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Sunday Style September 2016
Photographer: Manolo Campion
Model: Elsa Hosk
Styling: Dianna Lunt
Make-up: Mathias van Hooff
Hair: Tamara McNaughton


Indies...Who Are They?

I support and work with Independent artist’s. Of all mediums, be it musicians, fine artist’s, pottery maker’s, filmmaker’s, or writers, I support those who make their art and their passion come alive in what they create. 482 more words

Anything Else Music Related

Taiwan’s Social Safety Net is the Street Market

Free-marketers are often ridiculed for suggesting the welfare state can be substantially replaced by free enterprise: not sure what to call those which even dare  suggest that able-bodied adults would be better off with more invigorating freedom instead of a debilitating dole. 849 more words


'Away Days' and the Futility of the Modern Super Video

Intended for publication on Jenkem Mag//

Every year has its major video — the trendsetter, the end-all, be-all, the special-edition DVD with a coinciding iTunes release. 1.294 more words

Andrew Murrell

Not Quite A Weartest -- The Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV at #BlackBlocks

Published in Ripped Laces//

Sticking with the plaza theme established by our last #NotQuiteAWeartest, we had our connections assemble the finest skateboarders in the Atlanta area (with sample size feet, of course) and meet up at Black Blocks, the best city block in the entire Southeast, to push around the city with the intention of testing the Lucas Premiere ADV. 103 more words

Andrew Murrell

City of love – Most Shabulized – City of love

By Julie Anne Ambay

Posible bala nga mangin “drug-free” ang syudad kag probinsya sang Iloilo? Posible bala nga mag-iba pa ang paglantaw ni president Duterte sa mga Ilonggo? 448 more words