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Valencia – Ciutat Vella – St Francesc - Things to See

Please see the separate post for eating in St Francesc.

Just around the corner from the Hotel Catalonia is the National Ceramics Museum

The alabaster front entrance, done in the florid… 325 more words


Walk around Barcelona

Not so many times I have the chance to relax and walk around Barcelona. Usually, I go from point A to B because I need to, and never think about it. 277 more words


Valencia – Ciutat Vella – St Francesc - Places to Eat

San Francesc is one of six barrios in the Ciutat Vella (old town). It’s very centrally located, and is quite a safe area, which is why my employer likes to have us stay here. 1.061 more words


Valencia – Ciutat Vella – El Mercat - La Lonja

Just over the road from Mercado Central is another favourite building of mine. La Lonja, or in Valenciano La Llotja de la Seda, (the Silk Exchange market) was built in 1482 and is a UNESCO world heritage building. 68 more words


Valencia – Ciutat Vella – El Mercat

Around La Lonja and Mercado Central in the barrio of El Mercat are a few other nice buildings, including some old churches.

For food, Tasca Angel… 249 more words


Valencia – Ciutat Vella – La Seu - Eating and Drinking

La Seu is the most central barrio in the old town, between El Carme and La Xerea. It’s central point is Placa de la Mare de Deu from which runs Carrer dels Cavallers, the main street in the old town which is thronged with tapas bar. 763 more words


Valencia – Ciutat Vella – Horchata in Plaza Santa Catalina

Plaza Santa Catalina is a small square in the Ciutat Vella adjoining the larger Plaza de la Reina, at the opposite end from the Cathedral. When you’re in the area you should try the famous Valencian drink… 288 more words