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We had unplanned dinner at Agora. Good sushi

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Daily Life


More from Greece this time, in the old Greek Agora in Athens.

As I’m given to understand, this was basically the heart and soul of the city in its heyday, bustling with commerce and debate, vote-getting or -stealing (not much has changed in democracy!), and so forth. 170 more words


Fecha: 17 de Febrero del 2017

Pendiente debido a que actividad se realiza el viernes


Of Heritage and Identity

Guest Post – Pujya Priyadarshni, travel writer

As I read flipped through a weekly magazine, which diligently analyzed the ongoing Syrian war, the plane started it’s descend in Athens. 1.207 more words


O Românie într-o agoră unită

2017 –  România, ţară care, după 27 de ani de stare amorfă invadează, de şase seri încoace, piaţa unei victorii din bătrâna capitală Bucureşti. Piaţa Victoriei, în faţa Guvernului României, punctul zero al democraţiei 2017, al doilea punct zero după Piaţa Universităţii şi masacrul din `89 care, cu preţul dispariţiei unor suflete tinere, intram şi noi în rândurile naţiunilor democratice Europene din blocul de Est. 534 more words

Articole (ro)

What can one do in cold Chicago?

I don’t visit Chicago very often, maybe once in a decade. So there’s a lot of this lively city which I haven’t seen. Now that I have to spend a week there on work, I’m trying to work out what I can take the time out to see. 331 more words