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Cagliari: A Monumental Waste of Time

Cagliari may be the capital of Sardinia, and seems an obvious place to indulge in museums, viewpoints and gastronomic feasts, but after spending a full day in the city I wonder why I bothered. 613 more words


Villa Jana

If you like quirky buildings, this might be something for you. In Quercianella, south Livorno, is Villa Jana, a medieval castle built in 1921. It doesn’t get much more quirky than this. Have a look:


Venezia: Castello At Night

One of our favorite things to do in Venice is walk around late at night when the cruise ship crowds are gone and the city is quiet; only the locals are milling around having a nightcap at the prosecco and spritz bars still open and mystery of the place is revealed. 10 more words

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Motion Picture in Turin

Daytrip to Turin to visit Museo Nazionale del Cinema came on a one day’s notice, but was so worth it. A movie buff like me could spend the whole day there studying films and the work that goes into them. 302 more words

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Dedico la prima foto su questo blog alla mia città, Gorizia.

Foto scattata dal castello di Gorizia con vista sulla Cappella del Santo Spirito, l’università (già seminario vescovile), l’ospedale di San Pietro (Sempeter pri Gorici) e in lontananza il Carso sloveno. 49 more words


Secondo giorno

Found out that the days starts at 6 am when the garbage truck rattles outside and the dogs in the neighbourhood go crazy. But even so, since we understood our schedule wrong and were terribly late, poor Katri had to leave with wet hair. 226 more words

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