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Lirik Lagu Barris - Mendua

Berikut lirik lengkap lagu Barris – Mendua :

aku mencoba coba memaafkan mu
maafkan kamu dari saat kau mendua
sungguh ku berat berat tuk tak mengingat… 104 more words


West Coast Kustoms 2014 Cruising Nationals

Tommy and Lidia have just returned from a long fun weekend in Santa Maria, California where they attended the West Coast Kustoms 2014 Cruising Nationals, which will be featured in the next issue of REVOLUTIONS magazine. 170 more words


REVOLUTIONS is Revvvvvvvvving Up for Release!

We know that it seems it is taking a long time to launch REVOLUTIONS, but in the end we believe the wait will have been well worth it. 121 more words


It's not just writing...

Ken Barris and I have a novel called Sunderland coming out with Jacana at the beginning of May. There’s an interview with us by Karin Schimke  328 more words

Michael Cope

History of the Golden Sahara

From the remains of George’s Lincoln, Barris Kustoms built the Golden Sahara for Jim Skonzakes of Dayton, Ohio. The interior of the Golden Sahara was completed by Glen Houser and Bob Houser of Carson Top Shop. 109 more words

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