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Find large files on a Mac using Terminal

Every few days, I had an issue where my startup disk was full and emptying the trash just wasn’t doing enough.

I found the following command online that searches a file system for files over 500MB and prints the file path. 55 more words


Fairy Fire

So I just looked up exactly what Fairy Fire is, and quite contrary to my belief that it’s just a cutesy name for the sparkly chemtrails flying fairies leave in their wake (as well as the inspiration for these glittery nails, which use Candy Lacquer’s holographic Fairyland glitter topper), it’s actually a type of bioluminescence emitted by certain species of fungi found in decaying wood. 59 more words

Glitter Polish

Edit entry Bootloader Ubuntu 12.04 dengan Grub 2

Buka terminal, masuk root

# sudo su

Edit file 30_os-prober

# nano /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober

Cari baris berikut: 37 more words


“Ayoko talaga manood ng ******* kasi puro bashing”

“Ayoko na talaga mag-first ulit ** ****”

For someone who doesn’t like to bash, grabe ka naman maka-hate.  26 more words

Huawei E3531s-2 on Ubuntu 14.04

The BroadBand modem Huawei E3531s-2 on Ubuntu 14.04 does not work out of the box.

Let’s make it work.

  • - Install supervisor:

sudo apt-get install supervisor -y

… 314 more words

Which process opened a file?

Ever wondered who (which process) opened a given file? There is a Unix command to answer this question called lsof (“list… 117 more words