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Bevíem a glops

In this poem by Salvador Espriu, he expresses his solidarity with his people, the Catalan people. A great deal of his poetry was written during the long years of the Franco dictatorship, under which Catalan language and culture was suppressed in an effort to enforce the unity of Spain under Castilian dominance. 413 more words

He de pagar el meu vell preu, la mort,

Salvador Espriu, the humble Barcelona lawyer’s clerk, allows himself a moment in the limelight in this poem by putting his own name in the title. But the tone is more valedictory than celebratory, the poet is recording his feelings of approaching death (real or imagined, I do not know…) 237 more words

Durant el llarg estiu hem vist cremar molts boscos

Here is a poem in Catalan by Salvador Espriu. Espriu is usually held up as an example of a poet toiling in obscurity, motivated only by his art and with no desire for reward or recognition. 423 more words

Divendres REcomanació

El sábado os esperamos a todos en la Jornada de Puertas Abiertas de la ESARQ_UIC y para el domingo os recomendamos el siguiente itinerario ideado por un gran escritor de nuestra casa, que nos acercará al mundo de la arquitectura. 280 more words


Christmas in Catalonia

Maria and Martina 5th A

December 24: On 24th, at the night, we met family at home and we celebrate the “shit piñata”.

December 25: In Catalonia we tipically eaten soup, cannelloni, chicken … and we also eat dessert of nougat, polvorones wafers on Christmas Day … Our families come together to eat. 68 more words

Christmas And New Year's Card Exchange

Eating candies

We celebrate Christmas with the family. We eat a lot of candies after the Christmas eating. This is in the 25th afternoon after having dinner. When we celebrate Christmas Eve, after dinner, we sing a song or recite a poem.The 25th morning when we got up we found the whole Christmas tree full of gifts. 10 more words

Dish Stories

Stockings for you

We have been working hard to made some stockings for you. We send it last friday. We want to wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy new year from Badalona. 13 more words

Christmas And New Year's Card Exchange