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Instead of starting off telling you about Rome, I’m going to start off with some photos.

What I’m trying get across (and what I hope you picked up on is) ROME WAS VERY CROWDED. 999 more words

My Erasmus (exchange student) experience

As I’m coming to the end of my time in Sweden, and the end of my time in Europe for a while until the new academic year, I thought I’d write a little bit about why I was here. 1.183 more words



Ah Florence, the epitome of the classic Italian experience. Without a doubt, Florence was my favorite city in Italy. Unlike Venice and Rome, Florence seemed to preserve a bit of its authenticity. 798 more words

Enrollment at UNIPG

I briefly touched on this in my ‘Arriving in Perugia’ blog post. Enrolling at UNIPG was nothing like enrolling at NTU or UV. In fact, it was pretty unorganised and most Erasmus students have spent the last couple of months wondering if we ever actually completed enrolment. 759 more words

Welcome back to Sweden!

After travelling back for my second semester in Karlstad, Sweden, I was excited to see my friends who stayed from last semester, but also looking forward to meeting a whole new load of people. 382 more words


Christmas break

From having spent a semester in Karlstad, Sweden, going home for Christmas was essential for me in order to spend time with my family and friends over the festive season. 218 more words


Prague, the most beautiful city in Europe

Since the beginning of February for my Erasmus program, I live in Prague, in the Masarykova dormitory with 600 other foreign students. And after visiting a lot a breweries, concentration camps, cities, countries, I can say that Prague is -for me – the most beautiful city in Europe. 197 more words

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