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Puns in Ikea . . . Yeah, Puns Are Still Funny

By Airec Sype.

Simon Gilmore released this about video of him shopping, or rather his girlfriend shopping and he annoying, her at an IKEA. In the two-minute video, the Australian relentlessly throws puns after puns at Dona. 250 more words


Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 15

Tradeshows are a big business. They are a place to showcase products, but more often they are an opportunity to tell brand stories, connect with people in the industry and keep up with new trends. 81 more words


A Dream Now Off Limits: Angel’s Flight Park

I had a dream about 15 years ago about creating a beautiful park at the corner of 4th and Hill Street in Los Angeles. Today, this dream has become an embarrassment, completely closed to the public. 192 more words



The movie industry has become a franchise machine. There are still modestly budgeted comedies, small independent films, and extravagant awards season contenders… But their main stream of revenue comes from the juggernaut multi-film franchises that bring audiences to the theater in droves. 964 more words

By David Coupe

Torniamo a seguire le orme del nostro Serafico Padre

Sono passati ottocento anni da quando Dio Altissimo si è degnato di rivolgere il Suo sguardo al Suo servo Francesco per chiamarlo a una vita di semplicità evangelica. 427 more words