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When I open a shell I like to be greeted by a fortune. It reminds me to the old times of Slackware. Nowadays the only distro that I saw have it by default is OpenSUSE. 517 more words


2 handy AWS S3 public-read commands

I needed to host a simple public html file. S3 is easy.

To make a file publicly readable in S3 is easy without having to give up whole bucket access. 66 more words


给 dwm 桌面环境写个自己的系统状态栏

Keywords: Linux, desktop environment (DE), Gentoo, dwm, statusbar 931 more words


Save with Encoding in Visual Studio


This post shows how you can save files while retaining their encoding and line endings format. For example, if you’re writing a shell script that will be run on a UNIX operating system, the script is supposed to have line endings as… 144 more words


LPmerge parser for unix (or linux) environment

If you are using LPmerge to construct consensus maps from several individual maps, you will quickly realize that manually checking the lengths and RMSE values for each chromosome for all K values can be tiring. 445 more words


Colorizing your bash script (Ubuntu)


echo -e "\E[1;32mHello World\E[0;33m"

0=none, 1=bold, 4=underscore, 5=blink, 7=reverse, 8=concealed
30=black, 31=red, 32=green, 33=yellow, 34=blue, 35=magenta, 36=cyan, 37=white
and reset back to normal by: 27 more words


Shell script with 10+ parameters? Remember this....


This post is mainly aimed towards shell script newbies like myself and the goal is that they don’t end up wasting time on this as I had to. 131 more words