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The Simple Home Bar

If you’re an entertainer of any kind, you likely want, or wish you had, a bar area in your home. With the “bar cart” becoming a mega-popular home commodity lately, they’re easy to find for a decent price – even… 279 more words


how to control Instagram

Instagram pictures of getting ready for the bar. Instagram picture of the metro. Instagram pictures of people smiling at the bar or looking serious. An Instagram picture of the DJ (looking away). 141 more words


5 Day Photo Challenge Day 5 - Belly up to the bar

Well here we are at day 5 of the 5 day photo challenge and while the “rules” state that I should nominate someone else to this challenge I find myself at a handicap… Everyone I would’ve nominated has already been tagged and it seems something has taken me down a notch or two and I am feeling terribly drained.  128 more words