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August 16

August 16, 1999 – The Game Show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Premieres on ABC

“Starting tonight, and every night for the next two weeks, join us from New York City as we play… 114 more words

Nick Xenophon rejects One Nation ABC restrictions but pushes small media tax breaks – politics live | Australia news | The Guardian

“Hanson & Bolt call for Media Profit, value Uniformity over  Debate  and can’t be trusted; The ABC provides Debate, Diversity & values information for all Australians and is trusted. 27 more words


Wednz Scene: Marvel's Inhumans

August 16 / 17

Hey again….with new tv shows coming next month, I wanted to start off with Marvel’s Inhumans. This is based on a group of superhumans with superpowers of course. 176 more words


‘Quantico’ Boss Hints Priyanka Chopra Drama Won't Completely Reset In Season 3

Quantico has a lot of changes in store next season, but there might not be as many shakeups as you’d think, which is a good thing. 318 more words