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Maple Castella

Written by Rae

I finally got a chance to try my new castella pan this weekend!  It was so fun to use a wooden mold.  The really cool thing about it is that the sides did not brown at all, unlike when I made the castella in the loaf pan.   1.037 more words


Matcha Castella

Written by Rae

We went to Bangsan Market, the baking market here in Seoul, and I saw a wooden castella mold.  How cool to bake something in a wooden mold, I thought.   674 more words

Rae Comienza el espectáculo del teatro barroco (6) EL ARTE DEL CONTRAPUNTO

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RENACIMIENTO: Armonía, serenidad, alegría de vivir

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BARROCO: Contraste, movimiento, inestabilidad 143 more words