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EMV 101 for Small Merchants

Big changes are coming to the 1.2 billion payment cards in today’s wallets. Today’s mag stripe cards (which is the same technology used in cassette tapes) are being replaced by EMV-enabled cards containing micro chips. 41 more words

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Il vero segnale

No, non è quando ti danno del lei  i ragazzi di 20 anni. Quello può capitare presto, magari quando ne hai 22. Magari ti capita quando ne hai 22 e poi non ti capita più per tutta la vita e quando hai 30 anni si ostinano a darti del tu anche sul lavoro e allora non hai un problema di vecchiaia ma di mancanza di autorevolezza, che forse è pure peggio. 433 more words


There’s Nothing a Butter and Mayonnaise Sandwich can’t Fix

April has definitely been the most challenging month so far. I knew that I was never safe from homesickness and that the novelty of my life here would wear off and sure enough, it did. 1.348 more words

ETA Payments Security Day

Interested in learning about all the efforts underway that serve to enhance and expand on ensuring payments security. Will you be in the D.C. area on April 23? 57 more words

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Fulbright !

I haven’t written in this blog in a long time. Mostly because I felt like my life hasn’t been all that interesting since I left Barcelona. 845 more words


60 Second Week: April 13-19 Edition


The first clip is from April 14- both my mother and my (oldest and dearest) friend Emily’s birthday. I asked my Form 1A class to hold pieces of paper that spelled out “Happy Birthday!”, and the clip is from them trying to figure out how to organize themselves. 593 more words


Es lebe den Widerstand!

When I was a junior at Ohio State, I took a German class called Protest, Rebellion, and Revolution. As the title suggests, we learned about past, recent, and current resistance movements in Germany when das Volk banded together, expressed their opinions, and did something about it. 594 more words