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Ephesus — The Commercial Agora

Ephesus was the major city of Asia Minor during the New Testament era. It was a major port – now silted up – located at the end of the Spice and Silk Road that ran west from Arabia and Asia to Ephesus on the Aegean Sea. 372 more words

Places In Turkey

De argumentatie van de adviescommissie

Gisteravond kwam het nieuws dat Agora niet wordt toegelaten tot de kraamkamer in Amsterdam, waar vier plannen worden voorbereid om school te worden. Hieronder de argumentatie van de adviescommissie. 314 more words

The human rights responsibilities of commercial vessels when rescuing migrants at sea


While shipmasters have always played a role in search and rescue at sea, the current crisis in the Mediterranean has placed great pressure on the shipping industry. 961 more words


Road to Agora (1)

Alright. It’s time that I wipe the dust off of my neglected blog. Hey friends! I’ve missed ya.

SO much has been happening. I think it would be physically impossible to catch you all up in just one post so that will come later…maybe. 509 more words


Day 39: Giving Simplified with Agora for Good

I was searching online for a clean water organization and was overwhelmed by the search results. Clean water is a major need all across the world. 308 more words

Sprinkle Everywhere

My Top Movies with Female in the leading roles - part 2

Today’s list is more intense. It’s all movies that are heavy and definitely not suitable for under 16 years old. Some are even based on true stories. 638 more words