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Will El País Stop Its "Spanish Inquisition"?

Over the past year, Spain’s flagship newspaper, El País, has reemerged as the anti-Israel publication that it used to be. Until 2009, when it changed its approach to coverage of the Middle East, El País was so openly hostile to the Jewish state that 14 members of the U.S. 98 more words


Tourism as a social problem

Unofficial translation of an op-ed article by Julio Llamazares, published in El País:

I come back from Lisbon, exhausted from fighting with the thousands of tourists that by day and night fill the streets of the white city, apparently recently… 458 more words

Super Lisbon guide by the best Lisbon connoisseur we know

It was Javier Martin who introduced us to Marvila in oneof the best parts of Lisbon.

It was back in 2015 when he had a super introduction to  292 more words

Media Update

Política també a la sopa

Quan els mitjans intenten encabir la política en tots els temes l’únic que s’aconsegueix és dividir la societat

Polititzar-ho tot, amb més o menys elegància, és una pràctica cada cop més estesa en els mitjans espanyols. 715 more words

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Memoria de los Sentidos

Head over to El País to listen to Vicente Amigo’s new album, Memoria de los Setidos. First impression is very good.

To get you excited about Amigo (or more excited, rather) read this… 14 more words


[VIDEO] Most Destructive Weapon of All Time for Sale: Hitler’s Phone 

Libby Watson reports: If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars and are extremely creepy, you can now buy a one-of-a-kind piece of history: Adolf Hitler… 225 more words


A les armes per les primàries

La història de quan la premsa espanyola s’inventà la candidatura de Susana Díaz i convertí a Pedro Sánchez en Espartaco

Després que ahir l’exsecretari general del PSOE Pedro Sánchez presentés la seva candidatura a les primàries del partit, la premsa espanyola ha engegat una mena de guerra ella sola. 437 more words

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