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Ramos Allup: Maduro me la dedicó otra vez en discurso del 4F

El presidente del parlamento venezolano Henry Ramos Allup respondió a través de su cuenta en Twitter al presidente de la República Nicolás Maduro, quien señaló este jueves durante su discurso del 4F que el diputado opositor “sueña que viene a gobernar Venezuela desde Miraflores otra vez”. 135 more words


It's January!

So I’m going on a diet. Well actually, not really. Generally speaking I’m a healthy human. I often get the ‘oh she won’t eat that it’s not  710 more words

Let's make a deal?

Strange as it sounds, I still get nervous going into class even though I had been teaching for 8 months now. These kids are like the big clients in the boardroom, scrutinizing and criticizing the proposal. 781 more words

D-day has finally arrived

Today is the day I lost my patience with my 4F class. Something I thought would not happen to me. The irony was that just a day before today, I was having a conversation with my LDO (Leadership Development Officer) on identifying my strengths and area of development thus far; and I mentioned that my strength is my high tolerance level whereby I had never scolded my students regardless of how much they misbehaved. 754 more words

the “enlightened” A is an Ace – man on the ground.
its probably not Texas – its “text …” as in asc2.
its probably not violet its violence. 19 more words

Swinging by Physics - An Analysis of the Giant

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The Giant swing is a skill you just can’t get by without when heading into elite gymnastics. The Giant is a B in the FIG code of points, but its place as a fundamental element for skills beyond itself is what makes it so important. 613 more words