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My Brain This Week Mar 11th-17th

Cthulhu Bunny at Starbucks?

Open a random Image in a directory

If you have a directory of images, and you want a random image, this bash one liner will do it: 40 more words

Ghost in the Shell - Part 4

Long time no see. Its been a while since last post in the Ghost in the Shell series. Its also exactly one full year since I started this blog – from the first… 2.311 more words

Setting up accounts, ssh & keys

In this post I’ll talk about how to configure access to your linux servers. We will look at accounts & passwords then how to use public keys so you don’t need to type in a password every time you want to log in. 121 more words


Some neat Vagrant tricks

I’ve been using Vagrant for a while now (though I’m not a Vagrant expert at all) and I’ve found myself setting some configuration over and over again as well performing some tasks on every new virtual machine the very same way I’d do on a physical one. 365 more words


Automatic database restore from production to dev server

Here’s a ready to use script that you can use to update the database (in this case postgres) from your production server to a dev/test server nightly. 138 more words


Sharing bash functions between scripts

I’ve spent most of the past week writing bash functions to help with automating build and deployment at work, and something I’ve never really paid much attention to is how to keep these .sh files structured. 735 more words


Moving Android Studio from home to system folders

Android Studio takes up a lot of space with its SDKs and virtual devices. The home folder gets full quickly. One option would be to move the entire Android Studio suite to its own folder in one of the system folders. 308 more words