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Rambles ft. Berlin Recommendations

Work has finally improved. I’ve actually been told what I’m supposed to do now so I can do it. Also: I’ve been proof reading and correcting some translations of the foundation’s publications and I got the exciting bit of news that my name will be published in the inside page of one of them! 676 more words


Week 1

So I have made it to Austria. I survived two planes and four days of travel, over half of them by myself. I flew into Frankfurt Germany, and stayed the night in a hostel there. 520 more words

Reasons to go on Erasmus

Well hello there! In my last post, I spoke about a different chapter in my life, and I am now going to elaborate on that because I am writing you from… Paris!! 508 more words

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Presenting ERASMUS +, EVS and BYF in PGVAT ''A. S. Popov'', Sofia

As EVS volunteers, and as a part of the BYF organisation, the three of us have had a great deal of work, which meant giving a lot of time, effort and dedication. 466 more words


Team work in Naples

Our Erasmus + students have carried out today some activities related to their lighthouses’ history. They have been able of working together, which is the main goal of our project. 7 more words


Pequeño viaje a Dublín

Nuestra asociación de acogida se va de viaje cada año durante unos días. Se supone que es un viaje que realizan para mejorar la relación e integración de los trabajadores. 574 more words


Un día de guagua

Ayer fuimos a visitar el norte de la isla en guagua privada, como VIP !

Con las chicas de Mojo de Caña y del Cabildo, 2 chicos de Embarriate, 5 otros Voluntarios Europeos y una chica auxiliar de profesora de francés : asi que es un grupo muy ameno ! 49 more words