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REVIEW: Staycation at Selah Garden

Gian is doing a home run to the country so he invited everyone for a quick staycation during the weekend, and while we had a very fun time making memories, it wasn’t exactly as exciting due to our accommodating venue. 1.235 more words


Reflection: Downtime, nature, pep talk

Lately, I had a couple of long weekends and some sick days off from work. That doesn’t happen often because I tend to think my body can take on more than what it can handle and the next thing you know, you fall ill! 658 more words


My first Marathon: Marathon de Paris, 2017

“Why would anyone ever want to run a marathon?”- My Grandmother et al., 2017   

Good question Grandma. Certainly, one I asked myself disdainfully as I shuffled past the 35 km mark of my very first marathon in Paris last Sunday.   890 more words


Je m'installe, je crois - Looks Like I Am Settling

On n’a pas fêté mes 1 an et demi ! D’accord, je suis encore un bébé immigré, il y a des Français qui vivent ici depuis soixante ans ou plus, mais bon j’ai quand même survécu à deux hivers et le dernier n’était pas des plus drôles – je ne suis pas pressé d’arriver au prochain. 1.090 more words

Vie Quotidienne

Things I'm loving right now

REI’s Force of Nature Campaign
REI just launched a public campaign to bring women to the forefront of the world of outdoor adventure. Rocking the tagline, “Let’s make outside the largest level playing field on earth,” they’re bringing women to the forefront of their marketing campaigns, spotlighting women adventurers, offering programs and classes specifically for girls and women, and working with brands to improve gear that’s designed for women. 351 more words


Dating Escapades

Hello Loves,

I need to give a round of applause for those who have found their significant other and have managed to make it continuously work. 542 more words



When it comes to travelling, you gotta prep your stuff first before you go #yolo. Personally, based on my previous travels, I never aced bringing all the things I need. 162 more words