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Conquering Depression: How I Became My Own Hero


Hunter Kent is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. She has a profound passion for helping others. After a long journey to find inner peace and happiness, she aspires to share her internal love with the rest of the world. 78 more words

Message from Tita Ann Marie

Mga Pinalangga nga “Peer Mentors”,

Panamyaw gikan Mindanao!

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for getting us connected!  Thanks to Facebook! 310 more words

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Substance Abuse and Adolescents

Substance abuse in adolescents often accompanies psychological problems. Despite common perception, not all adolescents drink or smoke spot. Many popular, social and academically successful teenagers enjoy socializing without resorting to drug abusive behavior (including alcohol and cigarettes). 148 more words

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Sleep loss leads to significant weight gain in boys

Sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. Prolonged sitting is highly prevalent in modern society with behaviors such as seated reading, writing, and screen-viewing, and all these contribute to the total time spent sedentary. 196 more words

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Verruca Pedis: Warts the Best Intervention?

Verruca Pedis the common plantar wart is not just a viral lesion kept to the population of small children and swimmers. The foreign body can appear on any individual regardless of social status, amount of exposure to the viral particles or age. 1.138 more words

If this vaccine fights cancer, why aren't more people embracing it?

If you knew there was a vaccine that could prevent several types of cancer—including a form of cancer that kills over 250,000 women each year—would you make sure your child gets it? 521 more words

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