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Like the Kids First: Ego and Teaching

Today, the National Association of Independent School’s Independent Teacher magazine posted an article by Greg Rainey, “10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self About Teaching.” Since I am still my “younger self”, I recognize many of the innate attitudes and slowly emerging wisdom that Rainey describes. 462 more words


An American Classic

A Separate Peace by John Knowles (1959) is regarded as an American Classic. The two main protagonists Phineas (Finny) and Gene Forrester are pupils at Devon, a New England Prep School. 430 more words

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Furet du Nord de Lille : Deux adolescents d’un groupe se perdent dans les rayons

Une dizaine d’adolescents, accompagnés par un cinquantenaire, tournent dans le rayon des DVD de Furet du Nord. Leur guide, les cheveux blonds, vêtu d’une chemise bleue, commente un DVD du long métrage « Amour sur place ou à emporter ». 223 more words


Be a Friend, not a Bully

Someone calls you stupid. How do you feel?

Someone says you’re ugly. How do you feel?

You get hit and kicked every day. How do you feel?

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A different day

I haven’t posted in quite a few weeks. It’s because I’m dealing with the hardest point in my life, a death without a corpse, a loss so profound that it affects everyone. 174 more words

Good Therapy: 5 Things You Should Know about Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

“Confusion, anxiousness, hurt, disappointment, and anger may be among the feelings parents experience if they discover that their teen is self-injuring. The teen, too, is likely experiencing negative thoughts and… 38 more words