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Tālavas sidrs ( iepriekš bija pieejams tikai 0.75L pudelēs) par kuru jau paspēju sajūsmināties pašā aprīļa sākumā, Instagramā kļuvis par vienu no favorītiem, jo tiešām garšo un rada tik spēcīgi skaistas asociācijas ar siltu vasaras vakaru, ka… nespēju vien sagaidīt, kad beidzot +10 grādu vietā būs +30.  510 more words


Ramos Allup: Maduro me la dedicó otra vez en discurso del 4F

El presidente del parlamento venezolano Henry Ramos Allup respondió a través de su cuenta en Twitter al presidente de la República Nicolás Maduro, quien señaló este jueves durante su discurso del 4F que el diputado opositor “sueña que viene a gobernar Venezuela desde Miraflores otra vez”. 135 more words


It's January!

So I’m going on a diet. Well actually, not really. Generally speaking I’m a healthy human. I often get the ‘oh she won’t eat that it’s not  710 more words

Let's make a deal?

Strange as it sounds, I still get nervous going into class even though I had been teaching for 8 months now. These kids are like the big clients in the boardroom, scrutinizing and criticizing the proposal. 781 more words

D-day has finally arrived

Today is the day I lost my patience with my 4F class. Something I thought would not happen to me. The irony was that just a day before today, I was having a conversation with my LDO (Leadership Development Officer) on identifying my strengths and area of development thus far; and I mentioned that my strength is my high tolerance level whereby I had never scolded my students regardless of how much they misbehaved. 754 more words

the “enlightened” A is an Ace – man on the ground.
its probably not Texas – its “text …” as in asc2.
its probably not violet its violence. 19 more words