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Before Finland #1 : Why this country?

I will introduce myself just as I did in my personal information page, since this is officialy the first post to be published on this blog. 816 more words


8 week thoughts

Ok, I think its safe to say I’m not cut out to be a blogger. I’ve thought a lot about what posts I want to write and what I have to say but I’ve struggled to actually sit down and produce anything. 789 more words

Semester in Boras / Schweden (10)

Man erhält viel Hilfe von anderen Studenten und ist so immer über alle wichtigen Dinge informiert.

488 more words
Semester Abroad

Allí creció un manzano

Cuando era un crío me imaginaba el tiempo como la espiral de un muelle. Cada año una vuelta astronómica y, seguía imaginando, si mirabas muy de cerca veías a los meses dar vueltas medianas. 762 more words

The sunset of a dream

One silent night in my small room on Calle de los Artilleros number 6
The one after so many without sleep, without the common smell of incense… 86 more words

The Inner Space

Year Abroad / The 6 month mark

It’s been over 6 months now since I hopped on that plane to Zaragoza and in some respects I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone! 915 more words


Rule #1 Stop Trying So Hard to Have Fun.

This is so cliché but I’ve decided to write about my experience living abroad in France – more specifically Lyon. I had toyed with writing about my experience here from Day 1 but  hindsight is 20/20 and rather than writing a live blog of my mishaps, mistakes and miraculous successes I’d rather just tell you what to do & what to avoid. 976 more words