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Wellington on a Good Day

It is honest to say that good days in Wellington are not a perpetuating reality for this city’s locality. In fact, for the most part, Wellington regularly undertakes quite the opposite of what constitutes a ‘good day.’ A common term expressed by all realms of individuals, whether Wellingtonian, or not, is: ‘You can’t beat Wellington on a Good Day.’ This commonly referred to expression naturally hatched as a passage of deep fondness for the extra special moments when the unforgivingly typical Wellington day – filled with relentless flurries of wind – is replaced with unruffled stillness. 306 more words


L'JODEC: Underrated Restaurant in El Nido

During our stay in El Nido and every time we went back from our island hopping tours, we all had one thing (or should I say dilemma) in common. 847 more words


#Palawander: El Nido Getaway and Itinerary from the POV of a Non-Swimmer

I won’t deny that I’m not fond of beaches. I dislike the waters and I don’t even know how to swim. The only reason I would go to a summer outing that involves the waters were based on company. 1.370 more words


#Palawander: El Nido Day 3-PP-MNL

Day 3 marked our last day in El Nido but it wasn’t enough to stop us from asking more of the paradise we came to love. 1.298 more words


#Palawander: El Nido Day 2

Day 1 wasn’t enough to toast us nor tell us our trip was over. In fact, it was only the start. Day 2 had a lot more to offer for our El Nido getaway. 1.038 more words


#Palawander: El Nido day 1

SPIN Hostel was very accommodating. We decided to have our breakfast there for less hassle at P200/head buffet breakfast. They have a few selection of drinks (coffee, tea, juices) breads (pandesal, loaf, wheat), jams(strawberry,blueberry), fruits (watermelon, pineapple) and even an on-the-spot cookery of pancakes and egg- just the way you like it. 1.570 more words


#Palawander: MNL-PP-EN Day 0

Some time 2 months ago, a random invitation for a *late* summer vacation was raised with my thesis classmates ft. Jaysel and her BF, Lorenz. After finally deciding in pushing through El Nido instead of Sorsogon, we gathered up all the information we can to make it the best *late* summer outing we’ll have. 1.000 more words