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Firework Ignition System

My friend David contacted me one day and asked me if I had any experience building ignition systems. He wanted to build a system to launch fireworks from a safer distance. 795 more words


Vrooooom! The Croft Pitstop 10k

I know a little something about regression and immaturity. I’m currently writing an MA dissertation related to societal infantilisation – the premature introduction to and extension of adolescence. 1.307 more words


Festive weekend

I’m so happy Mike and Jenna are here!! :)

Being with family makes my heart sing with happiness.

I’m enjoying our time together to the fullest in bed feeling semi-rotten. 278 more words

Block Circuit

I don’t even know what this is on about.


Why not Asynchronous Logic?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was looking to use synchronous logic rather than asynchronous logic for the counting systems. The reason for this was stated as ‘making the analysis easier’. 315 more words


Still Life | Curious

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Curious about the iphone.

By ArtphotographyTran


Still Life