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Ad Arezzo

After a couple of weeks spent in the library revising for exams, I have a little while without classes before my last exam and heading back to England. 267 more words


Amasra City

This is the weekend I spoke and heard the most English and the least Turkish. It was also the weekend that I felt relaxed most, but I don’t honestly think there is a correction between those first two sentences. 1.261 more words

Entrevista a Alexandre Mistrali Betriu

Barcelona, 1993. Resident en Barcelona. Estudiante de quinto curso de arquitectura, compaginándolo con trabajo en el despacho RC arquitectura. 665 more words

Life & Culture

Apply for Youth Partnership Funding (UK) (Closing date: 4th October 2016)

UK organisations and groups of young people active in youth work can apply for funding under Key Action 2 of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. 148 more words

Erasmus+ student Léa Meignien looks back on her year in Liverpool

As well as sending out students to our European Union partner universities, Modern Languages & Cultures welcomes Erasmus+ students to Liverpool to study alongside our ‘home’ students. 241 more words


Erasmus break in Stokholm, Sweden

I went to Sweden 2 years ago to do my Erasmus back there. Sweden was quite of a dream for me, I always wanted to go to Scandinavia and so when I had the opportunity to go there for my studies, I took this opportunity. 504 more words


Day 5

For the record, I don’t have any class for the rest of the week. However, 2 exams coming up next week on Monday and Wednesday really bother me. 266 more words