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Tanzania 2016

After long tiring 12 hours journey we have finally landed in Kilimanjaro to behold the majestic scenery we came to witness. fields of green and yellow flowers with singing birds and thoughts to ponder of everything have happened before this encounter and what might may. 484 more words


First Impressions from Beijing

I am jet-lagged, exhausted from over 24 hours of nearly sleepless travel, and overwhelmed with new impressions, so this may come at more as a collection of syllables vaguely related to English than logical language…, but I wanted to jot down some thoughts while they are still fresh… 579 more words


upd escapade

I was really stressed during the finals week last semester and it feels like I need to breathe. After my last exam I decided to go to UP Diliman just to stroll around the campus and breathe, I know UPLB has better air than UPD but I was really exhausted to be in UPLB for a moment. 204 more words



I do not play Dungeons & Dragons and have always been hesitant to get into it. However, if there is one thing I do enjoy, it is the crew of… 260 more words

Getting Artsy at Pinto Art Museum


I’ve been wanting to go to Pinto Art Museum for the longest time now. I was able to come to the place and enjoy a great 15-hour umayan day with my two IG jowa’s, Armen and Maylene. 785 more words


Check out the Czech Republic

After a long hard summer of intern life I decided to take a city break, and where better to go than the beautiful Czech capital of Prague. 39 more words


Pour ta prochaine sortie, prends un vert de Bordeaux !

Nous sommes bien différentes certes.. Mais pour une fois nous avons trouvé un terrain d’entente à Bordeaux  avec la Boucle verte !

What’s thaaaaat ? 1.118 more words