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Using a Colon As A Bash Null Operator


The title of this entry is came from the referent entry.
본 entry의 제목은 위에 언급된 페이지의 것을 사용하였음을 밝힌다. 17 more words


Update: Shell Prompt

Recently inspired by Tom Ryder’s post, I decided to revisit my .bash_profile to see if there was anything I could change.  After exploring several options such as appending the command history number, I decided to 1) expand my working directory tag to include the current working directory and its parent, 2) trim the hostname, and 3) eliminate the user tag from my prompt. 343 more words

Изменение SVG-файла из консоли

Пакет rsvg-convert позволяет конвертировать svg в png, pdf, ps или преобразовывать в другой измененный svf-файл 20 more words


Encrypt a few files or folder on OsX

May be you are working on a sensitive data, or just want to secure your personal data on your personal computers. Mac offers the whole hard disk encryption when you install the system, as well as, encryption of your backup through “Time Machine”. 182 more words



Recently I moved to another HPC and recompiled all my programs. And suddenly  gmon.out appears in many directories. I searched a bit and realized that is the profiling issue. 61 more words


Ubuntu comes to the Windows desktop -- OpenStack summit

Recently an announcement was made that took a lot of people by surprise.  Canonical and Microsoft announced that Ubuntu was now able to run on the Windows desktop. 155 more words