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Rule #124: Baby strollers

In the park? Yes

On the sidewalk? Sure

Disney land? Probably not, but I don’t give a shit, I’ll never be there anyway.

A restaurant or bar patio… Meeeeeehhh, … 312 more words


An underground scene? 

Based on a clipped whispering of a recommendation I had heard, a new friend and I entered and ascended the lift of the most unlikely location for a hip, underground bar: a shopping mall. 395 more words

Boscombe’s Hidden Gem - Chaplins

Walk along Christchurch Road in Boscombe and look for the statue of Charlie Chaplin inviting you to enter a small but quirky bar and restaurant. Don’t just stop there, as tempting as it may be to stand and watch the old Chaplin movie playing on the TV above the bar or to grab a board game and while away a few hours playing Scrabble with friends, read a book from the pub library or just wander around looking at the art work that pops up everywhere. 435 more words