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April has not been kind to me. I try my best to keep specific details of my personal life off of this blog, just don’t really feel like it’s the appropriate place, and honestly I’m just not comfortable sharing certain things without seeing someone face to face. 583 more words


Youth in the First Team (2016/17)

So one of our SMART Targets (post to be written soon) is to have former academy players in the first team squad. This is absolutely doable though as we already have ex-academy players who could be in the starting XI. 721 more words


Mt Ngungun Sunrise - 30 April 2017

Starting just after 4.00am, the walk left the car park and ascended by torchlight to the summit of Mount Ngungun. The track was fairly easy to negotiate in the torchlight, but the rocks did not appear to be as large as they really were to step on or over. 37 more words


Abandon Muddy's Cafe´.

When lapdogs start to make arbitrary decisions of Eject and Ban’ at a popular club, and the owner sits quietly seemingly enjoying the incident, it is a tell-tale sign of fake power addling their heads.  843 more words

Second Life

Spring 2017 Week 15 - 16

Columbia Museum of Art

Salavador Dalí Exhibit

In the Studio

Introduction to Philosophy

Does technology rule us or do we rule technology? Can computers think? 6 more words