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1967 - Particularly Cats

When it came to selecting books from 1967, I, of course, began with some of my favourite authors, (that is, those who were writing at that time), chief among them, Doris Lessing. 747 more words

Doris Lessing

Inspiration and Futility, Alternating Between the Poles

Part III

In Part II of this essay, Nobel Laureate, Doris Lessing strikes the most vital point. She addresses the need to listen, to listen to one’s self. 464 more words


Inspiration and Futility, Alternating Between the Poles

Part II.

Brenda Ueland says this about inspiration:


“Inspiration does not (in fact) come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic striving but it comes to us slowly and quietly all of the time. 416 more words



I am starting to be more aware of the way things don’t work out or don’t happen. During the past few days, I wanted two things that I could not get, despite making a good faith effort. 760 more words


Are you a writer? What's the source of your money? How you survive?

Are you a writer? Where the money comes from?

Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their money comes from?

Here’s my life. 1.203 more words


The Important Part of Writing Is Living

“You should write, first of all, to please yourself. You shouldn’t care a damn about anybody else at all. But writing can’t be a way of life; the important part of writing is living.

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The thinning of language (Doris Lessing)

I am in a mood that gets more and more familiar: words lose their meaning suddenly. I find myself listening to a sentence, a phrase, a group of words, as if they are in a foreign language—the gap between what they are supposed to mean, and what in fact they say seems unbridgeable.

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