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Execute one command on all hosts

I have a couple of machines in my data center and sometimes it can be useful to run the same command on all the hosts. 270 more words


The Most Dangerous Place

Simon talking about the most dangerous place in the world:


Smarter bash history

When using bash the up/down arrows are useful to browse through the recent commands.

But since the wanted command may be a bit up in the history stack it can be a bit tedious to find the right command. 105 more words


The allssh command in a Nutanix CVM

The allssh command in a Nutanix CVM is an alias to __allssh which is a bash function defined in /usr/local/nutanix/profile.d/bashrc.

$ which allssh
alias allssh='__allssh'
… 48 more words

Helpful Linux commands when working with large datasets

Every time I work with files whose content I cannot easily preview because the size _usually gigabytes or more _prevents the data to be quickly loaded or processed locally, GNU/Linux is my best friend. 673 more words


Qik-n-EZ: Collect AEM Thread Dumps and Email via Ansible

So one of our AEM nodes was freaking out the other day .. No, not the election results .. Some code was deployed to it that had runaway processes, thus gorging itself on CPU and memory ..  106 more words


Beyonce shares photos from her very exclusive post-Grammy bash

Beyonce didn’t win the most awards on Grammy night on Sunday, but she did well, taking home the gold for Best Urban Contemporary Album, Lemonade, and Best Music Video, Formation. 57 more words