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Create directories corresponding to each alphabet using linux command-line

Today, I had to create twenty-six directories each corresponding to an English alphabet. I wrote a simple bash script that uses for loop with mkdir to do it as shown below. 9 more words


BA&SH F/W 2016 Ad Campaign Fall Winter 2016



Photographer:- Theo Wenner

Model:- Amanda Wellsh


Fashion/Ad Campaign

Shell One-liners and Quick and Dirty Loops

Sometimes you just need to get stuff done quickly and there’s nary a replacement than a quick shell one-liner.  Recently I’ve needed to feed some large, multi-variable commands into an external program for processing.  1.164 more words

Open Source

Summing up numeric values using bash

For example to add up the disk usage at several disjoint locations:

me@box$ numfmt --to=iec $[$(du -s /home/*/docs | cut -f 1 | paste -sd+)]
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awk: script created in 1988 still works

I have been using bash recently, and it turned out that some powerful regex options are available via awk.  I looked around and found a book written by the original awk authors Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan: 170 more words


Dynamically run selected tests

Moving forward with making deployment take less time, one huge improvement is to make use of Salesforce feature to run selected tests. One big change when doing this is that now you will need to have at least 75% code coverage in each class that you are deploying and at least 1% in each trigger that is part of that package, against the normal deployments where you need to have at least an overall 75% code coverage. 1.238 more words


Exploring Bash And Terminal

Let me mention that probably because of Mac I have started appreciating unix. Unix was sort of arcane land for me. I used it only when required on projects. 94 more words