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We Can't Build a Neo-Sovereign Society Following the Same Old "Rules"

It’s everywhere you look and listen. People want change because…

…the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Bankers own everything, we can’t move. All politicians and governments are corrupt or have been taken hostage.

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The NS Feedback Series. Part 2: How is the Agora Outside of the Political System?

Comments from P.C. and D. on “Agora” – April 27, 2016:

P.C.: “Who defines where an individual’s agora(s) is/are, and the scope of their ability to make laws? 395 more words


Neo-Sovereignism and the Economy

The first principle of neo-sovereignism states that “it always starts at the agora” therefore it is not realistic to assume and expect that every community, regardless of size, that applies neo-sovereignism will have identical… 303 more words


Happy Earth Day!

Here. Home. Now. Peace. Dreams. Protect. Life. Harmony. Laugh. Green. Love. Matter. Breathe. Living. Being. Celebrate. Earth. Day.

The earth is our home, our place of being, our living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, whatever you want her to be. 9 more words


The Rights of Juvenile Suspects under International Law


Major human rights treaties, international criminal law documents and other instruments recognize that juvenile suspects need to be treated distinctly within any criminal investigation or prosecution. 3.037 more words


Ancient Athens

This is why you come to Athens. To see the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora…the most magnificent remnants of ancient Greece. This was definitely why I went to Athens; it was a top bucket list item for me. 2.824 more words


Rich West @ The Agora

Rich West performing ‘Rite Dere’ @ The Agora

Camera work by M.B.H Studios