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Precious Metal?

I’ve found that in countries using currencies different from the US dollar, making change is not difficult until you get down to the small coin level.   200 more words


Announcing: Witch on Fire

Hello, my lovelies. Longtime; no post. Sorry ’bout that.

Back at Imbolc, I dedicated to writing more, possibly a book, being the willing channel for Hermes and Aphrodite to make widely known Her Thealogy of Divine Love. 657 more words

Modern Witchcraft

Sokakta yaşayan, sokakta doyan şehir : İzmir

Gevrek, boyoz, kumru, midye, kokoreç, söğüş, kömürde sandviç…

İzmirli sokakta bunlarla karnını doyurur. Bunlar atıştırmalık olduğu kadar çoğu zaman da bildiğiniz ana öğün yerine geçen yiyeceklerdir. 762 more words


Respect for international legality and the renewed centrality of the United Nations: the only alternative to war

In the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and of the end of the Second World War, the diagnoses of the ongoing conflicts abound, but are not sufficient unless they are accompanied by precise proposals in the framework of an appropriate vision. 1.383 more words


Cries of reprieve for Viger Square's condemned Agora monument

The prospect of being hanged, English literary critic Samuel Johnson wrote, focuses the mind wonderfully.

It turns out the same can be said about the pending execution of public works of art. 1.242 more words

Local News

Montreal cancels call for bids on Viger Square overhaul

Viger Square’s planned $28-million makeover has been put on hold, giving a piece of public art a temporary stay of execution.

The Agora, a concrete sculpture in the square created in 1983 by artist Charles Daudelin, … 224 more words

Local News