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June 30 - Tunguska

There is still a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding the Tunguska Event, mostly because nobody was around to monitor it as it happened, and if they had been they would have probably died.   258 more words


Back in the saddle

Dear Reader

Please excuse my absence from the blog these past few months; our transition to life in a new land has been busy. That said, I have completed a few garments: another (unblogged) pair of Anima Pants and this gem, the Pauline Alice Carme blouse. 292 more words


Black & White and spotted all over!

More sewing for me, and more spots!  The Monthly Stitch contributors had chosen Monosewn, black & white only as their theme for July.  I thought this was going to be a cake walk to be honest, I had so many fabrics to chose from I was quite literally swimming in the stuff!  586 more words

Pattern Cutting

So much going on!!

It’s been a busy week and a bit.  There’s been a lot of sewing and cutting and a little bit of hair pulling thrown in for good measure!   566 more words

Joined Up Sewing

Carme Fail

Hello readers !

If you are following me on instagram, you must already know that I was sooo disapointed when I realized my Carme blouse… 852 more words


Η Αόρατη Πόλη

  Η άνοδος των ενοικίων απειλεί με κλείσιμο εμβληματικά καταστήματα και το αστικό της τοπίο της Βαρκελώνης ζημιώνεται.

Σε μερικούς δρόμους ήδη κρεμάνε σημαιάκια που καλούν στην επέτειο για την τριακοσιετία που θα γιορταστεί το έτος που έρχεται, έτος που απ’ ότι φαίνεται, θα γιορταστεί  επίσης και η “Διαβούλευση Κυριαρχίας”.

Άλκηστη Ελένη Βικτωράτου

Carme per te

Un nuovo carme per te

sarà più difficile

adesso che passione

chiede metamorfosi

completa e sensibile

in amore, adesso che

sorpresa ed emozione

ormai hanno un binario… 122 more words

Atelier Thelema