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Cygwin : $'\r': command not found

If you are trying to execute some shell script using Cygwin and getting the error

$’\r': command not found

that means, shell is not able to read carriage return properly. 50 more words


Perintah-perintah ubuntu

n@zz:~$ echo $shell

n@zz:~$ echo $SHELL
n@zz:~$ whoami
n@zz:~$ pwd

n@zz:~$ gnome-terminal –tab –tab –tab

n@zz:~$ gnome-terminal –geometry 80×20
(terminal 80 karakter dan 20 baris) 1.421 more words


Back and forth with variables over SSH

A n00b mistake which turns out into a PITA is when we work with ssh and try to evaluate remotely some variables declared locally and included into a remote sh line. 227 more words


Want to use Nano seriously?

If so, here’s how I execute it (and why):

$ nano -r 79 -T 4 -E

First, the -r 79 is the “wrap lines at XX.” My screen maxes out at 80 columns so I make sure everything wraps there with a small buffer of one column. 66 more words

Foreground and background (boy you turn me)

I’m sure Diana Ross would have named so her song, had she been a huge *nix fun.

What are we talking about? Job control. It’s simple if you already know it, but today I learnt some people didn’t know about putting shell jobs in background or restoring them in foreground. 259 more words


since: Stateful Tail

“since is a unix utility similar to tail. Unlike tail, since only shows the lines appended since the last time. It is useful to monitor growing log files…” 6 more words


mysql show create table output to file

show table creation to file :)


q> Langsung saja

mysql -uroot -p auto_email -e "show create table tutorial\G " > /home/saifi/Desktop/testt.sql