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Le bon COTA

Présentation du Grand Prix des Amériques… 1.383 more words


Session 179 -Power Band Circuit

This was my first PT session in 21 days.
I have been on holiday, in the first week I was away I did 3 runs and two gym sessions, I then had two days locked down in a hotel, sitting out a hurricane. 875 more words

Blog Post

October 19, 2016


CIRCUIT x 4 sets;  1 minute recovery between exercise; 2 minutes recovery each set
Turkish Get up – 24 Kg  x 1  rep each side… 35 more words


Weekly Workout: Lizard Creek Workout

A couple weekends ago was a wedding weekend! I was privileged to attend my partner’s sisters wedding and it was fantastic and beautiful! (Admitted a bit overwhelming, but that another post.) We stayed at a fantastic location, Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie, BC, right in the mountains. 255 more words


Circuit #2

I’m about to go traveling, and want to keep up the last few days of my own “Advent Challenge” I’ve set myself (30 minutes exercise for 24 days – originally it was a running challenge for the first 24 days of December started by Advent Running…..). 314 more words


DC-DC Converter Module. Application Circuit 6

This is an excellent DC- DC Converter Module that can adjust the output voltage to any desired value, even fractions from 0 V to 17 V. 345 more words


The Rs150 lakh Ashok Leyland joke called "Circuit"

150 lakh Ashok Leyland joke called Circuit… don’t know if they pulled the name right out of Munnabhai MBBS movie.

The things people do in the name of Electric vehicles and clean and green energy. 189 more words