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Because my friend asked me to..

Hi y’all,

I know. Its been a while since I wrote something for myself. Recently, a friend of mine asked me or rather forced me to write about my travel escapades and why I take them. 779 more words


Surprises in Manila

I’ve been living in Metro Manila for almost 12 years now yet I realize there is still a lot I do not know about it especially its capital, Manila. 268 more words


My Debut as a Director

The cheering knows no boundaries; it swells and reverberates throughout the grandiose hall, an emphatic crescendo in the symphony of success. The audience is packed. Thousands of bodies tremble in expectation. 2.507 more words


A Tale of Two Triathlons

When I was plotting out my triathlon season earlier this year, I had two priorities:

  1. Early season races
  2. Reasonable start times

“Why,” you ask? Because I am a lazy triathlete. 935 more words



For the month of May, we explored what Mt. Marami (Mataas na Gulod Boulders) has to offer. :) 421 more words


Un Périple en Norvège

Je rêvais d’eaux turquoises, de sables blancs brûlant, de ciel dégagé bleu cyan et de déjeuner sous un soleil éblouissant c’est donc naturellement que je me suis rendue en Norvège. 749 more words


24. Single.

Two facts about me that aren’t wholly uncommon. In fact, more people my age aren’t in relationships than those who are. And yet we still get the onslaught of questions from our relatives… 229 more words
Break Up