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La monotonie

This post is going to have a slightly more serious tone (read: this whole post is just me complaining)  but when I decided to start this blog I wanted it to be an accurate representation of my thoughts and feelings so here we go. 587 more words

The Best Weekend So Far!

So instead of working on one of the many things I have to do right now, I thought I’d put on Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and write about my weekend at the Strasbourg Christmas Market. 715 more words


Professional Practice

During this term I feel firstly I have gained the confidence to travel, which although I’m lucky in my life to have travelled quite a bit.  313 more words


Experience at BIFT

Studying at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology for three months has been an amazing experience. We experienced many challenges along the way, however, I feel we have grown to overcome this as a group (Alice, Rosie and I) and have gone on to learn many new and interesting things which I don’t think I would have got the chance to learn if I continued to study textiles. 524 more words


Creative and Cultural Experience

Before travelling to china to study, I was very uncertain about the possibility of studying fashion because I was unware of the creative possibilities which I could create because it was such a short exchange. 510 more words


National museum of Catalunya // Barcelona, Spain

After a night that ended in the living room – drunkenly whispering the Spanish subtitles of cartoons while sipping chai tea and giggling as I tried to keep up with babbling cats and dogs, Saturday morning began with a hangover whose intensity was sharply cut in half by the healthful and reliable Spanish gazpacho. 344 more words