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The loss of the Star Wars Expanded Universe still stings

One of my highlights at San Diego Comic-Con was meeting Alan Dean Foster. He was sitting at an unassuming little booth behind the main Star Wars area, signing copies of Splinter in the Minds Eye. 1.143 more words

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Niggerman and H. P. Lovecraft

Do the kids these days even know who H. P. Lovecraft is? Let’s hope not, because if they did, the angry Internet mob might demand little racist though sort of comical phrases like… 218 more words


Composure Mag / Interview with NERVO


Liv and Mim, the two halves that comprise NERVO have been making a name for themselves since they were 18 years old. Today, their residencies are in the hottest clubs from Vegas to Ibiza, but what’s dearest to their hearts? 1.665 more words


Composure Mag / Cover Story with Julie Benz

Had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Julie Benz for the July issue of Composure Magazine.

Cover Story: Julie Benz

She’s the TV darling you met time and time again. 1.373 more words


My Film Quest Through 2015 - 100 New Films

If you’ve followed my blog for most of 2015, you may have noticed that I’ve released a lot more reviews than I usually have. The reason for this is because, one of my many New Years Resolutions was to watch 100 films I have never seen before, and write reviews on as many of them as I can. 850 more words

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Rising 914 Prices. Good? Bad?

Reprinted from July, 2015, Issue 2 of Fourteener Motoring Magazine. By Steve Martin, Publisher of Fourteener Motoring.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the rise of 914 prices. 694 more words

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