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Abroad Escapades: Czechin' Out Prague

I’m so excited to share my Prague pictures! I absolutely adored Prague. We made a quick three-day jaunt over there and it was so charming and unlike anything I had been to at that point. 118 more words


(Travel Diary) The Historic City of Silay

I usually try to schedule an out of town trip during summer. In the Philippines, school break falls on the months of April to May so I have come to associate summer = vacation. 775 more words


Our Burot Beach Getaway!

Some of our relatives planned to visit Baguio last weekend. We planned to visit Burot Beach instead and yeah, Kurt’s family would be joining too! 423 more words


The Walls of Ancient Seoul

The old walls of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Living quarters at Changdeokgung Palace.

Getting lost in Bukchon village.

Stunning photos of “Walls” at Daily Post.


Moonlit snow records

Moonlit snow records
small creatures’ escapades. Sun
wipes the slate clean.



Zara la collection printemps 2015 à croquer !

Depuis que je suis enceinte, il y a certaines marques que j’adore vraiment beaucoup. Notamment Zara. Je trouve que leur collection Mini est juste à tomber ! 293 more words


(Seoul Diaries) Discipline is a Way of LIfe

Upon arrival in Seoul last October, the first places/things my friend Me-an and I agreed to look for was food and money changer. So upon depositing our luggage in hour hotel in Jong-no, we went straight to Myeong-dong. 477 more words