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Bash Function to SSH into ec2 Instances

I’ve often found myself with an instance id that I want to login to look at something. It sucks looking up the IP when you don’t know the DNS name. 64 more words


Print the name of files of size 0

I was trying to find all the files in a directory ($dir) and its subdirectories with size 0. To achieve that I have used the… 82 more words


Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht to Debut in Fort Lauderdale

Hatteras is one of the first U.S. yacht builders to successfully bridge the gap between American design and European sensibility. The North Carolina yard has been pushing the design envelope since it launched its award-winning 70 Motor Yacht two years ago. 429 more words


Create Counter using Redis

Today, I learned one efficient method to create counters which can be tracked from multiple scripts. The problem scenario was I wanted to make only 500 calls to an API per hour and thereafter I wanted my script to sleep for the next hour. 217 more words


Terracotta metallic bag

Hi there!

Hope you’re well and enjoying summer whether you’re on holidays or staying in the city. I’ve to say I don’t really feel it’s summer in London. 370 more words

Non Classé

Difference between ${} and $() in bash

The syntax is token-level, so the meaning of the dollar sign depends on the token it’s in. The expression $(command) is a modern synonym for  102 more words


Cyclic Quine

A classic Quine is a program which outputs its own source code.
At first, such a program’s existence seems weird if not impossible, as it has to be so self-referential that it knows about itself everything, including how to know about itself. 189 more words