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Circuit diagram of the brain

A lot has happened since scientists in the late 19th century first started examining nerve cells under the microscope.  Anatomy, chemistry, physiology and cell biology in healthy as well as in sick brains has since been extensively explored. 591 more words

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Third Term Plan

Subject- This term I need to pick up where I was with the subject project (table and chairs with a light) before I started concentrating on my field work. 202 more words


4 Exercises for Core Activation

Here are 4 exercises to get your core engaged in the morning for a long day of work or play. This workout can be completed in fewer than 5 minutes, but throw in a few more rounds if you have the time to maximize benefits… 343 more words


KiCad PCBNew Last Lines

I just have a few lines to do for the left hand channel and then I can compare it all to the circuit diagram as a last check and then start on the right channel. 45 more words


Stupid heater!

In the middle of “winter” one night, the heater kicked on, then after a few seconds just shut off. It wouldn’t restart. This is the culprit. 14 more words


Boule And Bill

Bill is an active little boy always desiring to discover everything in his life. Today, he makes a decision to run the circuit around a park near his house. 120 more words