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Dec 18th - Planning Meeting

Our last meeting of the year is tomorrow evening. We’ll be in the Hollidaysburg Area Library at 7:15pm. It’s our annual business/planning meeting. We’ll be electing officers and getting ideas for next year’s programs.

Altoona Camera Club

I had a special day last week, was asked to make 2 hats for Christmas and it really was a busy week. Sorry if you missed me. 163 more words

Life Thread

The Last Jedi brings the weird and the cool back to Star Wars


For the final Film Club of 2017, A.V. Club film editor A.A. Dowd and staff writer Ignatiy Vishnevetsky are discussing what is sure to be the biggest film of the year, … 59 more words


Nature's cry for help

By Meena Vaitheesvaran

Our world is in chaos. More specifically, the earth and its environment. How are we supposed to combat summers filed with hazy smoke? 225 more words

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Anime Club Feature

By Wendi Zhou

It’s Thursday. Students are eating lunch, shoved around lunch tables or lining the hallways that branch from the commons. There’s a resounding hum from the entrance to the art room — coming from students seated cross-legged and chatting with their friends. 304 more words

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Liffey Descent Race

The Liffey Descent is an annual Canoe Race that is held on the Liffey, with increasing numbers of people taking part. This event has been on my to-do list for the longest time, and I was thrilled to be able to attend this year. 67 more words