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Grand Castella Cake – Famous Taiwan Castella Cake In Singapore At Raffles City. 1-For-1 Promo Today


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Grand Castella Cake from Taiwan has arrived in Singapore at NEX Serangoon Central, and has also opened its 2nd branch at Raffles City (B1-68). 754 more words


Grand Castella Cake 缘味古早味蛋糕 from Taiwan Is Finally Here In Singapore. Enjoy 1-for-1 specials on 7 & 8 Dec 17


The original Grand Castella Cake from Taiwan will be coming to Singapore this Thursday, 7th December 2017 at NEX.

The fluffy, jiggly castella cake… 288 more words

Money Matters

Castella (Korean Sponge Cake)

Combine ingredients, pour into rice cooker = magic. ::sparkles::

Castella or castera (카스테라) is a commonly known sponge cake in Korean bakeries. It is fluffy, light, spongey, airy, and usually smells like butter and eggs. 738 more words


You’ve Tried Ah Mah’s Castella Cake But Have You Tried It In Matcha?


November 28, 2017

We admit: we went a bit crazy for these jiggly sponge cakes too but how could you resist? They’re pretty much the ideal sponge cake – pillowy in appearance, moist in taste, and as light as air in texture. 278 more words


Castella Cigars

Castella cigars, a name famous in the UK for a quality cigar available in most high street retailers, supermarkets and tobacconists. In recent years and with the decline of tobacco sales in general, Castella cigars have been disappearing from shop shelves, but we are glad to report and good selection of Castella cigars can be found at… 236 more words

Little known facts about Japanese Food

“The Portuguese remained in Japan until 1639, when they were banished because the ruling shogun Iemitsu believed Christianity was a threat to Japanese society. As their ships sailed away for the final time, the Portuguese left an indelible mark on the island: a battered and fried green bean recipe called piexinhos da horta.

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Fukusaya, Daimaru, Tokyo Station

Before going to Japan, castella cakes from Fukusaya were on the list of things to bring home as gifts for friends and loved ones (including myself lol). 205 more words