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Japan Travel: Narusawa - Hakone Day 3

A lot might be freaked out with why we spent most of our 9pm onwards flying solo in our respective hotel rooms for our Day 1… 731 more words


Japan Travel: Tokyo Day 2

Day 1 ended a little more relaxed than expected. Unlike the rest of my officemates who went out, rode the train and explored, we decided to keep it chill. 1.166 more words


Japan Travel: Tokyo Day 1

I was surprisingly blessed with the chance to go to Japan 2 weeks ago. Seeing as it was a great opportunity for me to explore since I was already there, I extended my trip to 8 days from the original 4 days. 679 more words


Snapshot of 10 amazing days in Turkey

The thrill started to kick in when my plane finally landed in Istanbul…yet anxious at the same time as I wasn’t confident if the immigration would let me in with an e-visa, supported with a UK visa expiring in two days. 386 more words


40 Important Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Japan

I just got back from my 8-day trip to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, and of course, like any of us, I have done all sorts of research like places to go and restaurants to try. 1.569 more words


Sauvignon Blanc - Russian Chapel Hills Winery

Our wine tonight is the Sauvignon Blanc from Russian Chapel Hills Winery near Tryon, North Carolina.