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integrating self via ecc. 4:9—12

Jesus is my cord of strength Realization of shattered beginnings; yet hope survived. Multiple existences created evasiveness Yet we re ne er […]

Dog bins?...or standard litter bin for dog mess

One of the more frequent requests I get on the doorstep is “can we have a dog poo bin at X or Y?”

One of the stumbling blocks about increasing Exeter City Council’s  complement of around 170 dog bins across the parks and open spaces throughout the city wasn’t the cost of the bins, or even emptying them – but the cost of disposing of the dog mess left in them. 309 more words

Devon County Council

Church Planting Cohort

Recently I was able to go to the Portland area for a 24 hour gathering of Pacific Northwest Covenant church planters. This cohort has been a great source of encouragement for Claire and me so far on this journey. 308 more words

CASEWORK | Leylandii and High Hedges

Over the last month, I’ve had to deal with 2 pieces of casework that have the common theme of Leylandii – one liking them and wanting them retained; the other wanting them taken down. 920 more words

Exeter City Council

Traffic fears over plans for 1350 new homes

Monday 06 July 2015

by Rob Sims

A RESIDENTS’ group is organising a public meeting to discuss plans for hundreds of new homes in the city. 494 more words

Exeter City Council

RAM Explained, What it does and how it works.

We all have RAM in our PC’s, we all generally feel more is better than less. But have you ever wondered why? Well hopefully we can clear up some of the myths and give you a good idea of how much you need and why. 689 more words


#SWExeter | Alphington holds public meeting to display plans for new homes

Alphington holds public meeting to display plans for new homes

The outline plans for the 350 new houses to be built in Alphington village have at last been submitted to Exeter City Council by NPS South West, the Devon County Council agent for the landowners, who are Devon County Council, St Bridget’s Nursery and Loram Trustees. 390 more words