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The Great 8

A fantastic quick circuit that you can do anywhere!!!

Courtney and Casey's OXT Workout

Casey and I created this workout over the summer, so it is a fun one to try outside if you have the equipment- if not try doing the running portion outside before you hit the gym for the circuits. 76 more words


Lucky 7 Medicine Ball Workout

By Bruce Randolph SBSM Trainer Ismael Lujan

Today’s weekend workout requires only a medicine ball. If you do not have one, get creative with household “weights” such as a jug of milk. 539 more words


Robot dreams

Electric Sheep
(with apologies to Philip K. Dick)

In the fixed algorithm of sleep, circuits hum, clicking
through feasible yesterdays and uncertain tomorrows.
Somewhere a display of selected images shines, 77 more words


Earth Fault Indicator. Design Note 17

This is my circuit published in Electronics For You Magazine. I have designed this circuit for checking the Earth connection in the power sockets ,whether it is intact or not. 439 more words


Fitness Friday - Full Body Circuit

I was hoping for a nice Spring run yesterday, but as this New England winter doesn’t want to go, I opted for indoor full body workout instead. 123 more words


Half an hour is all I need

“There aren’t enough hours in a day”

To an extent I agree with this saying. I am full of beans and a social butterfly.  I like to cram lots into my day and don’t wait around for things to happen. 276 more words