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What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's by Lisa Genova

Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be your brain’s destiny, says neuroscientist and author of “Still Alice,” Lisa Genova. She shares the latest science investigating the disease — and some promising research on what each of us can do to build an Alzheimer’s-resistant brain. 346 more words


Taking the Plunge

What do you do when you need to try something new?  Do you hesitate, or jump right in?  Do you try every new thing you encounter, or are you cautious and selective?   925 more words

Healthy Living

No Judgement.

A few days ago, I attended a meeting that was hosted by the tourism and development corporation and the SBA. All of the attendees were ask to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their business. 687 more words


Penyakit Alzheimer : Gejala, Penyebab dan Cara Mengobati

Penyakit Alzheimer : Gejala, Penyebab dan Cara Mengobati – Alzheimer merupakan penyakit yang menyebabkan hilang ingatan dan mempengaruhi otak sehingga menyebabkan penderitanya kesulitan dalam menjalankan kehidupan sehari-hari. 390 more words


The truth about the link between sugary drinks and Alzheimer's reveals a bigger issue with how science is reported

Several stories linking diet soda and sugary drinks with dementia have gone viral. While they re based on two well-done scientific studies, they don t tell you the full story. 54 more words

The Real Reason Why Diet Sodas Increase Your Risk of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Stroke

The Guardian dropped a bombshell of a health report on Thursday. Researchers working on the Farmingham heart study, which has tracked the health of thousands of residents from Farmingham Massachusetts since 1948, discovered a correlation between the consumption of artificial sweeteners and several serious health conditions. 515 more words


Senior Stay Or Go TV - on Channel 4SD!

Did you miss the newest episode of Senior Stay or Go on CH4SD last night? Don’t worry… we’ve Youtubed it for ya!


Senior Stay or Go TV Celebrates it’s First Year! 193 more words

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