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La Côte Est italienne d'Ancône à Numana

L’été dernier, j’ai décidé de partir en vacances, seule.  Inutile de changer une équipe de un, qui gagne.

Je me suis rendue dans région des Marches. 128 more words


It's about time...

My mom has blogs.  Lots of blogs.  Crap about real estate and homes.  But it’s about time she told you what is really important.  It’s me.  56 more words


Lodging In Lancaster

/October 14, 2017/

Together with the QA CS & OP teams, we chillaxed at Lancaster Hotel Manila for a night to welcome the new apprentices and cherish more memories before I leave the company on the 17th. 35 more words


The Mature Year of 17'

I began this blog 2 years ago with the intention of telling my escapdes with various foreign men. At the time, I thought that my taste in men had maturely progressed, but in fact I had only moved on to a different physical appearance. 498 more words


You bought a what?

Welcome to the first house update! As you may have heard, we bought a little house on a little mountain in the Hudson Valley. It’s our little respite from the wilds of city life; and someday soon it will be the place where we get to relax and revel in the good life with friends and family. 835 more words

Where should I go? 

As you may not know, I’m currently in South Korea and will be for the next several months. In an effort to share more of the country, I would like you…the reader to let me know which places you would like to see. 61 more words


So this is what Archery feels like..

Marksmanship and archery are two things I always wanted to try but never got the chance to. Today, I got to experience it for the first time with my favorite people. 276 more words