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Europe. Endless.

Next year is the fortieth anniversary of Kraftwerk’s seminal album Trans-Europe Express. After years of experimentation, Trans-Europe Express emits a confidence within the group, that the Dusseldorf band have not only gotten comfortable with a sound inspired from motors, machines and transportation but also possess an ethos that wishes to explore this tremendous break from the past. 2.037 more words

Grads make great employees

Right before the holidays the FSW Alumni Network hosted a special lunch for FSW employees who are also graduates of the institution. The great thing about these alums is that they are giving back to future generations of grads with the talents that they learned as students. 86 more words

Epic Cragmire Crypts: Strategy

Definitely the longest T2 dungeon. Traps galore and a big ugly pyro of pirate at the end. Enter at their own risk!

Group compositions:


Selecting Key Generating Elliptic Curves for Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining (PPARM)

Privacy Preservation in Data Mining (PPDM) including for Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining (PPARM) has attracted lots of attention in recent research and practice. However, the current method or approach still have drawbacks in the sense that there are trade-offs between efficiency and privacy preservation. 155 more words


In the Giving Spirit?

With Christmas coming up in a couple of days, I have a favor to ask. I have been volunteering at Educating Center for Community -ECC in Siem Reap, Cambodia for the past few weeks and it has been such an amazing experience. 273 more words

The 'NotPops' ECC Collection.

The first batch of NotPops, based on the hosts of one of my favourite Podcasts ‘Epiccomicast’.  They’re a sibling duo with a great, oftentimes hilarious, dynamic. 147 more words


ECC approves Rs9.4b package for PIA

ISLAMABAD: The government on Friday approved another bailout package – Rs9.4 billion including Rs4.4 billion cash injection – for a struggling, but to be privatised, Pakistan International Airlines, raising questions on the proposed sell-off of the national carrier that has moved to an advanced stage. 387 more words