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RFID Detector

Radio frequency identification (RFID) are widely used nowadays in industries and commercial applications. The RFID tags can be affixed to an object and used to track and manage inventories and even people.  20 more words

Light Dimmer with Capacitive Touch Control

This circuit is a light dimmer with a capacitive touch control. It can be used in controlling the brightness of a lamp to your preference by changing the voltage waveform applied to it.The circuit can be used to dim incandescent lamps and dimmable LED lamps. Read more

CMOS-Based Galvanic Digital Isolator

Galvanic isolation is a principle of isolating electrical systems wherein it blocks the DC current flow. This technique is commonly used in two or more electric circuits that must communicate, but their grounds are at different potentials. 18 more words

Electronic LED Candle

The circuit is a electronic LED candle that acts as a real candle. It is suited in birthday, decorations, and other parties. Read more

Workout of the Day - Saturday 5/21/16


Round 1: 1 min/30 sec

Round 2: 45 sec/15 sec

  1. Box Step-ups
  2. Rope Pull
  3. Uneven Carry
  4. Bag Toss
  5. Sledge Hammer
  6. Plank…
  7. 32 more words