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ドラゴンボール超 第80話「眠った闘志を呼び覚ませ!孫悟飯の闘い!!」Dragon Ball Super #80 HD

ドラゴンボール超 第80話「眠った闘志を呼び覚ませ!孫悟飯の闘い!!」Dragon Ball Super #80 HD

ドラゴンボール超 第80「眠った闘志を呼び覚ませ!孫悟飯の闘い!!」Dragon Ball Super #80 HD

$80 Budget Servo Tribal (Standard)


Aethersphere Harvester            Extra

Angel of Invention                     Lord

Archangel Avacyn                        safety

Chief of the Foundry                  Lord

Cogworker’s Puzzleknot            More

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I Love The 80s

So many things are iconic for the eighties. Think about Super Mario, Gremlins or what about the vibrant clothing style with popping colors to rock it out in the disco? 50 more words


French Numbers : 70, 80, 90

70, 80, 90 – quirks of the French language

Have you ever wondered why the French say “soixante-dix” (sixty-ten), “quatre-vingts” (four-twenties), and “quatre-vingt-dix” (four-twenties-ten) rather than simpler forms which would conform with the decimal system (like seventy, eighty and ninety) ? 353 more words

Practical Life

80 New Pokémons For Pokémon Go Are Being Released

For all you Pokémon Go-ers out there, here is some exciting news. According to Mashable, Pokémon Go is releasing 80 new Pokémon’s to catch in the real world and two new berries to help you catch them. 50 more words