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"Welcome to Bothell, for a Day or a Lifetime"

We made the move to Bothell over three months ago and while we can’t say if we will be here for a lifetime, we do intend to be here many years and true to the peppy city motto, we’ve felt welcomed so far. 519 more words

How To Make Piñata Cakepops

Hey guys!

So as you know, I did a BUNCH of Cinco de Mayo cake pops for the upcoming festivities. You can read about it… 97 more words


#DontMissTheBus | @ExeterCouncil response to consultation on cuts to supported bus service

Exeter City Council, behalf of the Greater Exeter, Greater Devon districts, has responded to Devon County Council’s consultation on cuts to supported bus services.

There are paragraphs which relate to the route of the  P bus through Cowick. 414 more words

Devon County Council

#DontMissTheBus | My response to Devon County Council Public Transport Review 2015-2017: Proposed Service Reductions

I believe that sustainable transport, including a comprehensive bus service, can lead to a less car-dependent society. This would mean gains in environmental quality, public health, land use planning and for local economies. 4.050 more words

Devon County Council

Cinco De Mayo Cakepops

Lately I’ve been OBSESSING over these Cinco de Mayo cakepops I’ve been thinking about doing.

Tacos, piñatas, maracas, sombreros.  Everything that embodies the Hispanic culture. 211 more words


Elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem in characteristic two

Several recent preprints have discussed summation polynomial attacks on the ECDLP in characteristic 2:

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