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I want some Microadventures

Alastair Humphreys, adventurer, author and motivational speaker has written a book about microadventures. I haven’t read it but I love the concept.

I don’t need big adventures but I do like excitement. 159 more words


Day 5 : Maldives (Sept 27)

What a happy yet a bit sad day to wake up to a morning like this.

First of all, I want to thank God for keeping us safe since Wednesday and for allowing us to experience and witness the magnificence of His creation in this place of the earth. 48 more words


Brides's Pool - Lai Chi Wo

 La randonnée qui mène de Bride’s Pool, la piscine naturelle suspendue dans le vide, à Lai Chi Wo est la plus sauvage et la plus dure que nous ayons faite.  219 more words


Travel Escapades: Vancouver, BC

I’m so happy to share yet another travel escapade of mine with all of you, my beauteous readers! After years of Vancouver being a top spot on my to-go vacation list, my mom and I finally took a girls weekend to travel up north and explore. 997 more words


Julia's Adventures: Lock Out

Of all the people I enjoy to write about, whether in fiction or creative non-fiction, one of my favourite subjects has got to be my sister Julia. 493 more words


Allons-y: A Hop, Skip and a Jump Across the Atlantic

Hello! I’m alive! I’ve made it through my summer back home and I’m getting ready to head off on another adventure, this time in France to do the TAPIF program! 379 more words


WetLand Park

Le Wetland Park est un centre de conservation d’espèces végétales et animales niché au cœur des Nouveaux Territoires. Pour y arriver nous avons pris le métro jusqu’à une station aux allures de bout du monde. 66 more words