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Zurich‘s best coffee.

The best thing about my Zurich apartment was the coffee downstairs at Totò’s. Whenever I would leave the house and feel like taking it slowly, I’d sit down and order a double espresso before taking my tram, heavy stuff, bitter and strong, awfully good, and while I was sipping it, I’d watch my neighbourhood, that beautiful Seefeld scenery, from a different angle, not as usual from my third floor balcony, through my olive trees’ leaves, but at ground level, quite a change, it’s true what that teacher in Dead Poets Society says, you should change your perspective from time to time, it’s quite invigorating, and thanks to Totò’s, I didn’t need to climb on anything, I just had to make it three floors further down.



So I was in a bar with some friends in East Atlanta, and I had to use the bathroom.

Not the most exciting start to a story, but bear with me. 865 more words


Falling Down To Reality

Meeting the unknown

Outside the bounds

Of reality and rationality

Outside myself

When I is more than me

When I is not me

Above myself… 36 more words


Endeavour Tap Rooms: A bar and restaurant in the Rocks

Endeavour Tap Rooms is a brewery, bar and restaurant, created in collaboration by the teams from Endeavour Vintage Beer Co and Applejack Hospitality. The venue follows both brands’ philosophies of using all-Australian, seasonally-harvested ingredients with no preservatives. 217 more words


Hijab Controversy: Affected law graduate, Amasa Firdaus, speaks

—The Nigerian Law School graduate denied access to the venue of the call to the bar ceremony earlier this week says her demand remains the need to grant approval for the use of hijab among Muslim law graduates. 416 more words


–Dr Joe Abah defends hijab wearing lady stopped from being called to bar

The controversy sparked by Hijab wearing lawyer, Fidarau Amasa, won’t be dying down soon as more notable figures have waded in to share their thoughts on the incident which denied Fidarau being called to bar. 22 more words