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Spain's Election Impasse

On 25th September there will be a vote in the Congress of Deputies. This vote will confirm who is to be the next Spanish Prime Minister. 643 more words

BREAKING: Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera to meet tomorrow

PM Mariano Rajoy (PP) and Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos) will meet tomorrow at 13.00 CET, as confirmed by Ciudadanos’ José Manuel Villegas.


NotReallyBreaking: Rajoy dodges all questions

Incumbent PM Mariano Rajoy has dodged all questions about Ciudadanos six conditions, about the date of the confidence debate and about everything else. 43 more words


BREAKING: Ciudadanos willing to negotiate with Rajoy if PP accepts 6 conditions

Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera has announced that his party would negotiate support Mariano Rajoy if he schedules a date for the confidence debate and accepts the following six conditions: 37 more words