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How Are Some Students Raising Mental Health Awareness in Their High Schools?

PCLG parents have been spending some time these past few months learning about student-driven mental health awareness groups at area high schools.  It’s truly inspiring to hear how teenagers are leading efforts to erase stigma, create positive environments, and drive change in their schools and communities. 353 more words

Children's Mental Health

What does a pet fish and a teenager with Type 1 diabetes share?

A new study found blood sugar levels decreased in teenagers with Type 1 diabetes

when given the responsibility of pet ownership – one fish, one bowl, one quarter cup of water a week… 59 more words

Victoria Kaloss

Holism and the Classroom

I cannot teach without feeling as though everything is in connection and working together toward the final goal of a successful year of student learning.  From the moment I meet the young adults who enter my room in September until the final fourth marking period quarterly in June, I have to know there has been growth and my students are aware of what comes next for them.   897 more words



[ Listening to Fly Before You Fall on repeat ]

As the months go on , and holidays roll around you get less messages from the ones you thought would last . 562 more words

Virgin Fairy

45. Tiger Eyes (Judy Blume)

After listening to Judy Blume speak about Tiger Eyes at her engagement at the Toronto reference library last week, I was curious to reread Tiger Eyes.   350 more words


Few teens use the most effective types of birth control

Few teens use the most effective types of birth control
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Teen births continue to decline in the U.S., but still more than 273,000 infants were born to teens ages 15 to 19 in 2013.

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Centers For Disease Control And Prevention