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#Catalonia: Who is afraid of democracy?

Jordi Solé i Ferrando, MEP, OPINION

Those who would deny Catalonia’s right to self-determination said back in 2015 that Catalan voters would never elect a majority of pro-independence MPs to our parliament, but we did. 395 more words


Miraculous Messi

Messi vs Ronaldo
If you are a fellow footballer I betcha you must’ve come across this question a lot by now . So today I’m going to feed 4 sided box with a hot brownie ,having Messi Vs Ronaldo written all over it. 577 more words

Les socialistes catalans contre Mariano Rajoy

Le secrataire du parti socialiste catalan appelle ses sept daputas a dasobair a la consigne de vote du parti socialiste espagnol pour sopposer a linvestiture du chef du gouvernement sortant Mariano Rajoy. 26 more words


Catalans in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo

The biggest surprise for Aniol was the news that his family would come for a visit. Little did he know that the surprise would be doubled. 478 more words


Spain's Turmoil and Europe's Crisis

Spain’s Turmoil & Europe’s Crisis

Dispatches From the Edge

Oct. 7, 2026

While the chaos devouring Spain’s Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) mixed elements of farce and tragedy, the issues roiling Spanish politics reflect a general crisis in the European Union (EU) and a sober warning to the continent: Europe’s 500 million people need answers, and the old formulas are not working. 1.937 more words


Fc Barcelona Sign Ronaldinho​ Gaucho​, as a club ambassador

The  former Fc Barcelona marquee player is rejoining the Catalans don’t freak out not in a playing role.

The Brazillian, 36, will rejoin the club on 6 September, during his stay 2003 – 2008, he earned the hero status at Barcelona. 190 more words