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monitor the CPU/memory usage of one single process

I want to monitor a specific process. How much CPU does it use? How much memory does it eat?


$ top -p PID
# or
$ htop -p PID
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Bash + R

  1. Search all folders in one root folder;
  2. import csv files to SQL, and name the sql table the same as csv’s.
  3. There might be csv files with the same file name in different folders.
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Get Weather Forecast in Bash

Get weather forecast in bash with perl. I found this on the perl site but it didn’t exactly work. Tossed in some bash, it works now. 90 more words


Messing with the DVD drive in command line

I found a cool gif of a DVD drive used as a baby sitter. LOL!

I instinctively searched for a way to mess with the DVD drive in the command line. 83 more words

convert a LibreOffice Calc/Excel stylesheet to .csv in command-line

I have a stylesheet made with LibreOffice Calc / Excel. The extension of the file is .ods or .xls / .xlsx. How to convert it to… 42 more words


Updating SourceTree and Git Bash

I recently updated my SourceTree application and found that I could no longer use the Git Bash terminal.

This error appeared when I clicked on the Terminal button at the top right corner of the application… 760 more words


Applying patches?

You know me, I love using bash.

for f in ~/Documents/jbr_patches/*diff  ; do \
   echo $f; patch -p1 < $f || exit 1; \
sleep 1 ; done