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Stephen Bowcott - History

The mentor scheme has proved to be a truly inspiring and valuable experience that has given me an insight into the world of work and helped to form a strong foundation of skills that will no doubt help me as I progress with my academic studies. 233 more words


Jennifer Omigie – 2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

I have been studying for the past 2 years with no work experience  whatsoever and very little realisation of what was waiting for me outside university. 360 more words

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Rosamund Thomas, 2nd year, Geography student

As a 2nd year Geography student I’m having to give serious thought to my future after my degree. As my subject doesn’t lend itself to a specific career path, I took an interest in the… 327 more words

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Nina Anckar, Business Management with Year in Industry

If you think the transformation from school to university seems like a daunting experience, you might want to prepare for the shock that comes from being a student and… 444 more words

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Catherine Banks, Accounting & Finance

Before applying for the program, I had a clear career direction of becoming a Chartered Accountant and hopefully specialising in audit. I was hoping that my mentor would provide insights into the world of work and… 163 more words

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Differences in Perspective

“I’m in the company of a beautiful puppy, in my own apartment, in Italy. I’ve just finished a particularly good joint with the hash that some cute Italian kid gave me in Gualdo Tadino. 97 more words