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There are Elephants in the Room ... # 7

There are Elephants in the Room … # 7

A happy elephant-packed Sunday to you all.  Yes it’s day 7 of my quest to cure myself of the dreaded… 94 more words

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The Winners And Losers Of The TV Season

The tough 2013-14 broadcast television season claimed one high-level executive’s job when Kevin Reilly left Fox last week. A look at what’s up with the networks. 23 more words


What’s on tonight: December 4th on My ABC WOTV4

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) — Settle in and get ready to be entertained. Here’s what you can expect for tonight’s primetime lineup on MY ABC WOTV4… 75 more words


Conviction, episode eight

A woman is chiseling away at a wall. She kicks down a door and escapes into a basement. She makes her way upstairs and finds a man, dead. 1.269 more words



We are asked all the time here at Operation Media Watch, “What news sources do you believe are bias?” Great question! So we compiled our list. 483 more words

December 3

December 3, 2010 – Disney Announces Ben Sherwood as New President of ABC News

“It’s a great honor and privilege to be asked to lead this amazing news organization and I am humbled by the opportunity.” 107 more words

How to "dissolve the fog of lies" Try truth?

There’s a piece by ABC journalist Julia Baird in The Age yesterday lamenting the demise of “objective facts” in public discourse.

While politicians, lobbyists and supporters initiate fact-less commentary, the media is largely responsible for propagating a narrative based unquestioningly on emotion and personal belief, rather than fact. 424 more words