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La Campagna dentro Le Mura: incredible private gardens open to public!

Sunday 26th April and Sunday 3rd May 2015 – The eight edition of “Scents of gardens within thick walls” will take place very close to La Torre, Montecatini Alto. 92 more words


Easter Lights from Venice

Happy Easter 2015 from Venice!! This is a picture of Rio del Paradiso next to Campo Santa Maria Formosa. The sun came back after a rainy day even though the air is still sensibly cool. 10 more words


Purple spring flower bouquets in Venice

Spring comes to Via Garibaldi, on the far end of Venice. At the end of this road, a Floating Market attracts residents and visitors, offering… 8 more words


Did you know.. the story behind this statue?

In 1921, Vinicio Salva was walking in the gardens and upon approaching the statue of Garibaldi, he felt a heavy blow on his arm which made him fall to the ground. 184 more words