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My word, Reign’s season finale left us with a whole lot to contemplate, fret about and obsess over until Season 3 debuts. As finales go, “Burn” certainly delivered, serving up one KAPOW! 1.874 more words


How to find best place to buy Benzocaine and other research chemical Online

If you are planning to buy research chemical online then you need to know about the best place to buy easily and comfort zone. Buy research chemical is an anaesthetic used for the teeth soreness and lots of extra matters. 361 more words

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Script to open new tab on MAC terminal

In my dev environment I used to start many services every day manually, thinking about how to make my life easier I wrote a script that aggregates all scripts, however, each one was running on different terminals in a new window, something like: 94 more words


ssh port forwarding


You are on box A and you want to connect to box C (to some port),but there is not direct connectivity from box A to box C on to a particular port: e.g. 106 more words


writing script to Automate running Metasploit services, and call it from anywhere

Hi guys, that’s been a while I didn’t have time to update my blog. I would like to write a simple post about how to automate some works and run them easily any time. 345 more words

Hands On

Look of the day

This is one of that “I-have-no-time-to-think-what-to-wear” emergency looks. A little bit naif and very French, it’s easy and always works. All you need – stripes, denims, cute bag in white-navy-black-touch of red palette. 84 more words

New Clothes

Setting up my Development Environment (D40)

I’ve been accepted into Hack Reactor (HR30) and it’s time to get serious about preparing myself and my work station. I have 40 days to finish the precourse, find a place to live in San Francisco, and prepare myself for a crazy summer. 258 more words