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Prehistoric Kerala

After our chance encounter with the Kudakkallu, the megalithic umbrella stone, I surfed the web for information on prehistoric Kerala. The first place to visit was the informative website of the… 859 more words


D for Dolmens

A dolmen is a structure built by ancient humans which normally consisted two upright stones supporting a flattish capstone. There is a strong belief that Dolmens were used as tombs but we are not completely sure. 96 more words


just a piece of stone? - think again

We live in a rural farming community. The other day we were talking about how many years the area may have been farmed for. A few days later I started reading a book on the history of art. 823 more words

Megalithic Burials are so Weird

The vast majority of the world’s oldest, still-standing human-built structures are tombs of one sort or another. (To be fair, this excludes not-still standing structures, like ruins.) 927 more words


The dolmens

Exposure Time: 1 / 2500

F Number: 4

ISO Speed Ratings: 200

Lens Model: XF60mmF2.4 R Macro

Film Mode: F2/Fujichrome (Velvia)


Planet of the Dolmens, Softened Stone Technique, Ancient Megalithic Dolmens, Forbidden Archaeology ~ newearth

This video is about dolmens from all over the globe. It also features an expeditions led by Nikolay Subbotin. Many clues about how the dolmens were built and also some remains of the fairy castles of the dolmen builders. 19 more words

Earth & Humanity's Hidden History

Trek to the Dolmens, Elephant Valley Resort, Kodaikanal

It has now been a while since I spent a few days at the lovely Elephant Valley Resort in Ganeshpuram, Kodaikanal and I haven’t yet written a review of the place (I know, I’m slacking!). 342 more words