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*Shakes money at bartender*

Don’t ever do it. Don’t ever shake money at a bartender.

No, it does not make us serve you faster. No, you will not get your drink faster. 139 more words


Urban Exploration & A Need for Preparedness

Earlier in the week I went with a buddy to try and take some photos of some abandoned buildings. The first stop and primary target was an old resort outside Salt Lake City called the SaltAir. 317 more words

Neon Pigeon

It’s quite an exciting moment when you actually personally know someone who is opening up a new restaurant in Singapore and you can’t wait to go down and try their menu. 906 more words


Cape Coast

Here are some photos from Cape Coast to entertain you until I can get another full post up! We visited the slave castles, swam in the ocean (the current is really strong), had a few lectures, and drank beers and relaxed at the beach.. 103 more words