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Changing Bike Tyre for the 1st Time...

So previously, I mentioned that I’ve never had a flat tyre but wanted to learn how to change one in case I ever needed it… 236 more words


Surprisingly fast

Beating my bike
the banded badger
barrels along bushwards


Down 25 pounds...

I am officially down 25 pounds!

Sorry it has been awhile since I have updated you. One of the parts of my mental illnesses is that I don’t feel like being social at times, and that includes online social as well. 203 more words

Weight Loss

The Journey of 500 Part I

Ahh… The arrival of the festive season… the favourite time for everyone to reunite and celebrate the joyous time of the year. For us cyclists, we will be preparing for the #Festive500. 2.042 more words


18/01/18 - I gave blood!

Today started off incredibly blustery. As I left the house I had to rescue the bins as they had made a break for bin freedom. 34 more words


My First Triathlon, How To Suffer Successfully

It was dark and cold as we arrived…

…to Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida after a 2 hour commute from Miami. The rain was insistent and cold, the cold that a triathlon suit might be just enough to make it, but not in a comfortable fashion as you face the elements. 698 more words

Jumping Off Bridges and other perfectly sane things to do

I can’t recall from childhood whether my mother ever asked me the standard question, “If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do it?” If she never asked, I’m pretty sure it was because she knew me well enough to know my smart-aleck answer would have been something along the lines of, “Well, if everyone is doing it I’d at least want to look into why…” 814 more words