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I think this is the right place to say something more about ‘it’.  Though of course there is no ‘right’ place or time, since there was no particular moment marking – then or now – ‘its’ beginning.  351 more words


London Stories: In Defence of the Underground by Doris Lessing

In Defence of the Underground took me back to my summer days in London and left me feeling nostalgic. Written in 1992, Doris Lessing’s essay is a description of a tube ride Lessing takes from Mill Lane station to Charing Cross. 214 more words


… the essence of living now, fully, not blocking off to what goes on, is conflict. … People stay sane by blocking off, by limiting themselves.

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook


The Buried Life: Holding the Line

I’ve been reading Matthew Arnold’s poem, ‘The Buried Life’ here for a the past while. Find the whole poem here.

I’m at this point: 1.922 more words

The Buried Life

Yesterday’s Daily Reading Practice  was one of those background days, days when you clean your desk and  set out a new notebook, a day of prep. 1.766 more words

The Buried Life: what is that moment?

I’m continuing my reading of ‘The Buried Life’ which you’ll find here. This text  from the Poetry Foundation shows all the stanza line breaks, which are for some readers missing from the versions I’m posting.  1.964 more words

October 22: Happy Birthday Catherine Deneuve and Joan Fontaine

Our headliners today, both renowned actresses, have in common that each had an older sister who was also a prominent actress.  Catherine Deneuve was the younger sister of the tragically short-lived Françoise Dorléac (1942-1967), who was just emerging as an international star when she died, at only 25, in a car accident.  1.208 more words

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