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Crazy bout a Mercury.

Mercury Kustoms, 1949–1954. George Barris Kustoms, Hirohata Merc, Hot Wheels Barris Kustom Set. 1957 Car Craft Magazine, 1953 Hop Up Magazine. AKA not much goin on Monday. 15 more words


Hope and faith while together are strong

Without endurance we will never belong.

We swing in and out of danger within our heads

Yet we only find the world wishes us dead. 120 more words

10 Stunning Custom Cars By George Barris

Barris was born in Chicago in 1925, and became interested in customizing, like many young men of his generation, just after the war. In 1951, he bought Mercury and made him a unique car for himself; machine like a casual acquaintance Bob Burris Hirohate, and he ordered the same. 25 more words

Tubs’ car: 1951 Lincoln Lido Coupé by Barris

It’s not a sacrilege to affirm that people like George Barris, Ed Roth, Darryl Starbird, Dean Jeffries and few other have been for the U.S. car culture what Pininfarina, Bertone, Boano etc. 200 more words

For Sale

Diaris de Papua, Dies 1 al 5, Visa extension

Dies aborrits, l’extensió de la visa quequè el que pensava que em costaria un matí, s’ha convertit en una odisea de 9 dies.

El diumenge tancat, el dilluns és festa religiosa, no sé que de Jesús. 420 more words