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Myths of the Moons: Jupiter, Big World, Little Moons - Part 2

In part 1, we saw the myths of Amaltheia, the she-goat who tended Zeus,  Himalia, whose sons through Zeus were connected with agriculture, Elara, whose giant son Tityos killed her by splitting her womb, and was subsequently imprisoned in Tartarus for attempting to assault Leto, the mother of Artemis and Apollo, and finally Pasiphae, who gave birth to the famed Minotaur. 920 more words

Myths Of The Moons


We are continuing our decluttering project and have moved to the garage where we store most of our infrequently used kitchen gear. That was where we found our two croquembouche molds that have subsequently been given to our daughters. 1.174 more words


June 30 - Tunguska

There is still a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding the Tunguska Event, mostly because nobody was around to monitor it as it happened, and if they had been they would have probably died.   256 more words


Aproape jumătate din crenvurștii de la noi, sunt colorați cu extract de gândaci din specia cosenila!

Cum suntem niște împătimiți al produsului numit crenvuști, am zis, ia să vedem despre ce e vorba. Că nu strică! Așadar…

Recent, Asociația Pro Consumatori (APC) a făcut un studiu în care s-au analizat 43 de produse comercializate în țara noastră, în Românica… 507 more words