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Un amigo en Londres

Bien. Las amistades a Londres son un tema difícil. Básicamente creo que en Londres es difícil hacer amigos, lo que si se puede hacer es contactos y colegas. 242 more words

London Wlad Experience

Music on Repeat: Amistat


While in Melbourne I walked past this band busking several times and every single time I would nag whoever was with me to stop and let me get their name down so I could find their music online (such a crappy excuse, pretty sure they rolled their eyes at me the 4th time I used that excuse). 188 more words


Ethnographic Account of Gigs (EP launch and street performance)

I attended the EP launch for Melbourne based musician Harrison Storm on the 12th April at The Evelyn. Harrison Storm is a folk musician regularly busking on the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. 831 more words

Staying close to the beach in Barcelona: Amistat Beach Hostel

Before going to Barcelona, I spent a lot of time looking up things to do,water sports I could try, tours I could take and places I could live at. 1.047 more words


Coleccionando recuerdos

En fechas señaladas, a veces lo que más nos gusta es que nuestros seres queridos nos recuerden lo mucho que nos quieren, todo aquello que hemos vivido juntos y todo lo que nos queda por delante para vivir.  202 more words

Detalls / Detalles

Bourke Street Mall Music

If you know Melbourne, you would probably have heard of Bourke Street and also know there is a section call Bourke Street Mall. The Mall has heaps of popular shops, and large outlets like Myers and David Jones and the new additions of Zara and Australia’s only H&M store. 186 more words