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When are you going to ask the right questions?

Remember all those times when we have been asked to fill up forms or applications ?.. They follow a very similar pattern since centuries i guess.. 645 more words


Travelogue 2015

I read a tweet somewhere that it is okay to be broke if it is because of traveling, to which I completely agree. If there is one thing I am so willing to spend my money on, it is traveling – getting new experiences, meeting new people, eating new food and trying something out of this world. 1.211 more words


Travel Tuesdays-Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Years ago now, we did a road trip up to Niagara Falls and Salem, but first on the agenda we went to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. 123 more words


BJD Minimeet @ Bengal Brew

I’m pretty sure I never mention in any of my blogs that I dislike cats. Not that I hate them personally but probably because I never grew up with actual pets other than fishes- which I can’t even play with. 731 more words


Barcelona and Lisbon: Exploring Outside of France

(Previously written but not posted – Original date December 31st, 2015)

One of the main reasons why I wanted to do TAPIF is the opportunity to travel across Europe while working in France. 801 more words


New Year and Philippine Waterfalls

It might be too late to greet everyone a “Happy New Year”, but hey a happy new year to you! :) How was your new year? 589 more words


After Gourd Picking (II)

 Driven by the constant patronage of industries for a high-carbon world and loss of places to dwell, probably many bird species are facing a crisis of survival in what was once their natural habitat. 1.635 more words