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Backpacking Trip: Burot Escapade

In the name of adventure, catching up and summer- my friends and I set out on a backpacking trip to Calatagan, Batangas’ Burot beach. This has been recommended by many travelers because compared to the more famous destinations like Boracay or Palawan, Burot is highly accessible and demands lower budget while giving almost the same quality of satisfaction given the pristine condition of the beach. 607 more words


Not a tourist anymore.. i wish

Red and gold everywhere , shiny things , small interesting things , useless things,some quite useful things . Somewhere  a band  playing the traditional chinese trumpet and some people enjoying the popular perl tea , in this summery afternoon , when the air is light and the shine is bright , i could smell the afternoon , i felt the same thrill as i felt when last time i went on a daytime trip with my parents to delhi in india. 875 more words


Fly higher ? or not

I totally love being myself on weekends . and what a way to spend an evening in the lap of nature. There is one such relaxing stuff which we both love to do on weekends. 557 more words


An Australian picture book in Brazil

You must be wondering, why in the world would I have a title as such when my escapades this summer had nothing to do with Australia? 861 more words


Day Trip : Albury, NSW AUSTRALIA

I have been to Albury numerous times in the past, however, it has always been nothing more than a convenient spot to top up our fuel and replenish our stash of road trip snacks/drinks during our Sydney – Melbourne trips ( and vice versa). 196 more words


The carnival of coincidences ... a race against time

Time never stops  , nor it slows down for anyone. some days  just happen , when you wake up and see yourself chasing against it !! 1.147 more words


Anguib Escapades

This was our last-minute summer ending escapades (Lakbay Aral or educational field trip is not appropriate anymore daw, hehehe) last june 4 and 5 recently, at Anguib Beach Resort located in a Cagayan Export Zone Authority (CEZA Free Port) in Sitio Anguib, Brgy San Vicente, in the town of Santa Ana, Cagayan. 656 more words

La Mierda