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Jeets takes on Ireland

Raul Jeets and Andrus Toom have confirmed their entry for ERC Circuit of Ireland rally. Here’s what Raul had to say before the rally.

“For sure it’ll be a tough challenge because it’s a difficult rally. 169 more words


Shrinking Australia's Aid Budget Is Selfish And Self-Defeating: Ben Eltham

By hacking away at aid we’re not only at risk of becoming a Scrooge, we’re also hurting our self-interest, writes Ben Eltham.

There was a funny moment yesterday in Parliament, when cameras caught Julie Bishop rolling her eyes while Joe Hockey was speaking. 997 more words

Julie Bishop

What is the role of the Emergency Relief Coordinator?

The Under-Secretary General and Emergency Relief Coordinator  is responsible for the oversight of all emergencies requiring United Nations humanitarian assistance. She/he acts as the central focal point for governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental relief activities. 13 more words


Certification Seal Asserts Non-GMO Status of Organic Foods

Just as we at Premier Group International have been promoting non-animal byproducts in plastic, a new group is certifying food to contain no GMO’s! A trend PGI has had interest in for several years and growing! 10 more words

Animal Byproducts

Could "BPA free" Plastic Bottles be Messing With Your Hormones?

A new study made public by talks about how harmful chemicals make their way into your beverages, and shows which bottles are affected the most by UV contact. 6 more words

Animal Byproducts

Why ERC has increased Petroleum prices.

By Abel Muhatia @abelmuhatia

The Energy regulatory commission (ERC) has raised Petroleum pump prices. 

This is after a 4 weeks relief to motorists and consumers of petroleum products. 236 more words