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A Break in Brasília

60 years ago, Brasília was a dream half-realized.

In 1956, then-President Juscelino Kubitschek followed up on a campaign promise to move the nation’s capital out of the costal, heavily-populated city of Rio de Janeiro with its colonial past to a more geographically-neutral location in the middle of the country. 495 more words

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I am a terrorist attack victim .

I am a terrorism attack victim.

In august 2001 I had been on holiday just me and my mum I was 10. We were in spain for 2 weeks and had only been there 3 days. 1.257 more words


Titoni Airmaster 1969

Style with Practicality

The little known Titoni brand was launched in 1952, a Swiss brand aimed at the Asian market. In 1969 they released a line called the Airmaster, (Anything suggesting flying was a buzzword in the year of the moon landing). 208 more words

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Título: Patria

Autor: Fernando Aramburu

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El día en que ETA anuncia el abandono de las armas, Bittori se dirige al cementerio para contarle a la tumba de su marido el Txato, asesinado por los terroristas, que ha decidido volver a la casa donde vivieron. 1.067 more words

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Burgers in class

No, this wasn’t a discussion on where you can get the best burger in the US (local – Al’s Burger Shack, chain – Five Guys), but a workshop on planning and writing an academic essay, using the burger model 2.0. 39 more words

That One Time I Was a Fulbright ETA in BH, Brazil : A Day in the Life

Perhaps I’ll make a “Day in the Life” of an elementary teacher some day, but here is a saved Instagram Story from when I was in charge of the @fulbrightbrasil IG for a week. 9 more words


Etheera satu platform untuk semua fungsi sektor realestate

Properti, sebagai instrumen investasi hingga saat ini masih menjadi salah satu instrumen yang paling diminati oleh para investor. Hal ini tidaklah mengherankan, karena setiap orang butuh rumah tinggal, baik itu rumah tapak maupun rumah susun. 675 more words

Crypto Currency