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Earth Day 2017

My earthy conscious self is telling me to dump the plastic bags at the supermarket or at a recycle center and begin using the beautiful reusable custom recycled or paper bags but my conflicted and reluctant self is asking, what would I do without the plastic bags?! 9 more words



Questions floated like a perverted leave
mushing through the room looking for a place to land but
like a force of a raging bull
the wind came… 37 more words


Spring Break: Exploring the Acropolis

For our first full day in Athens, and while we still were supposed to have some good weather, we decided to visit the Acropolis. We began our day by getting crepes, both savory and sweet, and then taking the walking path up to the site. 1.481 more words

Personal Trips

On Writing and Life as a Secular Humanist....

One question I get a lot, both in real life and online (and yes the two are separated in many ways), is about my creativity and writing.   973 more words


Fishing Made Simple

A time to unwind. A time relax. A time for family. A time to zen. A time for friends. A time to live. A time to come alive. 29 more words


Interview: Aj Channer of Fire From the Gods

We recently sat down with AJ Channer from Fire from the Gods at The Agora located in Cleveland, Ohio to talk music, personal obstacles and future goals.