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La Belle Époque

The theme of the dinner party was La Belle Époque,

In the vintage shop, I found a dress befitting Jane Avril.

Took it home, put it on a hanger and began imagining… 266 more words

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Something from the past as I'm editing, re-editing, revising my stories ...

Hong Sa Bar at Spirit House

We’ve been fans of The Spirit House for what seems like forever. I hate to think how many times I’ve posted about it on the old… 444 more words

Sunshine Coast

Botakliquor : 茨廠街裡的Hidden Gem


坐落在茨廠街尾,綠意盎然的Botakliquor, 藏身在Chocha Foodstore的樓上。庭中央神秘的旋轉樓梯,一看就知道樓上暗藏玄機。這裡大多提供酒精飲品,雞尾酒則是他們的主打。這裡的雞尾酒注重天然食材和香料搭配,所以每一杯味道都是特別也很順口的。這裡也是全馬唯一一家提供Cocktail On Tap的酒吧。菜單裡更是暗藏著調酒師在馬來西亞雞尾酒比賽中贏獎的冠軍酒,還有國際雞尾酒賽事的十強好酒。

更有趣的是,菜單其中一頁是供顧客自行搭配的“三步驟特調”。如果你對酒少有了解也沒關係,調酒師們知識豐富也很樂意跟你分享。跟當值調酒師Clayshark (ig : @clayshark) 聊了一下,他說一般上顧客即便不了解也不太敢問,調酒師們其實都很樂意分享和交流,讓更多人認識調酒的不同特性。



Sweet peas X Elderflower / Chestnut X Orange / Chocolate X Chili / Rice X Pandan / Bunga Kantan X Pumpkin / Violet X Dragonfruits… 24 more words


John m browning.

John Moses Browning was born in Ogden Utah, january 23 1855. His father was a gunsmith and invented a repeating muzzle loader along with building other firearms. 227 more words


Greetings - again - from the Sister Site

And another bon mot from the sister site, this time on an interesting chance discovery in connection with music. Enjoy, and let us know what you think. 17 more words

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Rose in my glass

2014 , South Africa- written during , my travel to South Africa, when I was actually sitting in the Silver Moon bar , sipping on a delicious Rose Wine… 76 more words


Mr Rabbit's Bar & Burrow, opp Royal Enfield Showroom, Baner Road, Pune

Absolutely fantastic place with nice ambiance, food and beverages!!!

One big hall with very low illumination levels, furniture with touch of wood, green color (wood brown – green theme), huge hand painted wall on one side and bar on the other, different seating arrangement rangin from conventional table chair to high rise bar chairs; also a few chairs at bar counter (for the loners), loud hiphop score in the background, sopesticated crowd… Overall it gave me a british pub kind of feeling. 340 more words

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