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The 80% Project

To communicate with 80% people of the world, one would need at least ten languages: Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, and English. 43 more words


The 80/20 Rule

My dad always use to talk to me about the 80/20 rule in regards to various business, finance or marketing strategies which occurred in his industry. 618 more words

Cod with tomato and garlic lentils and salsa verde

Puy lentils are high in protein and cholesterol-reducing fibre. They are virtually fat free, and low GI. They’re also very good for heart health. They’re a winner. 403 more words


Fruit, nut and honey yoghurt

I had a huge craving for Greek yoghurt yesterday so I had this for lunch. I topped the yoghurt with a Braeburn apple, taken from the fridge and chopped into cubes. 160 more words


Turley Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard 2008

This is my second Turley from this vineyard.  It was given to us as a very generous gift.  This Napa Valley offering is a black wine in the glass hinting to some deep extraction.   69 more words


Why are vitamin extracts added to processed food? Because they add sugar extracts

The minimum way that food companies can make healthy and addictive food is to add vitamins to it. They will spike the food with as much as they get away with to make it addictive, then go further with adding vitamins to give us the illusion of it being healthy. 341 more words