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Exploring historic Venice on foot

The best season to visit Italy in my opinion is spring.. temperatures are nice.. not too cold, not too hot, and of course, there are not too many tourists. 358 more words



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Day 51 - Segorbe to Montanejos

Last night’s hotel restaurant was supposed to open at 8:00 pm for dinner – when I went down, I was told it wouldn’t open till 9:00pm. 537 more words

Day 50 - La Vall d'Uixo to Segorbe

Pinch and a punch – 1st day of June….

I love booking in to a new (to me) hotel. Once in my room, I check out the bathroom to see what freebies I’ve got – it varies lots – sometimes there’s nothing, just a soap dispenser on the wall, and another in the shower; usually there’s a couple of tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and little wrapped cakes of soap – and sometimes, if you’re really lucky there’s other stuff; a small sewing kit, for example. 879 more words

Day 49 - Oropresa to La Val d'Uixo

Well; what a resort.  Here’s the view from my room.

People come here for their holidays, and most never step outside; there’s no need. huge swimming pools, lots of entertainment, kid’s clubs, meals catered for, three different bars, and free wine, beer and soft drinks with dinner. 740 more words

Day 48 - Peniscola to Marina d'Or, Oropresa del Mar

Slept very well, thankyou; the room had blackout curtains, which did a great job. Up at 7:30 – no rush, as the hotel doesn’t do breakfast till 9:00 am. 555 more words

Fake News 1: Did Horatius Cocles Save Rome?

If there is one phrase which epitomises the last year or so, it is fake news. It’s easy to get the impression that, until last year, everything which appeared in news media, the press, indeed publications of any kind, was totally factually accurate. 1.319 more words