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“Kodak,” Castello, Venezia, Italy, 2016“Coca Cola,” Castello, Venezia, Italy, 2016

Street Photography

Further Listening - A Grand Tour of Italy

by Christopher Verrette, violin

The diverse roster of composers in A Grand Tour of Italy, guest directed by Rodolfo
Richter, affords a lot of opportunity for further listening and some interesting viewing, too. 344 more words

Further Listening

Padenghe Castle 

​Looking over the small lake-side town, this mediaeval castle is one of the highlights of Padenghe-sul-Garda and the surrounding area.

Constructed at the end of the ninth century on a Roman fort, the original outer stone walls still remain, along with three of the four towers. 447 more words

A Sudden Burst of Machismo

For reasons I still don’t understand, this gentleman, as I approached with cameras, began bouncing up and down on his boat. I’ve decided it was a temporary overflow of machismo that he needed to shake off. Castello Sestiere, Venezia, Italy, October 2016.

Street & Candid