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Check syntax of shell script

$ bash -n <script>

Does not execute the script, checks the syntax


sed select lines that start with multiple patterns

Got some html files and was looking for a specific line in those files which started with <meta name

Attempting to work out how to use sed for that to remove everything but what i wanted. 142 more words


grab a Twitch video in mp3

You want to grab a Twitch video in mp3. For instance, you want to listen to it offline.

You need two programs for it: … 85 more words


Mastering Bash and Terminal

@tachyeonz : If there is one tool that every developer uses regardless of language, platform, or framework it’s the terminal.

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find and zip all .py files with bash

Create a Zip folder including all .py files on your computer.

via Find and Zip All .py Files — Data Science for Engineers

not to be obtuse, its a good demo of pythons capabilities; but it didnt take very long to figure out this one-liner to do more or less the same:

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Using git config to fix settings and stuff

I am a bit of a git noob so I had to poke around a bit to figure out how to fix my setting. Here are some snippets of useful… 217 more words