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#WTFasho: A Gun In The Oven!!!

An Ohio man gave new meaning to the term firing range when he ended up with gunshot wounds after he turned on his oven, forgetting that he’d stored a revolver inside for safe keeping. 119 more words


Tablet of Pain- Episode 2

Moscow, Russia (1997)

It is the time of the year. The time when all colours become white, the time when Russians are frightened to step outside their home, the time when trees are rid of leaves; winter is the time people freeze to death. 498 more words


through a wish

making peace

and its own joy

and held as its own noise

as its own sky

and the rise as its own star

and forever… 46 more words


Black Magic To Break Up A Relationship

Does you want to get back your love but your lover is attached with someone else, then voodoo spells break couple up help you in return of your lover. 67 more words


Averett Family of Halifax County, VA

Dr. Thomas Hamlett Averett (1800-1855) and his wife, Martha Coleman Wootton (1803-1880) settled in Halifax County, Virginia.  Dr. Averett was a practicing physician who also served in the Virginia State Senate and as a Representative in the 31st and 32nd U.S. 1.168 more words


A Quick Hike

Today I caught up with a friend of mine I haven’t seen for about a month. A few weeks ago she visited Wales for the first time and we had lots to catch up on! 200 more words

Ask the Villains #54, Caution: Eidolon at work

In advance, I’m really, really sorry. A is an emotionally manipulative witch who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. So she might not be the nicest. She kind of ends up insulting everyone ever. 3.284 more words

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