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ECC Session 10 Preview

This week will be our last session of the first term, and your mission is to clear four obstacles, collect all the clues to find the ultimate treasure! 675 more words

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ECC 2.0. Do I need this?

If you are one of the lucky few (or unlucky few, as a client put it. “is it because we have a higher risk of cancer?”) to receive a red envelope from the company, I hope you have not thrown it away! 301 more words

ECC Session 9 Report

This week’s theme was China trivia and Dragon Boat Festival. During their classroom time, the students have learned the following facts about China.

After their learning time, the students were divided into four groups and went to four different stations to complete their tasks: 253 more words

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OEMs/IBVs aren't enabling ECC config in boot menus

It looks like most vendors don’t have their boot menus updated to support the new ECC memory they now support…

[…]Once you have an ECC-enabled memory controller, a motherboard with the right traces, and a few sticks of ECC memory, the next step is whether the BIOS/UEFI properly supports ECC. 317 more words

ECC Session 8 - Report

We had fun spinning the globe, talking to a travel agent, booking an air ticket and learning about country names and flags! Here is the report. 352 more words

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ECC Session 8 - Preview(updated)

This week’s theme is travelling around the world! The students will learn about the following 3 real life skills:

  1. How to talk to a travel agent about travel plan.
  2. 285 more words
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What Does it Really Cost to Join Easy Cash Code?

So what does it really cost to join Easy Cash Code?  Is it just $18 bucks?  Are there upsells and other hidden fees?  Keep reading and I will tell you!   644 more words

Easy Cash Code