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40 best Polish movies to watch by foreigners

It is not easy to choose the best Polish movies, especially because many of them are connected very close to Polish history and culture. Nevertheless, below you can find a list of 40 movies I find interesting and worth to know. 245 more words


Hunger Games et Disney en Français

This week marked a month until Christmas, Thanksgiving and Black Friday all which have given me interesting things to talk about.

I received a parcel on Tuesday, well actually Monday but since I have to work I wasn’t in when it was delivered. 442 more words


This isn’t really a post. It’s just pretty pictures of macaroons. Just because. 55 more words


2 + 2 != 4

Sometimes I just don’t see how certain things add up. Maybe it’s the engineer in me, maybe it’s that German heritage coming through. There are a few things I’ve seen here in France that I really have thought about, but there still seems to be something missing. 620 more words


Two girls, one garden

I should be studying for my philosophy exam right now, so I decided to update my blog. I took a look at my last post and then at the photos on my camera’s memory card to remember where I left of last time. 406 more words


Things I miss from Finland

Coucou, ça va tout le monde? :)

It was just a matter of time until I would publish a post like this. There’s just so god damn many things I’ve found myself missing from home these past few months.  1.159 more words


New taste...

My friend from Estonia keeps talking about this place called “Vapiano“, but I had never seen it, thus never tried it. After spending our lunch there I wish that it was also located in Latvia. 77 more words