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Murano - The Island of Glass

There is only one thing that I know about glass, and that is that I drink from one everyday.

Venice is full of glass and visiting the Glass Museum on the Island Murano helped me to understand why. 985 more words

Erasmus In Venice

"Roast cockerel with its meat juice"

I hate to laugh, but some of the meal titles that the catering company at my work come up with in English are hilarious. I might start documenting them all so that I can put a little ‘Bad Translations’ book together at the end of my internship. 13 more words

I could forever take photos in this place


The colours.

The light.

What they make together.

To be continued… 38 more words


Sunday Funday Part 1: Cabo da Roca

Onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa.   (Luís de Camões)

Yesterday, Matteo, Tabea and I decided to go on a Sunday Funday adventure. The plan was to get the train to Cascais, then the bus to and back from Cabo da Roca, before renting free bicycles and cycling to the Praia do Guincho. 1.661 more words

Year Abroad

Volunteer's money

One of the main things I was worried about before starting my EVS in Italy was whether the money I’m going to receive from the project is going to be sufficient. 374 more words


Greek Team Testimonial

“Business Creativity was one of the most intense, innovative and educative programs that I have ever participated in. Traveling to the magnificent Tenerife and meeting some of the most energizing and positive people were enough to see our creativity levels rising and brainstorm, participating in group activities. 275 more words

Youth Exchange

Spanish Team Testimonial

“Traveling and discovering new places is unique. Today, we have many facilities that we did not have before, low cost travel companies, and the endless mobility, training and work scholarship opportunities. 186 more words

Youth Exchange