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Moonstruck - Sweet Home Carolina

Our wine tonight, pi day 2018, is the 2014 Moonstruck from Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard and Winery. Moonstruck is a bold, flavorful, dry Malbec. The label features a waterfall scene originally captured on canvas by the wineries own artist/winemaker Lyn Layton-Koren. 14 more words


Who am I Kidding...

This is the beginning of either a complete failure, or a beautiful journey based on scribbles as well as an embarrassing amount of venting and joyous sharing of adventures. 230 more words

Home Based

Spanish Wine Tasting - Bond Street Wines

Tonight’s wine is a wine tasting of four from Spain’s Tzakolina region.


Snow Boots - Dennis Vineyards

Tonight’s wine is the Snow Boots from Dennis Vineyards. A light bodied blend of red and white muscadine grape. #NCWine


Heart - Addison Farms Vineyard

Tonight’s wine is the the Heart Alchemy Herbal Wine from Addison Farms Vineyard. These unique mead offerings are infused with natural herbs and wildflowers. #NCWine


The Hidden Gem: Hinugtan Beach

Boracay Island is one of the most popular travel destination to every tourists, adventurers and even Backpackers. Everyone is fascinated with the elegance and natural beauty that the island can offer. 628 more words

Loch Damn Fyne

My apologies upfront for the lateness in this post!

I had been working away and took ill so I was not able to post before now, which I feel bad about, but if I had published something when I was feeling like that there is a good chance it would be predominantly nonsense (although I am still not well, so it may still be nonsense nonetheless) 769 more words