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that moment where you introduce yourself.


I guess this is just the beginnning. Maybe it’ll become something more.

It’s taken me almost twenty years to realise that there is much more to life than just staying here, waiting for everything to work out. 48 more words


My Final Escapade

The stars constellate a path
A path meant for me, a path
I so desperately want to follow;
The winds paint the sound
Of voices far away, calling out… 197 more words


Early Bird

As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. I say, the early bird catches beautiful sunrises. :) Here are some astounding sunrises I was able to witness when I was in Dumaguete City: 42 more words


Lessons From A College Drop-Out (aka "Putting University On Hold To Pursue My Startup Life Dreams"): Part 1

Part 1:

It Started With A Sticker

My first personal blog post – eureka! I’ve finally churned one out. Took me long enough (I know some would agree *wink wink*)! 1.215 more words

Naomi Van Der Velde

Peaches and Friends

While waiting for our train ride to Hanoi, Vietnam in a restaurant somewhere  in Lao Cai a few days ago, my three friends decided to go out for a bit to look for peaches. 342 more words


an ode to our doorman

an ode to everyone’s favourite doorman:

the sober witness
precise, attentive, passionate,
yet shockingly poor drunk-dar
armed with an endless flow of water bottles
—- 58 more words

Oot And Aboot

Abroad Escapades: Magical Croatia

Our final getaway on my abroad adventure was Croatia. It almost didn’t happen thanks to some transportation issues (more detailed rant on this at Travelin’ Tourin’ and Tea… 143 more words