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But Wait, Do I Have A Six Pack Yet?

I love this! Many people expect instant results from their workouts.

“I don’t understand!” “I’ve been doing 500 sit-ups a night but I still don’t have a six-pack.” 62 more words


Explaining the Unique Mysteries of Fuses and Circuit Breakers to the Average Joe

Every home and building that has an electrical system has to have fuses or circuit breakers installed. You might remember your parents or grandparents’ old house having a fuse box down in the basement. 140 more words

My Weekend

Over the weekend I didn’t really do anything amazing. On Saturday had to wait what felt like ages for my car to have a slight repair then raced up the hill to see my best friend and watch Pretty Little Liars. 232 more words




3 circuits of

1) Dive Bomber Push Ups – 5 reps
2) Pull Ups- 5 slow reps
3) Interval training: 6 rounds of two 20 second intervals (4 minutes total). 9 more words


Lift and Firm


1) 2 walking lunges, 4 backward jumps, Burpee 30 reps

2) Bulgarian Squat (30 reps on each leg) – 30 reps on each leg… 29 more words


Tight Space


as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes

1) Prisoner Squats – 20
2) Push-ups – 5

Full Body