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Week Four: 'Khru Farang' forever.

It’s week four and Lizzie’s still like “I’m going to write blog y’know…” which reminded me – I should probably write a new post as I actually did start a blog. 1.123 more words

British Council

No End in Sight

Earlier today, while I was mindlessly browsing through my tumblr dash, a song on my iTunes library came on called Tage wie diese by the German band Die Toten Hosen (literally “The Dead Pants”). 629 more words

Today's the day!

In just a few hours I officially start my Fulbright journey. Over the span of about 43 hours I will make my way to Laos, with a quick break to hang out in Bangkok for a bit. 253 more words

Paradise in the Philippines

After an exhausting week of sightseeing in Japan, I was definitely ready to relax on the beaches of the Philippines. We spent two days in Manila, that I definitely could have done without, but it was nice to see the historical places and experience the culture. 551 more words

Taiwan Fulbright Blues

I finished off Fulbright Taiwan with my hilarious fifth graders dumping frigid cold water on me during our last field trip together. While I will cherish this particular memory and the many more I shared with my students, the grant turned out not all that I expected it to be. 666 more words

Orientation at Jungwon University

I have arrived in South Korea!!! We arrived July 13th at 5am in the morning at Inchon Airport then took the bus to Jungwon University. When we arrived we had a full day ahead of us. 343 more words


Arrival and other shenanigans mostly related to arrival

It seems like I’ve been in Korea for ages now, and I keep having to remind myself that it really is only the third day. I left from our house on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. 1.190 more words