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Wrong Turn!

After Iguazu and leaving Brazil I felt overwhelmed with the sheer size and length of Argentina and wasn’t sure on my root. I decided to go Posadas then head down but the buses were so expensive and long journeys.  344 more words

MIAMI MUSIC WEEK 2015 - A-Trak - Power 96 Ultra Condo Party

Yay yea!!! The Epic Atrak drops by The Ultra Condo Party To Party With The Power 96 Family and talk about his sets during Miami Music Week! 19 more words


A fraction

A fraction of that fuck
is short but highly
An elusive moment
that sucks the mind of all

I have given a lot of… 43 more words


Waiting for a Reply

It’s already 11:37 in the evening and its kinda not so good cuz ryan didn’t even seen my message. and what it hurts the most, i see him online but its like he did not saw anything… yes, i know i hurt him damn much. 76 more words


Fragile Thoughts Had On Long Walks


The words I hear you cannot see;

they settle on my skin like dust.

One day perhaps my skin will litter your kitchen table, 129 more words

Clumsy Panicking

Hello world! It’s been like AGES hasn’t it!? Anyways, for the last couple of days I was really panicky. I love blogging a lot, knowing there’s people in different countries from all over the world learning more about you and agreeing to some stuff. 339 more words