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Hung Up

Hung Up

by Kristen Tracy
March 2014, Simon Pulse
282 pages

“Once upon a time, last semester, I took a course called International Foods. I did this because I liked the idea of eating at school, and also learning in a room that had ovens.

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Book Reviews

The Relationship between Drugs and Alcohol Use and Suicidal Idealization and Attempts of Montanan Adolescence

Authors: April Kortz, Alex Holter, and Aundrea Edwards

Helena College University of Montana


Suicidal ideation and attempts start emerging in adolescents and can be increased by the use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol. 2.902 more words

The Time Has Finally Come

After months and months of preparation and anticipation for my journey to South Africa it is surreal to say that I am finally here. A year ago today I agreed to start my Master’s at Simon Fraser University (SFU). 593 more words

A2Z2016 - Xtreme!!!

According to the Urban Dictionary (because it’s not a real word):

To define something as “cooler” than the norm. Originally used for outrageous sports and death-defying stunts, “Xtreme” has managed to find its way into nearly every marketing campaign in America: deodorant, beef tacos, soft drinks, and even duct tape.”

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Getting Teens To Talk

Adolescence is the beginning of a long journey toward independence and can be one of the most difficult times for parents to negotiate. Though this is a very important process that parents want for the healthy development of their children, sometimes parents ask the question…what happened to my sweet little angel who used to tell me everything? 192 more words

Advice For Parents


No essay, just a link. Check it out…

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