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Monestir de Poblet

Aquest dijous, aprofitant el pont que ens regala el nostre meravellós i absurd calendari festiu, ens hem escapat a tafanejar fins al monestir de Poblet… 269 more words


Day 1: Weight is just a number

Day: 1
Weight: 185.4
Waist: 38.5″
Mood: Content
Workout: Cardio
[ ]Barely made it [ ] Killed it [X] Somewhere in between

So today marks the official start of my diet and exercise routine… 1.061 more words

The Beginning: This is about me

Edit: After posting this, I’d like to say outright I don’t intend for all my entries to be novels like this one.  However, you need to start somewhere.  975 more words

Warning: This Blog Will Contain Unflattering Pictures Of Me

Greetings. My name is Kevin.  I am starting a blog to chronicle the (mis)adventures of my weight loss and my getting in shape.  I have a lot to say about this topic and about my journey.  369 more words

The Rendezvous 

You know that feeling you wake up with when something big and exciting is about to happen? That impatient butterfly feeling that gets your heart beating faster than an Atilogwu beats, making the rest of the world small and unimportant? 1.656 more words


The Homosexual Pastor

Wife battering is a popular concern but let’s not forget that just because men are too ashamed to say it when it happens to them doesn’t mean husband battering doesn’t exist. 1.468 more words