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Year Abroad Week 8: A Weekend in Canterbury

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Canterbury isn’t exactly local to Berlin. In fact I took a few days off work so that I could have a long weekend visiting my lovely boyfriend, who studies at the University of Kent. 301 more words

My comeback - after a long period of introspection

First impressions are very deceiving. Something new happened every day since I’ve been in France, some crazy and unexpected things, and it’s only now starting to slow down. 219 more words


Erasmus for introverts?

As you may read in THIS article, I decided to go on Erasmus mobility program to Heraklion in Crete (Greece). In this article I would like to explain my feelings about all this event so far and also to talk a bit about the question “Is Erasmus for me if I am an introvert person?” 1.077 more words

My Little World

Las Setas

So on Tuesday I met up with Silva, who I met on my hiking trip a few weeks ago, and we went out for a walk and decided to go up… 208 more words

Year Abroad

Do The City - educação não-formal em contexto urbano, em Berlim

De 15 a 22 de Outubro de 2016 o Clube esteve em Berlim para participar na formação Do The City co-organizada com os nossos parceiros berlinenses Schoolclash e.V. 208 more words


Mes coups de coeur

Booooonjouuuuuuuur !

Non, je ne vais pas vous parler de mes dernières aventures mais ça fait un moment que j’ai envie de partager avec vous… 195 more words


Stockholm and Skansen

Hej kompisar!

Before I make a full post about how magical Uppsala is in the fall and how I haven’t seen the sun in weeks, I thought I should write about a little visit I made to Stockholm a few weeks ago. 196 more words