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Countryside Cleanse

A few weeks into my final semester, it’s got to that time when I fancied a trip home, as much as I love Newcastle, it’s always refreshing to come back to the countryside. 211 more words


Bud-ding Friendships// 2.18.2017

Among fighting with my parents like most teens I discovered a new world. One so unlike my life before it was shocking. To start off this post let me give you a preview of my life prior to moving. 793 more words


Living Escapades// 2.16.17

I’ve never been much of a public writer but in light of recent events I have decided it best to share the exploits of my chaotic life. 208 more words


11.00 pm

11 P.M

I felt my tecno phone vibrate, I was in deep sleep; the traffic in Nairobi can give you a good rest. A stretch of traffic from pangani to town can do a lot of good for a tired soul that has no work, heartbroken and broke. 2.283 more words


A long weekend in Los Angeles

Last month I had to take a quick business trip to LA. It felt foolish to fly across the country for just one day, so I figured I’d embrace the MLK Jr. 491 more words


Beautiful Brunching

Catching up with a friend over brunch is my ideal way to spend Galentines – any mention of plans that involve food and I’m there. 322 more words