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Spanish Elections: EU Watershed?

The Spanish Challenge

Dispatches From The Edge

June 8, 2016

For the past quarter of a century there have been few watershed moments in Spanish political history. 1.790 more words


Coses que els catalans tardem molt a fer

Els catalans tenim moltes coses pendents per fer. Com la nostra llista de “abans que em mori vull haver saltat en paracaigudes”. Aquí en presento unes quantes que estaria bé enllestir abans que alguns de nosaltres ens tirem en paracaigudes 314 more words

Idees Ordenades

Richie Myler Interview

“We didn’t even learn French in school!” Richie Myler chuckles when asked how his French lessons are going.

The former Warrington and Salford scrum-half left behind the north-west of England at the end of 2015 for a new chapter in his career living and playing in the south of France with the Catalans Dragons. 1.426 more words


The Rebirth of Catalan: How a Once-Banned Language is Thriving

Barcelona is one of the best-known cities in the world, yet visitors expecting to practice their Spanish can often be surprised when they hear Catalan spoken in the streets. 164 more words


What’s going on in Catalonia?

Catalan people will vote on independence next 27 September using the regular Autonomous Community elections. Unlike the cases of the UK with Scotland, or Canada with Quebec, the Spanish Government does not allow Catalonia to vote this issue in a referendum. 46 more words