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Fading memory, losing life - Alzheimer...

Fading memory, losing life

Foundation of life
Slowly crumbles away
Withdraws without traces.

Mind returns to the past
Loses present connections
Stumbles on old pathes… 64 more words


How AI can spot Alzheimer’s disease five years before diagnosis

Despite all the hype, artificial intelligence (AI) is not ready to replace doctors or automate brain surgery. But it can analyse immense amounts of data to help us better study, diagnose, treat and even prevent disease. 84 more words


Dementia can be prevented

The Lancet commission on “Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care” has identified essential measures that will reduce the risk of the disease.

In an article published last July in The Lancet, an expert commission has defined the main risk factors for dementia and has pointed out the most effective methods to prevent and treat this disease. 1.319 more words


Alzheimer's and what big corporation don't want you to know. Cures and Life saving tips.

I just recently came across a book called memory repair protocol.

direct link is here:

The story is long and sad but it was just a story about someone who’s wife was going through a difficult time with Alzheimer’s disease and was searching through the sea of garbage pills and medications for Alzheimer that don’t even work and whats worse cause compounding side effects.  182 more words


La demenza nella terza età è prevenibile

La commissione medica Lancet ha evidenziato i comportamenti da adottare per ridurre il rischio della demenza in età avanzata.

In un articolo pubblicato il luglio scorso su Lancet, una commissione di psichiatri e ricercatori ha fatto il punto sulla demenza per delinearne i fattori di rischio e i metodi più efficaci per prevenirla e trattarla. 1.366 more words


Inverting Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Closer With Discovery of New Protein Target

An enzyme that interferes with key memory-forming processes in people with Alzheimer’s can now be specifically targeted thanks to the discovery of a protein that helps it do its dirty work, according to new research out of MIT. 688 more words

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