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Legs + Glutes

Warm up: Treadmill for 10 minutes at 2.5mph/5% incline.

Barbell Squats: 3×8 (heavy weight)

Dumbell Walking Lunges 3×10 up and back (medium weight)
*Superset with… 75 more words


Gas Leakage Alarm System

The Project implementing is a Gas leakage alarm system that senses the leakage of LPG from Gas cylinder or Gas stove and gives a warning alarm. 360 more words


PIR sensor based home surveillance system

This project is based on the PIR Motion sensor to detect human movement and alarm generation as a surveillance system for home and office. The circuit sends the alarm sound wirelessly to the interior of home and also switches on the outdoor lights when it detects a human movement. 491 more words


Patience is your friend

It has been a good week. Rather than whining about my various injuries, I am instead going to write about improvement!

First, the rotator cuffs. I haven’t been able to do a side plank in several months (maybe even a year). 565 more words




20 Squats – 20 Sumo Squats – 30 Toe Raises. 60 seconds to recover between sets. x 3

Circuit 2

Curtsy Lunge – 15 each leg. 15 more words


Alarm for Water Heater

It was a big problem in my house that, sometimes the Water heater left on for many hours after the use. It has a Thermostat to cut off but when the water cools, again it switches on. 349 more words


LED Emergency Lamp

Make this simple  White LED emergency lamp using few components. It can be plugged into the AC socket and it turns on at the moment when power failures. 447 more words