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Network Monitoring with ExtraHop

Recently  I got an opportunity to work with a product called “ExtraHop“. If you are already familiar with that product then you may not want read this post to realize its value. 947 more words

WLC Netflow

Sono in età da Toy Boy

Nove anni di differenza.

Nove è un numero, mi hai detto.

Vero, in molti casi è solo un numero. Ed ecco il motivo per cui il mio… 395 more words


I'm Just Kind of a Chicken

Yesterday I finally passed what I think is the last of my big integration anxieties, ordering from the Deli counter in the grocery store. A funny thing has been happening throughout the past month. 640 more words


Dear Kosovo, who are you?

Today is the two-week anniversary of us arriving in Kosovo. Before I had accepted my Fulbright, if anybody had asked me what I was getting myself into, I would’ve simply answered No! 446 more words


Australia Visa Information

Visa information

What type of Australian visa are you looking for?

Holiday or Vacation

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation)

This visa allows you to visit Australia as a tourist. 1.191 more words


The Long Haul

A lesson in patience is the first thing I received well before I began my journey across the world. It seems to be one that I have encountered over and over again and will continue to revisit throughout my time abroad. 1.446 more words