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Happy Anniversary!

Everybody spread the word, We’re gonna have a celebration, All across the world, In every nation, It’s time for the good times…

We are nine years old today. 23 more words


Agora: Hypatia and the Heliocentric Theory

Agora (2009, dir. Alejandro Amenábar) is a surprisingly fresh film about ancient Rome. Unlike most films about ancient Rome, which tend to focus on the period from roughly 100 BC to 68 AD, … 2.555 more words


"On Waiting for Godot" by Magdalen Ki

Dr.  Magdalen Ki’s “On Waiting for Godot” was first published on the English Department’s blog, Agora

Directed by Wu Xing-guo, this production opens in heavy shadow and with brooding music.

630 more words

Athens Archeology

Athens is an enchanting city, built layer upon layer . . .  upon layer.  Earlier layers keep emerging.

The entryway to our apartment building was a case in point. 1.209 more words

Travel - Europe

Athens: Emergency Update

November 14, 2017. Athens, Greece.

All over Athens, there are ambiguous signs and menu sandwich boards that say MYTHOS on them. I thought it was a restaurant I ate at. 101 more words

Kızıl Süvarinin Gidişi

“Çocuklu bir anne gözlerini dikmiş, bir askere bakıyor. Muhtemelen bir konuşma anı. Ama ağızlarından çıkan sözleri duyamıyoruz. Belki hiçbir şey söylemiyorlar birbirlerine; her şeyi birbirlerine bakışları anlatıyor. 759 more words