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What Jesus is Doing Right Now

by James MacDonald

Jesus doesn’t let your inevitable stumbles and falls keep Him from praying for you. So don’t let your failures keep you from Him. 705 more words


Journey to the Cross: He Is Risen Indeed

 by Ron Moore
Have you seen the risen Savior in your darkened world? He is there!

Journey to the Cross: He Is Risen Indeed!

Matthew 28:10… 273 more words


An Eye for Detail

We begin to gravitate towards the light and away from sin and darkness, because our eyes have been refocused to recognize sin’s uglycorruptive nature. 295 more words


Praise as Warfare

by Sylvia Gunter

Praise is a strategic weapon that comes before spiritual victory or deliverance.

Praise as Warfare

Praise is adoration of God for who He is, His person, His character, His names. 447 more words


Sin and Debt

by Guideposts

When we sin against God, no matter how small, there’s a debt that needs to be paid. Rather than us paying for our debt, Jesus has. 291 more words


The Necessity of a Blood Sacrifice

by Dr Charles Stanley

The horror of Christ’s death should move us to tears of sorrow and gratitude for what He did to buy our salvation. 306 more words


The Hope Found in an Empty Tomb

by Pete Briscoe

In the mercy of the Father, through the resurrection of Jesus, God has given us two crucial things: new birth and a living hope. 390 more words