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Chateau d'Engravies

Engravies is a small village located in the Ariege departement of France. The Ruines of the Chateau d’Engravies (dates to before the XVIth century) a weird but also wonderful save of a ruined castle given another chance.



Chateau de Lordat

The Chateau de Lordat is one of oldest and the vastest feudal castles of the Comte de Foix, in the Ariege. It is a typical example of the medieval military architecture of the Pyrenees ariegeoises. 139 more words


Chateau de Querigut

The Chateau de Querigut (also known as the château du Donezan) is mentioned in a text going back to 1208. From the XVth century up until the end of the XVIIth century, it was several times besieged by the Spaniards. 79 more words


Chateau de Miglos

The Chateau de Miglos, The ruins of a castle built on a rock 750 metres (2,460 ft) high. It was built towards the beginning of the 13th century, and was largely damaged at the time of the French Revolution. 81 more words


Where the house was

When I first began researching British incomers in Ariège, I was curious as to why they’d chosen that out-of-the-way corner of France.  It turns out that… 548 more words


The media and the Brits in France

A flood, an invasion, bloodsuckers… we’ve all seen immigrants depicted using this kind of language in the British press.  Yet it surprised me to find that journalists use the same language to refer to their compatriots who are living in France. 904 more words