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Mob Haiku: Forensicks

Rock, training the new hit men, said “Don’t put all your legs in one casket.” For more Mob tips, please see Pasta La Vista, Baby: Mob Haiku to Die For, and more at

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Leading Spanish Newspaper El Pais deploys VINTEN® VANTAGE and μVRC CONTROLLER

Vinten®, a Vitec Group brand and a world leader in manual and robotic camera support systems, today announced that leading Spanish newspaper El Pais has deployed the Vantage robotic camera head and the μVRC (microVRC) controller to bolster its live-video production operation. 535 more words


The friends I’ve lost since moving abroad

In the weeks leading up to my move to Spain, there were handwritten letters, meaningful photo collages posted to Instagram and a buzz of kind words poured over coffees, lunches and dinners. 531 more words


Snippet: Carme Riera's second "crime" novel

Carme Riera, Venjaré la teva mort , 2018, 320 p.

publisher’s summary:

Martyred by the sense of guilt, the former detective Elena Martínez remembers an old case in which she contributed to the condemnation of two innocent people. 314 more words


Snippet: Mario Vargas Llosa in the press

The New York Times offers this article (March 13, 2018) on two recently translated works by Mario Vargas Llosa, Cinco Esquinas / The Neighborhood (fiction) and… 91 more words

Is US an example to follow?

When discussing with friends and colleagues about different stuff, one of the ideas that somehow frequently come to our conversations is that US seems to have been creating a path we are, one way or another, trying to follow. 127 more words

Economic Inequality

Exercises in translation: Llamazares' "Barea"

Julio Llamazares, op-ed piece entitled “Barea”:

Though being a minor author compared to the great of his time (Machado, Lorca, …), Arturo Barea is the paradigm of the exile Spanish literate both for his unusual destination in England as for always being ignored, so much so that he wasn’t published in Spain until the dictator’s death . 470 more words