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Guy Advice

In my last post, I mentioned a guy named Jake. I go to church with him at Eastside, and I mainly see him on Wednesday nights when we have young adults called Ethos. 481 more words


REEP Young People on track!

REEP Young People are on track! They are demonstrating their determination, newly acquired skills and confidence, whilst continuing their valuable relationships with trained volunteer mentors. This is the latest update: 200 more words


Devon construction labour demand peaks April 2016

Labour demand for construction workers in Devon is expected to increase from now until 2019, peaking at 17,000 workers in April 2016. At the moment there is a mismatch between labour supply and demand. 546 more words


Exploring Elliptic Curve in TI Nspire

Elliptic curve is the core mathematical function in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). By utilizing its properties over finite field, namely the discrete logarithm problem, ECC works in a way different from traditional public key system where the basis is built upon large prime numbers and factorization. 120 more words


This Weekend in Division II -- March 12, 2015

For Division II, it’s the calm before the storm. Conference play in the NE-10, ECC, and CACC will start up next week, if the fields cooperate, and the weekend after that, the NE-10 gets into the divisional games that really matter. 636 more words

Weekend Previews

11 March - Headlines

CSO assessments rail the National Unity Government (NUG) over trending economic stagnation and inflation correlating with the NUG’s inception in September 2014.

ECC released its Presidential election investigatory findings which prompted the removal of three (3) top IEC officials, provincial office heads in Faryab, Khost, and Paktika, and the suspension of nearly 10,000 temporary electoral officials due to fraud allegations. 260 more words


8 Reasons Why Eight is the Best Age


At ECC I teach kids of all ages.  The youngest can barely walk; some can’t even speak Japanese yet, while the oldest are already thinking about what career paths they might want to take.  321 more words