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Barcelona Day 1 - Weirdos, Chocolate & Football Induced Hypothermia

This blog is over 100 entries long and has covered every continent of our planet, with the exception of Antarctica. Yet I still find myself questioning what you might want to know about. 1.632 more words


Welcome to Barcelona

These work arts are in the middle of the street, you can not find them in a museum.

Anyone can recognise the artist?

Secondly, do you know where exactly are them in Barcelona? 46 more words


4 Gats

Literally, “4 cats”. It’s a Catalan expression to say “few people, almost nobody”.

Opened in 1897  in a Modernist house style by Puig i Cadafalch, 4 Gats has been one of the most famous taverns in the city centre. 208 more words


Las gentes y los barrios: Intramurs y Blanquita

Hoy toca hablar del festival urbano Intramurs que se lleva a término en el céntrico barrio del Carmen, en Ciutat Vella. No sólo estrictamente en El Carme, pero casi todos los actos son esa parte del centro histórico de Valencia. 110 more words


Tour Around Barcelona - 3 - Ciutat Vella, La Barceloneta, Mont Juic

Miscellaneous photos from different days…

In Ciutat Vella area
Catedral de Barcelona

La Barceloneta area… View from Telefèric de Montjuic…another cable car track Street performers are everywhere… Some night views…


Divendres REcomanació

Temps de flors, Tallers oberts, atNight i Bye Bye Barcelona

Temps de flors. Girona del 10 al 18 de maig

Val la pena desplaçar-se fins… 433 more words