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Using the Bible to Promote and Impose Terror on Women

Originally posted on on September 8, 2011

Terrorism is a worldwide issue, not specific to one religion. While we attribute the atrocities of 9/11 to Islamic extremists, Christianity has a long history of imposing terror, especially on women.  746 more words

Queria saber o que dizer agora

Queria saber o que dizer agora,

Mas faltam palavras na minha boca.

Queria saber o que dizer da tua roupa.

Do teu corte de cabelo, 149 more words

In Verso

Facebook shouldn’t be conceptualised as a social space; it’s an agora.

Here’s an analogy that I’ve been playing with for quite a while. I’ve been trying to find the best way to describe Facebook that adequately sums up the experience; something that serves to capture the many varied aspects of the Facebook experience, and I think I’ve finally found the answer – Facebook is a modern Agora. 946 more words

Digital Research

Awaken the Dragon 2014 Exhibition Starts on Sat!

After the successful firing of the Thow Kwang dragon kiln in November 2014, we are now presenting the fired works in this exhibition together with some info on the project and our process. 170 more words

Post-Museum News

Au dela des limites



Au delà des limites |Performance|FNC Lab 2014

Presentée dans le cadre de la programmation speciale “Inside Iran” du festival du nouveau cinema… 54 more words

Ephesus — The Commercial Agora

Ephesus was the major city of Asia Minor during the New Testament era. It was a major port – now silted up – located at the end of the Spice and Silk Road that ran west from Arabia and Asia to Ephesus on the Aegean Sea. 372 more words

Places In Turkey

Özyurtlar İnşaat Güvencesiyle NCadde Agora Projesi

1990 yılından günümüze uzanan başarılı sektör tecrübesine sahip Özyurtlar İnşaat, İstanbul Esenyurt ta oldukça dikkat çekici bir projeye başladı. Esentyurt un merkezinde iş dünyasının buluşma noktası olması beklenen NCadde Agora adlı proje, modern mimari yapısıyla insan odaklı bir yaklaşım geliştirilerek tasarlanmıştır. 24 more words