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Travel Diaries: Taiwan (Part 2)

Day 3: First day in Taipei, Exploring Ximen & Shihlin Night Market

Helloooo Taipei!

I was psyched at the chance to experience Taiwan’s High Speed Rail train. 645 more words

1494 Feeling Legit in Castella

At the highway we head our separate ways, with packages in three different towns and plans to meet up in Dunsmuir if we can. I have a road walk to a campground store, having chosen in advance the option that does not require hitchhiking alone on the I5. 396 more words

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Honey Kasutera (Castella)

I guess Japanese food is not all healthy and seaweed- or matcha-filled after all. I like the color and softness of Honey Kasutera, as well as the fact that it is one of the few foam cake that can be enjoyed without an expensive and time consuming layer of frosting/icing. 377 more words



Là món bắt có nguồn gốc Tây Ban Nha nhưng Castella lại nổi tiếng sau khi đến Nhật. Tại Nhật, bạn có thể tìm thấy Castella ở rất nhiều nơi, từ trong siêu thị đến những cửa hàng chuyên Castella kiểu truyền thống được nướng trong khuôn gỗ. 1.151 more words

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