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“Night flight to San Francisco; chase the moon across America. God, it’s been years since I was on a plane. When we hit 35,000 feet we’ll have reached the tropopause, the great belt of calm air, as close as I’ll ever get to the ozone. 178 more words

A Drop Of Conversation

Alzheimer's Part 1: January 2014

This is probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever written, largely because of the fact that I felt I managed to capture so perfectly all that I want to say to my Nan. 201 more words


Microbes : A long ignored field in Alzheimer's Research

Following points highlights dire need to study molecular basis of microbial role in Alzheimer pathogenesis.

  • Enough evidence in role of microbes in dementia and building up of amyloid plaques.
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How Dr. Alzheimer Discovered a Disease in an Asylum

Carl didn’t know what was happening to his wife.  The German railway clerk from Morfelder Landstasse and his wife Auguste had been happily married for twenty-eight years. 839 more words


Loss of Y Chromosome in Men Tied to Alzheimer's Risk

By Amy Norton
HealthDay Reporter


MONDAY, May 23, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Men who lose Y chromosomes from their blood cells as they age may have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. 702 more words

Daily News

Dementia Patients at Home: Care Taker's Guide

The Purple Jacket welcomes back guest blogger Andrea Bell 

Dementia Patients at Home: Care Taker’s Guide

According to the behaviorist perspective, the environment plays a key role in how people behave. 844 more words

The Purple Jacket


¿Cómo diferenciar el Alzheimer del deterioro propio de la edad?

10 SEÑALES DE ADVERTENCIA (Alzheimer’s Association)

Cada individuo puede experimentar una o más de estas señales en grados diferentes. 840 more words

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