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Book Review: The Little Prince

When I saw the charming movie preview for the newest The Little Prince adaptation, I knew it was time to add it to the summer reading list. 581 more words


Book Review: Everyone Behaves Badly

I think it’s official. I’m obsessed with all things Lost Generation in Paris. Once I finally got around to reading The Sun Also Rises I loved it. 570 more words

Book Reviews

3 Manteaus in Water and Fire Park

The glamorous Water and Fire (or is it Fire and Water?) park and the majestic snow-capped mountains of North Tehran form a gorgeous backdrop for these 3 outfits, two of which involve brown parka manteaus worn with black scarves…and the remaining one involves a classic black and white “ 28 more words


Go Tell It on the Mountain, by James Baldwin

I didn’t like this as much as his other novels that I’ve read, but thankfully I’m not done reading Baldwin yet. I have two more novels and a reread of Giovanni’s Room planned. 78 more words

2017 Reading Challenge

600+ horsepower Nissan Skyline is an inline six dream

This Nissan Skyline has a few mods that make it look like a dream project car for a lot of folks. It’s got fat tires, a turbocharged inline six, and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Dream car anybody?


Custom 1964 GMC pickup has a giant V-12 under the hood

From tip to tail, every aspect of this classic ’64 GMC pickup has had a custom overhaul. While the custom paintjob and interior are impressive in their own way, nothing comes close to that limited production V-12 under the hood. 33 more words