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Brood Ma - Daze

Creation is swallowed whole. The chirrup of bird song and churn of rushing water receive short shrift before a haunted gravitational shift pulls the rug from under Mother Nature in the guise of a simple invocation, a chant that never quite reaches 13. 218 more words


Vicetone release new music from their forthcoming EP ‘Aurora’

Vicetone introduce their latest single “Bright Side,” the first release from their debut five-track EP, Aurora. With its light-hearted strings and heavenly vocals care of Cosmos & Creature, the song is equally cinematic as it is symphonic. 32 more words

Out of the box: The Black Dog -- 'Raxmus'

Back in the spring of 1995 East Anglian electro/IDM crew The Black Dog put out their third and final album as the classic trio of Downie, Turner and Handley (the latter pair now Plaid, of course). 61 more words


New Band: GLASS

“Guitar music is dead!” Oh no, what will we do now, then? Well, we we’ll wait for great electronica bands to keep us entertained in the meantime. 191 more words

New Music

Andrew Luce & graves - Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

Nice electro-pop vibes and bittersweet lyrics define “Up To You,” the latest track from Andrew Luce and graves. My favorite element of the song is the slow, yet catchy bass synth that starts creeping in around 0:45. Enjoy below.


POLIÇA - Lime Habit

Too much synth for me but you gotta like the voice and the beat.


4/30/16: Konono No. 1, Brian Eno, Heathered Pearls

@@@ Konono No. 1: Konono No. 1 Meets Batida (Crammed Disc, 2016).  Off this week’s All Music notable release email.  I have had strong positive feelings about previous Konono No. 503 more words