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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: "An Intention" (Joe Goddard Remix)

Have you heard Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s The Kid (Western Vinyl, 2017) yet? Inspired by the loss of a friend, it is an electroacoustic journey from childhood to the loss of innocence, Armed with a Buchla Easel and supple voice, Smith articulates the experiences of childhood with winsome lyricism and an effulgent palette of synth timbres. 23 more words


In Brief: Sana Obruent - August / Vlimmer - Randow (Original Soundtrack).

Two releases from the German label Blackjack Illuminist Records (whose Leonard Donat “Deer Traps” I reviewed some time ago) have been on the list for a while. 1.016 more words


System Bi feat. Fakeba - Black Needle Noise (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

To say that John Fryer, the man at the heart of Black Needle Noise, has been responsible for music which has not only enhanced the musical landscape but often led the way, creating musical fashion rather than following it, is no understatement. 243 more words

Ethereal - All around the world video

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine, the lovely Waritsara,  got in touch to ask if I could help with her music career which had stalled for the last four years and gotten to the stage where she was thinking about giving up. 85 more words

Out Now! Tsone - Purification Verses

We’re pleased to welcome back Tsone to Whitelabrecs, who released WLR number seven last year, a beautiful record long since sold-out. His new album is a set of  464 more words


Jowin: The Great Guy

After the release of his second EP of 2017, Great Guy DX, I felt the time was right to know Jowin better. For those whom don’t Jowin is a musical artist and creative in every sense of the word. 1.262 more words