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A lot of my blog posts are unnecessarily long because I’m really good at saying a lot about nothing, so I wanted to give a brief and helpful post of advice I think I would have found valuable before I started my year abroad, so here it goes.. 532 more words

Tallinn day 2

Po vyčerpávajícím včerejšku jsme dopoledne relaxovali a na oběd se vydali opět do restaurace Ginger. Dnes jsem si dal já polední menu, které se skládalo z velmi pálivé rybí polévky, zázvorového čaje a thajských nudlí s krevetami a Veru si dala Nasi Goreng. 441 more words

Tallin day 1

Ve středu nás budík vzbudil už v 5:30, protože nás čekala jízda trajektem do Tallinnu. Cesta trvala 2,5 hodiny, spolu s námi jelo dalších 2000 lidí a 650 aut. 450 more words

The best moment to go abroad for improving your language skills

We said frequently that it is necessary to go abroad to improve your language. This is definitely true. Every year thousands and thousands of people leave the comforts of their home to improve a language in a foreign country. 1.022 more words

Climate Change - People Change? GEAI’s Youth Climate Action Week

From the 24th to 30th of July, Irish, Italian and Croatian young people between 18 and 24 years old travelled to Solta, a Croatian island near Split. 489 more words

Day By Day

"Business School of the World" dice di stare tutti a casa propria

Recenti studi dimostrano che chi non viaggia è più onesto

Non sono in tantissimi ad annunciare la scoperta di alcuni studiosi americani che avrebbero dimostrato come chi viaggia abbia più probabilità di non seguire le regole rispetto agli amatori del “km 0”. 369 more words

Erasmus, Child Of Gouda: Contemporary Reform...

Next to the “St Janskerk” (St John’s church) in Gouda is a tourist information board.

It is one of a series, all commemorating Gouda’s most famous son: Erasmus. 386 more words