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From London streets to Thailand treats

This is such a late entry but that just goes to show how much fun I’ve been having!

21:20, Sunday 22nd June and it was time to head off with my one of my best mates Donna – who just couldn’t contain her excitement.  232 more words


Broken Crayons Still Color

I love blogging. I love the idea of writing down all of my thoughts on one platform, especially the positive lessons learned along the way, to share with family, friends, and teachers. 582 more words


Alphabet soup, AKA: EAP ETA PDO in DC

I just got back from an event in DC that was about as information-heavy as its title – the East Asia Pacific (EAP) English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO). 725 more words

Emotional Seesaw

After the unbelievable high that was Bangkok, the first two days at my new home have been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. With yesterday seeing the dip and today the peak. 1.282 more words


Mid Year in Melaka

Well, reality is sinking in. Exactly four months from today I will be saying goodbye to Jengka and traveling to Kuala Lumpur for our final days of programming. 691 more words


Day One in Prachin Buri Province

After a hectic few days adjusting to Thai time (no I’m not talking about the casual time-keeping, but actual timezones here) and squeezing as much Bangkok into a busy pre-placement schedule, my ETA partner Lizzie and I have settled into our lovely little apartment in Prachin Buri. 642 more words

British Council

17 days left!! 기대가 나를 죽이고있다!

I’m so ready to goooo!! But there are some things I still need to get done. For example, the TESOL course! I completed the 20 lessons, so now I have to complete a lesson plan. 351 more words