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Code Tenderloin Connects Tech Companies With The Community

Seymour, who spent 18 years homeless on the streets of the Tenderloin, leads walking tours through the Tenderloin and recently started Code Tenderloin to help.. 9 more words


Why Mirrors are a Necessity in the Home, Besides the Obvious

This is an article I researched for and wrote as a sample piece for a contract job with Hobbit Hole Co. Check out their website… 593 more words


On the job for BG Magazine

I have worked on BG Magazine for several years now. It’s a regional young professionals magazine and I’m trying to help it gain some traction in a competitive market. 144 more words


Week Six Big 12 Picks

Last week was delicious: seeing things go from bad to worse in Austin, and then watching Mason Rudolph gut out a late fourth quarter game-winning drive, was wonderful. 394 more words


Kindness and Compassion

While I await my husband’s plane to arrive home (no it is not a private plane) in a few moments I think of the things people do every day to make a day better. 128 more words


Get to know: Jayola

Jayola is an up and coming hip-hop/rap artist from the south side of Chicago. Growing up in the city taught him how to survive and kept him humble which are a few of the things he raps about with his Dirtyworld family. 106 more words


Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Harvey Dent, Johnny Storm, Kingpin and Attack on Titan

Casting of movies is a difficult and important process. I’ve been seeing one particular casting raising discussion recently, Scarlett Johansson as Makoto Kusanagi in Ghost of the Shell. 1.338 more words