Black Lives Matter’s effort to shutdown Graceland on August 15th was an utter failure due to a lack of attention, low turnout of protesters, and the weather.  531 more words


A collection of tidbits and observations after two weeks in an Indian school

  1. I ride the school van to and from school, because it’s free and otherwise I’d have to pay an auto around $40 a month. The school has two mid-sized vans which make wide routes across town.
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/ tribyo͞ot /

RIVERSIDE, CA.  I came across a familiar comment posted under a picture of several ETAs posing with fans where someone pointed out the obvious.

“None of them like Elvis!”  The commenter is obviously an Elvis fan and probably an ETA fan so this is not a dig on the individual, but the comment motivated me to look up the word   121 more words

Elvis Tribute Artists

The Cast of "Elvis Lives" goes Live - Elvis Week 2016

MEMPHIS, TN.  The stars of the  Elvis Lives  musical starring former Ultimate ETA champions, Dean Z, Jay Dupuis, and Bill Cherry, will be streamed live at the gates of Graceland and can be watched on their Facebook page and on Elvis Radio during Elvis Week on August 11th.   132 more words

Elvis Tribute Artists