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Happy Birthday To President Obama

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy Birthday to President ‪#‎Obama‬! Name one thing you would like to see done before he leaves office?

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Happy Birthday Mr.President. 258 more words


A Pure Bash Wait Bar: make your Wait Time a fancy time

Example of Bash Progress Bar


How many times did you feel that something was not happening? Or simply, that your wait was not controllable? Such scenario happens systematically whenever in one of the Bash scripts used to automate tasks, a wait time is not properly represented, or even displayed: processes stop their output silently, and… what is the reason? 587 more words

Core Development

[HackThis!] Basic+ Level 1

After the Main levels, it is now time to look into the Basic+ levels. This is the logical progression of the hack games on the website. 216 more words

Environment variables in Fish

Environment variables can be set just like any other variable in the Fish shell.

  • To export an environment variable to the shell, add it in…
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Create dirs and sub-dirs with all alphabet names

for x in {a..z} ; do mkdir -p $x/${x}{a..z} ; done

Bash will expand XXX{a..z} out to XXXa, XXXb, and so on. There’s no need for the inner loop you have. 57 more words


get the UUID of a partition

You want to figure out the UUID of a partition. For instance, you want to mount a partition upon boot and thus you want to add it to your… 67 more words


Invoke a command to generate a random password of length n

Here’s one way to generate a -good- random password of length n invoking a simple command in the terminal, like so for instance: psswd 30… 166 more words