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The Lease Escapades - Part I

Last weekend marked my official move to Davis. But before I delve into that adventure, I should start from the beginning…

My friend/roomie, E, and I had planned to drive up to Davis on August 8th. 558 more words


The Ship, Our Boat and The Deep Blue (or not-so-blue) Sea

They say you never forget the people you were with when you had a near death experience… this is one trip I’ll never ever forget. 1.237 more words

The Nights I'll Always Remember 

The weekends we felt so alive.

There was no sleeping whether it was day or night.

Sneaking out of the house at late hours, commiting misdemeanors or petty crimes. 270 more words

The World Of Poetry

Big Wave Bay View


A partir de Big Wave Bay il est possible de traverser une montagne pour arriver à Chai Wan et récupérer le métro. Cette randonnée faite quasi exclusivement de marches d’escalier dure deux heures mais permet d’avoir une vue superbe  sur la baie et plusieurs îles (la ville de Hong Kong est constituée de plus de 200 îles !). 15 more words


Big Waves Bay

Big Wave Bay est une plage qui se situe à l’Est de l’île de Hong Kong (en face de Kowloon). C’est un important spot de surf … même si  nous n’avons eu aucune vague ce jour là ! 27 more words


An Evening With Neon Swing -Part 2

Neon Swing came from Philadelphia. They were promoting their seventh studio album while the five dollar entrance fee went towards promoting the local art scene in the downtown area. 760 more words


Poland; setting the poor-choice bar high enough to Pole vault over


I arrived in Warsaw, Poland with more excitement and anticipation than a teenager with a Taylor Swift concert ticket in her pocket. Poland had always been an enigma to me; I had never met any Poles, the only time Poland was referenced in conversation was on the topic of WWII or vodka, in fact I didn’t even know any stereotypes and genuinely thought the language was Germanic. 2.040 more words