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It's Not For Everyone, But If You Want To Change The World, Come Join Us - LeapForWord Is Now Recruiting!

The title of this piece might seem a little bombastic to you, but we are not overstating it & by the end of this article, hopefully you will agree with us. 542 more words

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15 Time Wasters Highly Successful People Avoid

Hey There,

As we all know, as humans we have access to the same 24 hours as the next individual. But we often find ourselves pondering on this same question over and again, … 100 more words


Careers to stop pursuing by age 30

I know everyone has their dreams to do what they love in life. And you should always pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles you might encounter during your journey. 522 more words


Not knowing what you want to do on leaving school is okay…

‘What are you going to do when you leave school?’ How many times do young people get asked this question? And why is it that we expect all young people to know what they want to do when they leave school? 381 more words

Women Who Date Younger Men Do Better in Their Careers

I feel like the “cougar” trend is on its way out.  You just don’t hear as much about older women prowling for younger men anymore.  But maybe it should get some new life . 84 more words