Etiquetes » 2011-2012

Differences in Perspective

“I’m in the company of a beautiful puppy, in my own apartment, in Italy. I’ve just finished a particularly good joint with the hash that some cute Italian kid gave me in Gualdo Tadino. 97 more words


February 13, 2012

There has been a dead spider half smashed into the wall of my bedroom since the first day I walked in. I haven’t made any attempts in removing it. I don’t know why.


Easter Sunday

It’s raining. The drops are falling lightly, almost non-existent, but the Italians walk along, all under umbrellas. They’re going to church, leaving church, eating, walking slowly. 235 more words


"Hai paura?"

I pretended not to hear him the first time he asked. We were in a pizzeria and I had changed the subject purposefully to how weak the red wine was. 231 more words


What am I to write?

What can I possibly type

that hasn’t been said by you and I?

The residue of love, or the thing we kept in the crook of our arms, is gone. 6 more words



Your words against the light emitting from this device, are futile. Turn back a couple of chapters, flip through the pages, and you’ll find that they once harbored the potential energy to slice and dice my chest as if your hand held the knife. 337 more words