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Sending Alert Emails from a Raspberry Pi for Home Automation Projects

This is a short, simple tutorial on sending alert emails from a Raspberry Pi for home automation where I show you how to send alert emails using Bash. 16 more words

#BASH! No.4

Welcome one and all to issue number four. There won’t be a lot of waffle from your humble narrator this week. I have been up to my proverbial neck in work, so I’m just going to dive right in, and hand it over to the bloggers and their latest work. 335 more words


Waiting for a Device to get a IP address before a Command runs

I have had a Few login hooks or scripts that need to have a network connection prior to running or they will fail. So here is a simple command that will wait til it has a IP address, then execute the next needed command. 60 more words


Dump a MySQL database from another host

ssh user@sourcemachine "mysqldump sourceDatabase" | mysql targetDatabase

Please note: you have to create the database on the target by yourself, only the create table statements will be copied. 21 more words


Mount crypted shares on Synology Diskstation

Having LOTS of crypted shares on a Diskstation, it’s a real pain to mount them manually each time it has to be restarted. Provided that (my) public-key is contained in diskstation.local:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys, it saves a lot of time… 111 more words


R Makefile

Today after revised ARTP, I found something odd in writing an R package. The problem is very simple but uncommon:

Use RNG in R with OpenMp support. 514 more words