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Bash Tool for Laravel Developers

Now I often create sites using frameworks like Laravel and Angular and I relish the fact that I can just open up a terminal [  1.600 more words


How To Sort Directories First in the Linux Terminal

1. Code Used

1: ls --color -h --group-directories-first

2: alias p='ls --color -h --group-directories-first'

2. Example

Usually, when you type a simple ls command in the bash terminal your files will be displayed alphabetically: 67 more words


Fk the Space

People always tell me, Mac has some advantages in programming work.

I don’t what is it exactly before studying programming. However now I got it. The “advantage” is just the bash shell “Terminal” which is initial in this operating system. 307 more words


Using RPM to find package dependencies

I recently discovered that is it actually rather difficult to determine which packages depend on a particular package using the RedHat Package Manager, and I ended up writing a short script to list all the dependencies for a particular package. 2.037 more words