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To what extent did the Augustan reforms affect the lives of women?

Abstract: Studies in to the lives of women is troublesome at the best of times[1], but particularly so during the reign of Augustus. The reason being, the reign of Augustus has become synonymous with the rise of influential and notorious women in the imperial family… 9.922 more words


Apply Ricoeur’s notion of ‘Narrative Identity’ to any primary and secondary source.

Paul Ricoeur’s notion of ‘Narrative Identity’ is made up of several different components as explained in his article ‘Narrative time’. I am going to explore several of these components that make up the concept of ‘Narrative Identity’ and apply them to Arrian’s… 2.141 more words


Gendered readings of violence and crime in ancient Greece.

Using a variety of ancient sources I aim to find a trend in the crimes that particularly women are accused of. What I hope to accomplish by doing this is to establish why these trends appear, if they do, in the hope that it may somehow reflect any underlying problems that the individuals had with the society they lived in. 4.500 more words


How useful is the study of archaeology in contributing to our understanding of the past?

I hypothesize that I will find the study of archaeology is very relevant in contributing to our understanding of the past, specifically in contributing to our understanding of ancient history, where the vast majority of our historical knowledge came from written sources which presented only the elite male view of society. 3.590 more words


Share the love - A #Blogbuddies Guest post by Ramya DRozario

Please welcome Ramya to my blog. Ramya JS D’Rozario is generally immersed in her own world, filled with books, food and fantastical creatures. Proud to have this aspiring artist, thinker and writer post on my blog. 492 more words

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Spring

And with that the latest Aussie road cycling summer has come to an end. As always there’s been no shortage of highlights and talking points. Top of our list were the epic rides by… 549 more words

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