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Agora Premier

Matt Hopper’s Agora – Premier Performance 3-21-2017: clip from “Marcelo’s Guitar” by Matt Hopper.

  • Guitar: Matt Hopper
  • B3 Organ: Ken Lovern
  • Drums: Todd Strait
  • Percussion: Patrick Conway
Matt Hopper

Welcome Spring!

It is going to be a good-looking calm day with no storms, no spins and no scurry but just a cool quiet breeze blowing from the west, aboard a tall sailing ship with propellers at full force coming to rest at dock. 20 more words


Final Words From the 2nd Gen Chiefs

Hello Guys! (Or maybe “Goodbye” is more appropriate…)

After a long year of political updates, expansion of our photography “wing,” and academic advice, Charlene and I are finally ready to hand our precious gift over to the next generation. 178 more words

The Troy Life

Agora DC Brunch

If you’re ever in DC, you have to brunch. There are so many places to go…maybe I’ll have to post a list of some great spots sometime soon…but in the meantime, let me tell you about the great brunch I had this weekend! 140 more words

Foodie Spots

On the Slopes

Being on the hill of the Acropolis, we are inevitably left breathless by the birds’ eye views from above. Whole modern and ancient Athens is in our palms and this awesome feeling of enjoying the picturesque ancient-modern view will remain in our minds forever and ever. 1.716 more words

Let's Travel

Hello March

Soon, Spring will be here. With the dawn, a new day blossoms like a colorful and fragrant flower, brightening life and impromptu circumstances. This is what brings us today, what empowers us to be, the rebirth of hopes, strength and courage to fulfill what life brings us and the universe offers us to dream.


AGORA - the largest sauna in the world!

Saunas are a place of relaxation, enjoyment, detoxification and wellness.

This time we present the greatest public sauna, which is neither more nor less, than in the Arctic Circle. 223 more words