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Breaking the Ice - New Viewpoints?

This event, the Fountain Valley Key Club: Beginning of the Year Social, occurred on Friday, September 23 at Cordata Park in Fountain Valley. It is a way for the veteran members to reach out and get to know the “new recruits.” When I attended this event last year as a newbie, I did not know what to expect or who to talk with. 68 more words


A Great Year

I have a feeling this school year will be a good one. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and know what I want to do or if it’s just a feeling. 567 more words

My Life

antonio SANCHEZ // Did You Get It?

From the album Live In New York at jazz standard the track Did You Get It? on #spotify


Making Dreams Come True: Tatsumi PA

My second visit to Tokyo, and my last city before heading back to New Zealand was made great by a new friend. I had met Mitch last time I was in Tokyo, so I thought I’d contact him again and see if he wanted to go out to Tatsumi and Daikoku one last time before I left the country. 643 more words


These Singaporeans can really talk


With a pair of white Calvin Klein underwear pulled over his trousers, lawyer Darren Tay delivered his speech at the World Championship of Public Speaking in Washington DC last month. 2.413 more words

Current Affairs

Reaching the Public


In a country dominated by entertainment, the appeal of “going out” is often defined by heading to a bar, club, or restaurant. While most of these establishments overprice the drinks, food, and other commodities, it is the deals and special nights that bring back a crowd. 292 more words

Don't Stand a Chance

Don’t Stand a Chance:

It only came to me that I haven’t made a strictly Scott strip for a long time. I came up with this strip as lately I’ve been seeing a lot of LGBT stuff on my Facebook. 84 more words