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Sarah Outeiro - Lia

This pretty and flowery photo-series by Sarah Outeiro from Brazil brings some spring vibes to Grunge’n’Art. Soft nuances and pastel colours wrapped in a dreamy-looking haze and a beautiful, light-hearted nostalgia. 24 more words



Officially the colour of fall 2017, Red has taken over the world by storm. Whether it be the runway or the streets outside those runways, it was all lit with this popping colour. 206 more words

The Haunt Spot Editorial 10/24/2017- Support Your Local Haunt!

After traveling across the tristate area, it is hard-pressed to find a haunted attraction that is as solid as those located in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA). Halloween fans looking for their horror fix do not need to travel hours to experience excellence as truly this area shines in providing a wide array of horror genres. 1.257 more words


Film Review and Exclusive Interview: "Never Hike Alone"

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In our opinion, “fan films” are respectable tributes to movie franchises that often fail to capture the quality of their respective counterparts. 1.807 more words

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Column: What are you Studying?

Working part-time in customer service, I spend a lot of my week conversing with relative strangers. And despite all the retail memes and my dramatic, drawn-out ‘I can’t wait to get out of here’s’, I actually don’t mind the industry in which I work. 616 more words