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Castle: Habeas Corpse

We see a man running from a car and eventually get cornered. The driver gets out and then approaches the man.

Beckett is helping Alexis cram some last minute information for her midterm. 1.614 more words


Optics: Our Statement Concerning the "Leaked" #Scandal Ep. 4.21 Photos

Attention Gladiators! We feel prompted to issue this statement as we have been incorrectly identified by a news media website as the original source of “leaked” promo photos for an upcoming episode of… 305 more words


Scandal Poll: Is Jake Really Dead?

Is Scandal about to pull a fast one on us?

At the end of Thursday’s episode, Olivia’s beau, Russell, stabbed Scott Foley‘s Jake nearly a dozen times in the chest and stomach. 197 more words


Comeback of the Kermadec Red Crowned Parakeet

The Kermadec red-crowned parakeet, making a comeback on Raoul Island New Zealand :)…But shhh…don’t tell the cats and cat keepers- they might swim over or the cat keepers bring their cat over via boat (just joking :D..) 41 more words

Endangered Birds

Why the Spring Hunting Season in Malta should be closed now

I totally agree with the Malta Independent. The hunters had their last chance, but blew it!!

Malta Independent:

The situation is clear. In three days, hunters have shot at two different protected species. 65 more words

Bird Slaughter


If you haven’t watched the April 16 episode of Scandal, 4×19 titled I’m Just a BillSTOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW AND GO WATCH… 250 more words