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Republican Lawmakers Flaunt Their Racism by Interrupting Rep. Regina T Goodwin

Editorial | Liz Frank

On May 26, 2017, the Oklahoma State House was voting on a smoking cessation bill, SB 845 which seemed to be a revenue increasing bill, not a program to promote societal well-being. 251 more words

Greenwood (North Tulsa)

Why We Will See the Switch Virtual Console in August

It has been almost four months since the Nintendo Switch’s victorious launch and Virtual Console is nowhere to be found. This has left many disappointed and even confused, considering it was a major selling point on both the Wii and Wii U. 453 more words




El Type 5 de la independiente Ressence es una evolución de sus modelos 1 y 3.Precisamente fue el Type 3 el que albergó el sistema ROCS (Ressence Orbytal System Convex) una esfera que utiliza discos y anillos encapsulados dentro de una burbuja tranparente. 225 more words


Relationship Education: A Different Approach to Sex Ed

This post was written for the June Carnival of Aces.  This month’s carnival is about “Asexual Education” and is hosted by Writing Ace. 1.236 more words


'Elder Scrolls Morrowind' - On Vivec City and its lore

One of my favorite things about Elder Scrolls Online as an MMORPG is the richness of its universe. The developers managed to take this huge existing setting from the previous Elder Scrolls games and give us this powerful connection to it, all through a combination of dialog with random non-player characters, excerpts of books we read in-game, and of course via the many quests. 333 more words