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Ich habe Demenz?

Heute hat sich eine alte, demente Patientin an mich erinnert, da sie vor 4 Monaten schon mal da war. Ich kannte sie jedoch nicht mehr.Das Archiv hat bestätigt das die Dame vor 4 Monaten tatsächlich bei mir war. 6 more words


Rising Up

Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a girl and her will to survive… 520 more words

Contraataque al "Alemán"

No me guardes en tu mente

ni tengas fe en los recuerdos,

ponme a salvo para siempre

en rincones de tu cuerpo.


He aquí nuevos mandamientos… 198 more words

Fading memory...

If someday my memory just dries away, read me your best story every night… Over and over and over again. Every evening, after every sunset, tell me those same words, and bring me with you down the same road. 64 more words


Rise of the planet of the apes-memoir

I had the pleasure of watching the Rise of the planet of the apes and couldn’t help but reflect on the fictional experimented drug combination that was tested to cure Alzheimer if you haven’t watched this film do refer to this trailer… 280 more words


No more seafood? Why paleo is not feasible in a polluted world

So for a while I was a semi-proponent of the paleo diet. However, as I looked more into it, issues started emerging. One big issue for me is that animal foods in today’s world are polluted. 350 more words

Gene therapy may help treat Alzheimer’s, says a new study

Researchers say injecting gene into the brain could be one way of treating Alzheimer’s disease. (Shutterstock) 361 more words