Etiquetes » 80

Tricolore on toast

I had some stale-ish homemade bread, avocado, tomatoes and a mozzarella that needed using up. I will definitely do this again. Took 3 minutes to make. 138 more words


Courgette, pine nut and coriander pasta

You will need to lay your hands on a pleasingly-sized courgette for this.

I was at home unexpectedly today so grabbed things from the fridge that needed using and came up with this. 333 more words


Word of the day #80


Zeit – geist

The spiritor the mood of a particular time period.

Example: Many consider the Beatles to be the zeitgeist of the swinging sixties.


Our God the rock

Moses’ sings a warning to Israel, and a prayer: Deuteronomy 31–32; Psalm 90

It’s not easy to describe God. Moses has a go, and since he’s seen the back of God’s glory, he has some reliable revelation of who God is. 581 more words


Cherry tomato, red pepper and mushroom pasta

This was the result of the need to use some nearly questionable vegetables before they became unusable. It resulted in a really lovely pasta sauce. Light, sweet, fruity, with a kick from the lemon and black pepper. 318 more words