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608: Differentiation

In this final assessment task for the 608 paper, I investigated the ways to engage in Effective Differentiated Planning and Teaching for Gifted and Talented Students. 333 more words


Smyth Reflection: Social Context

I learned a hard lesson about the significant realities that face young children today, when taking a Health lesson with my Y7/8 class. A key takeaway from this situation for me was just how rough some kids have it in life, particularly in situations that they have no control over. 423 more words


Learning to be firm (but fair)

Throughout my first two practicums, I really struggled with having to be firm and clear with my expectations, providing consequences when required. It is not in my nature to be confrontational, nor to get angry, and I found that students were not clear in understanding of what my expectations were. 760 more words


Practicum One & TiS: AT Feedback

Rachel you have developed a wonderful rapport with the children in the classroom. You communicate with the children in a very caring and respectable way which allows the children to feel happy and secure.

300 more words

622 Literacy Essay

In this essay, I explore the provocation “You can’t read the world until you can read the words” and the significance and possibilities in implementing literacy programs. 177 more words


How to Become a Better Student

On the first day of school this year, I was in Cuba. It was a cheap travel option, and after a week of lounging on the beach, going to clubs in the city and sipping fruity and way too sweet cocktails, I thought to myself, “Is missing one day of school really that bad?” 1.735 more words