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Protein exhibits promise for efficient Alzheimer's remedy

New York, Aug 31, 2016: Protein exhibits promise for efficient Alzheimer’s remedy. Researchers have discovered that a protein could assist reverse the consequences of damaging plaques within the mind related to Alzheimer‘s illness. 7 more words

Now is the time: Remember Gene Wilder through these 10 classic roles

From Blazing Saddles to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder didn’t star in too many movies, but what little he did, was classic. 432 more words


A Purpose in Remembrance

As I sit and ponder the various thoughts that flood my mind, I wonder how many of us are good at remembering things.  Do you remember the good times?  1.318 more words


Diet and Exercise Can Reduce Protein Build-ups Linked to Alzheimer’s

A study by researchers at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior has found that a healthy diet, regular physical activity and a normal body mass index can reduce the incidence of protein build-ups that are associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 395 more words


Delayed Gratification

We live in a world that’s moving so fast.  Anything we want is right there at our fingertips.  If you buy something on Amazon, and you can buy anything there, chances are you may receive it that same day.   554 more words

Smaller Hippocampus Not A Link Between Late-Life Depression And Alzheimer’s After All

In older adults with depression, the brain’s most important memory structure is often reduced in size. This structure, known as the hippocampus, is also smaller in the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s. 291 more words

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Tingling down my back. I can feel the hair on my body stand up. In panic I look all around.

“WHO’S OUT THERE??!!” I yell. 540 more words