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Views over Palma from Bellver

Mallorca is a beautiful island and Palma lives up to the island’s reputation being equally stunning. The best way to find out is to go somewhere high so that you can see as much of it as possible. 286 more words


Carrer del Pare Colom Franciscà - Bunyola

Today, we will enjoy something simple. Most villages in Mallorca are different from each other and Bunyola is no different. Quiet, yet close to the capital, green and with an interesting geography, this village lays embedded between mountains. 208 more words


Carrer Sant Domingo

Another beautiful street you can stumble upon is Carrer Sant Domingo, in central Palma and not far from the popular Plaça de Cort. It is a peculiar street as it can be overlooked from the  202 more words


Carrer de Can Dusai

They say Palma will never stop surprising you, and I find that true especially if you walk around its old town. It is full of winding roads that are great to intentionally get lost and forget about the modern world (traffic, noise, pollution, crowds, etc). 212 more words


Carrer dels Balladors - Esporles

It is known to all of us by now that Mallorcans love using stones in their constructions, after all we have plenty of it. It is mainly in the stunning villages of the Serra de Tramuntana that we can contemplate it in both roads and houses, and it is beautiful. 326 more words


Plaça d'en Coll

Virtually located at a cross-roads in central Palma, Plaça d’en Coll is a great place to relax having a coffee in one of its little cafés, away from the busy shopping streets nearby, admiring some of Palma’s most colourful buildings. 187 more words