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Ice Cream & Faith

Last week I said, ‘We’ll see what adventures my classes will give me,’ knowing I’d finally be able to be in the classroom Tuesday- Friday. Well The first adventure is that my M6’s (Seniors) got an extra day of tutoring for their exams so Tuesday I was a sitting duck; again, but not for long. 824 more words

The Perfect Stranger

Taiwan is the third country in which I have lived abroad, the first being Argentina, and the second, China. From each country I’ve left with heaps of memories, friendships, life lessons and experiences, but over time a natural separation of essential and non-essential  tokens of my travels has occurred. 469 more words

Don't Coddle a Baby When They Fall Down

You know how you’re not supposed to coddle a baby when they fall down because the gasps and “awwww” are generally what cause them to cry? 1.115 more words


Work Hard, Play Harder... Not By Choice!

Last week was a bit slow at work. I have 10 different classes 8 which meet twice a week (Listening & Speaking), and 2 that meet once a week (Reading for Science). 1.295 more words

萬聖節 - Halloween

Ah Halloween – a true holiday of contradictions.  A holiday based off of spiritualism and religion, yet today 100% profane.  A holiday filled with terror, blood, death, and gore, yet all performed for the smallest children.   618 more words


Life with the kids...

Wait! you say. If you’re primary job is as an English teacher, why haven’t you written any blog posts about teaching at your elementary school? 1.907 more words