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Mirror, Mirror on the Screen--

The role of women in society has been examined critically throughout history, we may have not had much say politically for millennia but that has changed in the last century, as have other societal aspects. 1.189 more words


What is Wilderness Therapy? And Does it Work?

Let me paint you a picture of wilderness therapy. We are sitting in the forest along a mountain trail. The sun is high in the sky, casting golden beams through the green foliage. 1.873 more words

Mental Health

Parenting Now

Becoming a parent – through birth, adoption, marriage – regardless of how, is the most joyful, terrifying, confusing, life-changing, earth-shattering, conflicting, miraculous, adventure you may jump or tiptoe into, with eyes wide open or shut tight, mind full of wonder, books full of advice, well-meaning loved ones with advice that conflicts with our books… 415 more words

Vista Hill SmartCare

National survey reveals 1 in 10 Australian children will self-harm

by Krystle Herdy.

Australia’s largest survey on the mental health and wellbeing of the nation’s children and adolescents has revealed that depression rates in Australia’s younger population have almost doubled since 1998. 566 more words

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Hospital MadLibs

Every Intervention Needs an “Ice Breaker”

The thing about narrative medicine based interventions is it’s hard to start off with them as your first intervention. One of the “volunteer artists” I work with at my hospital once said “When you work with a school age kid, your intervention goes: Rapport Building, Activity, Wrap up. 709 more words

Child Life

The Man Next to the Mall

One of my earliest childhood memories involves “The Man Next to the Mall.” I didn’t know the man’s name, his story, or where he came from, but to this day I can picture him in my mind as vividly as when I first saw him. 912 more words

The holy water story, plus some other stuff

I have some really angry kids in my class this year.

That’s new.

I should explain.  I’ve had plenty of kids with anger management issues.  I’ve had plenty of kids who had explosive tempers.   840 more words