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Trending N'at: Kermit the Frog Has A New Girlfriend

When the news of a split between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke a little while, the world seemed to lose it’s mind over the end of what seemed like a perfect couple. 355 more words


Kermit Has Moved on From Miss Piggy

When Kermit announced his split from Miss Piggy, it was a very sad day…

But now Kermit has decided to go public with his new relationship. 101 more words


Kermit The Frog New Girlfriend

No… Wait… WHAT?!

Kermit the frog has a new girlfriend?! Her name is Denise and apparently she will be the new Kermit’s girlfriend in the new series about the Muppets’ personal life; premiere on ABC on September 22! 17 more words


Gary Busey Joins Dancing With the Stars — See His Over-the-Top Announcement

Show of hands: Who had “sexy cowboy” in the What Costume Will Gary Busey Wear to Announce He’s Joining Dancing With the Stars office pool? 226 more words

Casting News

Parliamentary Gift Shop To Sell Peter Dutton Inspired Tin Foil Hats

Canberra’s parliamentary gift shop has announced that they will be stocking a new line of merchandise inspired by immigration minister and avid conspiracy theorist Peter Dutton with the launch of the Peter Dutton tin foil hat. 163 more words

The UnAustralian

Media Fail: ABC Gives Up Covering Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal

On Monday night, under the cloak of darkness, the State Department dumped thousands of Hillary Clinton emails hoping to avoid a media firestorm.

You wouldn’t even know it happened if you watched ABC, because after briefly mentioning it on Monday, the network completely ignored it on Tuesday. 197 more words

Media Bias

ABC Riccarton's outing to Arion Farm Park

ABC Riccarton piled into the BestStart van and went off to Arion Farm Park. The children were very excited and chatted all the way. We went past the airport and saw several planes. 17 more words