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Visiting Revelation's Churches

Revelation’s Seven Churches—I’m leading a group to visit them next April. You’ve never seen the Book of Revelation until you’ve been there—or the Book of Acts, or Paul’s and John’s and Peter’s letters. 83 more words

How devastation changed the face of the UK General Election

Abigail Watson – An election to decide the path of Brexit has now been dominated by two awful terrorist attacks which have changed the nature of the debate and have, arguably, changed what the UK is voting on. 599 more words


June 10 - Travels 

Early wake up today! 5:45!!! We made our way to the train station in Cerveteri then headed to the airport in Rome. Goodbye Italy, may we meet again! 243 more words

Athens Day 2

My top tip for Athens is: base yourself in the Monastiraki area! This is THE hub. Excellent transport connections to the rest of the city, reasonable walking distance to most tourist sites (I walked pretty much everywhere), plenty of restaurants and eateries of all sorts, plenty of bars for a good night out. 482 more words


Athens and the Acropolis: Day Two

We woke up on Sunday morning to the sound of rain. By the looks of things it had rained all night and wasn’t showing any sign of slowing down. 985 more words


The spread of censorship

The Ukraine conflict has been used as a pretext

<< No. 24 (257), 19 June 2017 >>

The Russian authorities have used events in Ukraine as a pretext for the suppression of independent opinions and movements, says a new report by the… 319 more words


Theresa May – in a position of both strength and weakness

John McStravick – When Theresa May assembled the media outside 10 Downing Street on 18 April there was much speculation about what was to be announced. 604 more words