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Remote file loading to the MediaWiki server

Sometimes it’s useful to load some files to the wiki server without any web browsers. For example, I was recently getting some samples from the ADC via SPI through the Keithley logic analyzer. 887 more words


Building a Python Application w/ GUI

The lesson learned in this was how much time goes into creating an effective GUI. I think that many of us take our day to day GUI’s for granted. 635 more words


Copias de Seguridad con bash

Tengo un pequeño código en bash, que utilizo para hacer mis copias de seguridad en una segunda unidad de disco duro. Está testado en Ubuntu y Debian, es de suponer que funcionara en cualquier sistema operativo de tipo Unix. 308 more words

Copias De Seguridad

A Small Experiment of System Scripting in Python

My main laptop is still on Mac OS X Lion (10.7). I know I am guilty of exposing my laptop to potential security risks,1… 1.568 more words



It was my first day back at work after my trip to Italy where I took two courses in Matera with Spatial  Ecology on open source GIS tools and learned basic commands in bash, awk, R (and others) programming languages followed by excavations at… 500 more words


Bash Shortcut Keys

Bash Keyboard Shortcuts

Moving the cursor:

Ctrl + a   Go to the beginning of the line (Home)
Ctrl + e   Go to the End of the line (End) 529 more words


'sudo' bash command

$ sudo ‘yourprogram’

‘Sudo’ enables you to run programs with security privileges as the superuser account.