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A few months ago I was asked what my biggest fear was. I answered without hesitation, losing my memory. The shrink made such a face I still laugh about it. 664 more words


Dementia - "The most feared disease in the UK"

Dementia has become the leading cause of death in the UK. It is also the most feared disease among British people, overtaking cancer and heart disease. 814 more words


Come clean

Wash your hands before coming to the table, your mother used to tell you. She was afraid you would contaminate your food with the bacteria stuck on your hands from playing outside. 941 more words


Low Hippocampal Blood Flow and Higher Alzheimer’s Vulnerability in Marijuana Users

A new study reports marijuana users have lower blood flow to the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with memory and learning. Hippocampus, the brain’s key memory, and learning center, has the lowest blood flow in marijuana users suggesting higher vulnerability to Alzheimer’s. 85 more words


Benzodiazepine and Related Drug Use Increases Hip Fractures in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease

The use of benzodiazepines and related drugs increases the risk of hip fracture by 43% in persons with Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. 272 more words

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Alzheimer's and The Bullshit it Causes

Being a caretaker for an alzheimer’s and dementia person is tough.  It’s also a lot harder when it’s your own grandma.  And probably a lot harder when it’s your own mom. 760 more words

Daily Routines

Most of us head into the holidays with some unease.  We wonder if we will be able to make it through without packing on weight.  We vow to say no to drinks, desserts and all the stuff that comes along with the holiday season. 374 more words