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El titol «Les amants de Sant Joan» ve inspirat pel valse musette francés «Mon amant de Saint-Jean» de 1942 amb lletra de Léon Agel i música d’Émile Carrara, versionada entre altres per Patrick Bruel, Edith Piaf o Els Catarres.

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A Idomeni (XIX): Hard to say goodbye

I’m not so much of saying this things, I belive I express in other ways what people mean to me. The words seem useless to express all I feel and I want to say. 172 more words

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Amistat launch album Parley at the Northcote

AMISTAT launched their album Parley at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne last Friday night to a crowd mesmerized by the German twin duo’s folk/pop sound.  421 more words

A Idomeni (XI): Us presento en Rezan

En marxar a Atenes ens vam acomiadar. Ens tornaríem a veure a Alemanya, vam quedar. Avui torno després de 3 dies i em diuen que encara està aquí. 270 more words

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Music on Repeat: Amistat


While in Melbourne I walked past this band busking several times and every single time I would nag whoever was with me to stop and let me get their name down so I could find their music online (such a crappy excuse, pretty sure they rolled their eyes at me the 4th time I used that excuse). 188 more words


Ethnographic Account of Gigs (EP launch and street performance)

I attended the EP launch for Melbourne based musician Harrison Storm on the 12th April at The Evelyn. Harrison Storm is a folk musician regularly busking on the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. 831 more words