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Mid April 2015

Sometimes his memory is better than mine…..recently we were trying to remember which politician had recently died…and he remembered it.  I didn’t.  He’ll seem to be perfectly fine, but then something will happen that’s just a bit off or out of the norm. 60 more words

Alzheimer Disease


Hoje estou longe do Daniel e sinto falta dele, apesar das mudanças  – nós nos amamos.

Eu não consegui ler o livro “Para Sempre Alice”  muitos comentários positivos e mesmo assim não tenho vontade. 69 more words

♥Pense Nisso


April 15

In the past he was always very conscious of how many bananas we had in the house. If we only had a few left, he’d stop at the store and get more, or remind me to get some when we went shopping. 42 more words

Alzheimer Disease


April 14

Got up around midnight, turned on the light to look for his watch which he couldn’t find. Wandered in to the bathroom to look for it. 39 more words

Alzheimer Disease

The Phone Call

My mom answered the phone yesterday. She didn’t know me or know what I was saying. I started to feel sad for her and myself, with tears starting to form but then I remembered the sound of her voice. 55 more words


Clothes Basket

April 13

Rummaging around in the dirty clothes basket. I asked him “What are you looking for?”  He said “Nothing” I said “Nothing? You’re rummaging around in the dirty clothes basket” He said ” I’m looking for an undershirt.” He had looked in the closet, but hadn’t been able to find one. 36 more words

Alzheimer Disease


Had been getting the mail everyday – then would occasionally say “I didn’t get the mail today.” and go out to get it…..then would forget about it and say the following day “Did I get the mail yesterday?”…..then kind of forgot about getting it at all.

Alzheimer Disease