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Flashing Break Light for Motorcycles

for vehicle lights enthusiast

This motorcycle break light circuit features a hex inverter and decade counter. It has fully specified partial power down using Ioff and static operation for the counter.  Read more


Miniaturized Pulse Oximeter

Electronic equipments for medical purposes plays a big role in saving lives everyday.

A miniaturized pulse oximeter, a device that measures the changes in oxygen level in the human blood through light reflection. Read more

Workout Wednesday: Full Body Blast

Hi babes!  Hope you’re all having a great week so far.  I had two finals on Monday and two more to go this week, so I’ve been studying a lot these last few days.   384 more words


Beach workout 

Over the bank holiday weekend I took my nan to Yarmouth for the weekend to stay in her challet. It’s beautiful up there. It’s right next to the beach so while I was there and eating like a horse I decided to have a little workout with an amazing view. 167 more words


This 7-minute workout is all you need to keep fit


Researchers at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL, found that a high-intensity circuit training (HICT) routine is the most effective way to workout. 59 more words


Low-Cost Flexible Voltage Supervisor and Battery Tester

Draining your battery too much below its nominal voltage can shorten the lifespan of your battery. This circuit prevents your battery from being drained to much below its nominal voltage. Read more


Live Line Detector

A simple and free circuit diagram of a live line detector.

This circuit is a simple battery powered live line detector schematics. The device effectively detects live ac mains without making any electrical contact with it. Read more