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The personal effects of Don Estanislao

When they are gone
they leave chairs in attitudes of conversation
while the words shuffle off to another room.
Only his silhouette stays, etched over decades… 140 more words

As Ithers See Us

I suppose I could do this any time, but it seems a particularly odd angle to be viewing recent UK events sitting in a cafe in Salamanca, in the Castilian heart of Spain’s heartland. 1.319 more words

You should not borrow that!

Here is Sara Sánchez-Molina Santos’s second blog post:

Should we blame on language users the borrowing of words from other languages? Are speakers mistaken when they borrow words that are apparently already present in the language? 775 more words

"Ali, el rey del mundo" por John Carlin

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

John Carlin escribe la impresión que le produjo Harold Wilson y más adelante un boxeador narcisista que soltaba frases lapidarias como esta: “Sólo un hombre que sabe lo que se siente al ser derrotado puede llegar hasta el fondo de su alma y sacar lo que le queda de energía para ganar un combate que está igualado”.  1.121 more words


El País Article - ARTES member Jesusa Vega discusses the Issue of Deattribution

ARTES member Professor Jesusa Vega and keynote speaker at our Goya Symposium last November writes in El País on the decision by the Bosch Research and Conservation Project (BRCP) to deattribute two paintings in the Prado: … 38 more words


Social network, cambiamento politico e società moderna

Ho tradotto un’intervista che ritengo molto interessante al sociologo Zygmunt Bauman, riguardo social network, cambiamento politico e società moderna. Il link all’articolo originale di El Paìs è … 2.257 more words