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Nationalism and Independence Movements in Scotland and Catalonia: Five Minutes with Charles King

In light of the results of last month’s Scottish independence referendum and recent developments surrounding the secessionist movement in Catalonia, the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs… 1.340 more words


Why does Catalonia want to leave Spain?

On November 9, 2014, Catalans were due to vote in a referendum on independence. But the poll was cancelled by the Constitutional Court after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government filed a legal challenge. 165 more words


Sovereign implications of Catalonian independence (Barclays)

  • Markets appear calm about recent political developments in Catalonia, viewing the likelihood of the region gaining independence from Spain as remote. We believe markets are overly complacent about this risk, as the likelihood of independence is non-negligible (Figure 1), and the economic costs of such a scenario would be significant for Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.
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Les raons per anar a votar, i votar #SíSí

Bon dia colla, a 16 dies del 9N, s’ha de posar tota la carn a la graella. Al marge de les consideracions sobre si aquesta consulta és la que volíem, sobre el mandat democràtic que necessita Catalunya o sobre unes possibles eleccions plebiscitàries, el que jo tinc clar, i espero poder-vos-ho transmetre, és que el 9N tots i tothom hem d’anar a votar. 228 more words


What's next for Catalonia? (Al Jazeera)

The Stream examines the future of the independence movement.

Instead of Catalonians voting on independence from Spain on November 9, they will now simply participate in a non-binding symbolic poll. 125 more words


Guia per a votar el 9-N

Col·legis, meses, voluntaris, recompte… Us exposem tots els detalls sobre la votació

El govern de la Generalitat ja ha presentat el dispositiu de votació per al 9 de novembre, després de veure l’èxit de la campanya de captació de voluntaris, que sobrepassen els 30.000. 1.018 more words


Colonialism, culture and the Catalan language

Sir, In his article “Catalans have as much in common with the Spanish as with each other”, October 16), Antonio Muñoz Molina was not lacking in good will when he attempted to explain the ties that bind Catalonia with “(the rest of) Spain”. 354 more words