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Creating an XML File to Report Custom Inventory Information

Have you ever needed to collect an additional piece of information, not collected by LANDESK by default, from one of your managed Macs?  The answer to that question will very likely be yes simply because every business environment is unique. 818 more words


Scripting a SecureCRT configuration from a list

Allowing others to benefit from your work is a crucial part of teamwork and a strong sharing culture has been a core value of the best teams I’ve been a part of. 3.161 more words


Add wallpapers to Gnome-Shell with bash or python 3 xml

Install plasma-workspace-wallpapers

yaourt -S plasma-workspace-wallpapers

Plasma wallpapres are in /usr/share/wallpapers/. But Gnome shell (3.16) seems to see only predefined wallpapers or files in the ~/Pictures folder. 327 more words


1st Birthday Bash

Luka had a really great birthday – it ended up a bit like the Queen, and seemed to have various parties on various days – the lucky lad. 80 more words


Better autocomplete in Linux terminal with Fish

Most Linux distributions (those using Bash) include auto-complete features in the terminal where you can type a few characters, press TAB and it’ll provide a best guess at what you’re trying to do. 336 more words

Helpful Tips

BASH Coding:How to Code a File Search Tool

This is a small script I helped a member on fix. It will search the entire file system for a file you input and display all locations of the file found. 272 more words


Transfering files to Android devices on linux via USB/MTP

I’ve had a Samsung Android phone for a few years now, and since Apple decided to stop supporting my old iPod Touch, I’ve lost interest in using it for music, switching over to my phone. 974 more words